1. J

    Adding a 12v socket

    Hi, I’m trying to add a 12v socket in rear of van. It will be run from the leisure battery fuse box. What size fuse should I use and what amp size cable. If I used a 15amp fuse would 17amp cable be ok? Many thanks in advance, from a first time post
  2. RikParr73

    12v Erratic Voltage Issue

    Hi My Sargent EC50 control panel recently started alarming. When I checked the voltage indicator was showing 14.7 - hence the alarm. I took the seat out and put a meter on the battery and it was 12.8, however the voltage meter (as in the video) showed a different voltage. I've checked all...
  3. P

    Power cable from starter battery to..

    Evening all, In our new van there is a fused biggish cable from the starter battery that feeds a power amp under the passenger seat . I’m thinking would it be possible to feed the power amp then carry it on to the charger / leisure battery. I’m just thinking of room, because I will also need to...
  4. damo1023

    Underseat install mk2 roamer

    So I figured out that I'd like to keep track of this as I go along. It's not a full build thread which I will probably tag this into. However I decided when I paid out last year to do a freshen up of my electric install. When I initially did the van last year I ran out of time and the most...
  5. K

    Dashcam power source.

    Morning. I've got a dashcam to fit to my 2016 t6 rearview mirror. Is there a suitable power supply in the courtesy light. I don't want trailing cable and lighter socket plug in thing. TIA.
  6. P

    What Type Of Wire?

    Which wire is the best to get as I'm currently putting folding mirrors and need to make up a couple of cables. I have the correct connectors just wondered which sort everyone is using?¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. R

    What Size Wire?

    Hi guys i have just bought this for my 12V set up...
  8. SAF1981

    Replacing 12v Cigarette Charger With A Dual Usb Charger

    Hello I'm looking to replace the 12V cigarette port in my T6 with a dual USB charging point. Has anyone done the same and is it pretty straight forward? Thanks in advance
  9. czmate1999

    Solar Feed To Vehicle Battery

    Hi All, Question - Could I take a male to male cigar lead and plug from the 12v leisure system to the dash and keep the vehicle battery topped up or would this not work? Cheers Cz.
  10. Martinf

    Clamp Meters

    Any recommendations for clamp meters? They have been mentioned in a few threads but I can’t find suggested products. Suitable for small mA measurements with dc in the van and elsewhere and also if possible up to mains ac. I’m not sure how much I need to spend for a tolerably decent one with the...
  11. czmate1999

    12v / Main Switch For 3 Pin Plug Sockets

    Hi all, Am going with a lithium setup and inverter on my install and was considering on having a switch that allows me to swap between mains and the lithium/invertor setup on the standard 3pin plugs as and when needed. Has anyone else done this? Many thanks all. CZ
  12. L

    Full Electrical System needed

    Hello all! New to the forum and self converting my T6! I'm at the stage of Electrics installation, and tbh.... no matter what I'm reading online I'm still lost as to what exactly I need and where to get it from. So, I want to have a full set up with the option of adding solar in the future...
  13. Ambrose

    Bluetooth Controller

    Hi all, We have recently developed a small 4 x relay unit that be controlled over Bluetooth and I was wondering if there's a demand for such a device in this community? It works with an App (Free) on your phone and allows you to control up to 4 devices remotely. The unit is powered by 5v and...
  14. Alanmh

    Fridge Cutting Out - How I Fixed It

    I just thought I would share how I diagnosed and fixed a little problem we have been having with our battery and fridge while off grid. I noticed that after a couple of days on battery only, our fridge would start up, then cut out about 10 seconds later. The fridge is a Webasto chest fridge...
  15. W

    Cbe Pc210 Problems

    Hi, I have recently installed a CBE PC210 kit in my campervan, however the system won't turn on (when I press the on button it triggers a relay and makes a sort of buzzing noise) I originally had this problem when I first installed the system but I fixed it by wigging the 16 core controller...
  16. A

    Capacitive Touch Switches

    i haven't got a finished project to show as I'm still working on various ways of achieving what I'm after, but I've been playing with these little devices TTP223 Mini Red Capacitive Touch Switch Button Self-lock/No-lock Module Arduino | eBay and wanted to bring them to the attention of anyone...
  17. Urbanfox

    12v Sockets

    Well guys, I'm as new to this forum as can be but even newer to a T6. I only collect my newly converted 2016 Camper next week. Now the guy who converts, Kahuna Campers in Wigan has fitted more than enough power sockets in various places, from 240v to USB but i have noticed that the drivers...
  18. T

    Permanent 12v under passenger seat?

    Hi, I have a T6 with a factory-fitted leisure battery under the passenger seat. Does anyone know if, in this configuration, there is a permanent 12v from the starter battery available under the passenger seat? I know there commonly is, but I'm not sure if the fact I have a factory leisure...
  19. J

    Fridge power requirements

    Hi All I recently bought a 2016 T6 that has been converted by Teahpoo. Will get some pics up shortly. The power management unit is a PMS3H and i have a RM123 fridge. I can operate this on gas but as yet have been unsuccessful running it on 240volts or 12v DC. My assumption is that this is a...
  20. Dellmassive

    Installing 12v Socket /s - How Its Done -

    Installing 12v Socket /s - How Its Done - Another popular hot topic is Power or more commonly 12v outlet sockets, so i thought i would put together some details on how it can be done. The first thing you need to do is work out what you want and where . . . . various 12v sockets are available...