Swb, Full Width Bed, What Kitchen Pod Options Are There?

Discussion in 'Camper/Day Van Conversions' started by goldeneye243, 4 Nov 2019.

  1. goldeneye243

    goldeneye243 Member T6 Pro

    My van is currently being converted with pop top roof, full width RIB bed, ply lining etc. With the lack of clarity around the conversion to motor caravan, I decided to avoid cooking and storage facilities in the short term in case it wasn't ever used.

    I'm now wondering what the options might be so that I can comply with this Internal features for motor caravans and potentially be able to drive at car speeds and get a class IV MOT.

    Either a small pod at the front or a rear pod might both be options - Any pics appreciated if you have anything similar :)

    I am having a diesel heater with vent routed under the drivers seat that might complicate some pod options though...
  2. airhoguk

    airhoguk Member

    Unfortunately DVLA have changed the rules and the biggest change is that a van must be fitted with a permanent high roof, pop top doesn't cut it either. There are also other changes required. Look on general chat under V5 documentation.Even the California can't be registered as a camper anymore
  3. airhoguk

    airhoguk Member

    However look at Evomotion Design for some ideas with their kitchen pods. Regarding the class 4 MOT was your van a Kombi originally? If so you should be alright, mine is a T32 and i;m MOT'd as class 4
  4. goldeneye243

    goldeneye243 Member T6 Pro

    Bit off topic, but here is some info as I understand it at the moment.

    That doesn't matter for speed limit or MOT "The body type does not affect the insurance category of the vehicle, or have any effect on speed limits or other legislative requirements. It is only used for establishing vehicle appearance and identification.
    It is important to remember that even if the vehicle’s body type is not changed to ‘motor caravan’, the vehicle can still be used for this purpose as long as the keeper is satisfied the converted vehicle meets the required internal features for motor caravans."

    "Dual purpose vehicles are defined in the MOT testing guide. The unladen weight of a dual-purpose vehicle must not exceed 2,040kg" Unfortunately mine has an unladen weight of 2114 KG (150PS Highline)

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