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With massive thanks to the team at Vanworx we have now joined the team! Celebrating by heading lff for a fry up brekky somewhere with a good view now (and then I need to decide on a phone holder and maybe smoked/black indicators?!?! Anyone found a phone holder that fits well? ☎)



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Lower rear quarter panels fitted to hide the ugly slider motors all done with magnets so easy to remove Looks so much better and nearly gets rid of that annoying beeping
Ignore the temporary roof lining as I'm in the process of designing the final one at the moment.
@Phil Blackburn This looks great...presumably the motor covers are removed? Looks like you've not lost much van width.
also like the horizontal lines...are they stitching? Nice effect anyway. Would like to copy this for mine.

Phil Blackburn

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@robmug yep covers removed, panels are MDF with the recesses routed in it then carpeted over the top, one day if i ever get round to it i was going to draw some templates up.