1. MFielding

    For Sale Vanshades Custom Splashback for Sale

    Brand New Vanshades Custom Splashback for sale. Took a different route with our conversion so never fitted the splashback. Splashback is brand new, never fitted, with all packaging. Full size (untrimmed), has "Iron grey" blind and features forest scene. Paid £350 originally, would happily...
  2. G

    Slimline kitchen to fit alongside 130cm bed?

    Has anybody opted for a slimline kitchen with a 130cm Rib bed? If so, what do you have? Any photos or recommendations please? Thanks in advance
  3. t6blo

    IKEA / Flatpack Furniture ideas - not beds

    Anyone fitted any IKEA (or other) furniture - thinking drawers, cupboards, units etc. Now that I’ve moved my Kombi bench back to the rear row position it is pretty similar to having a full width rock n roll when in the seated position. As the bench seat doesn’t turn into a bed I could also fit...
  4. S

    Awkward it's an old T5 not a T6

    But i guess most of this interior is applicable to you guys......I kinda owe a dept to this forum and the electrickery implications i've stumbled into here.......... it's also probably the slowest of slow builds and I'm silly time pressed so you'll have to bare with me a tad. We are country...
  5. simon

    Show us your kitchen

    We are getting the van converted this autumn so it's time to pick our kitchen units, worktop and splash back. The options are endless and going round in circles. So please can you post your kitchen with the deets i.e. the colour name/style (if not obvious) for some inspiration and help me to...
  6. Richie246

    Need some inspiration for kitchen unit colours.

    Hi first time posting on here and I need some help please I have a pure grey T6.1 and need some inspiration for kitchen unit colours. Thank you
  7. S

    Bespoke Van Furniture designed, made and almost fitted!!!!

    Have put a few posts up regarding the van furniture i have been designing. Well its now coming together in reality!! This is in my T6 LWB. Still got the read doors and top to put on and the control panel to cut in but i am beyond stoked with the quality i have been able to achieve.
  8. D

    Kitchen Furniture before RIB 112

    I'm part way through converting my T6.1 and trying to plan out what to do next. Due to delays on the RIB bed delivery, I'm hoping to fit the kitchen / furniture first so that I'm not sitting around for the next two months. Having read up as much as I can it looks as though most converters...
  9. S700

    Routing solar cables with pop top and cabinets installed

    Hi all. I’m trying to figure out the best/easiest way to route my solar cables. I’ve got a barn door van and I’ve located the two grommets that I can feed the cable in through, but having the pop top and kitchen/cabinets already fitted, it seems it’s a bit of a pig to get hold of the cable...
  10. D

    For Sale Evomotion swb splashbacks/window surrounds

    I have for sale 2x evomotion splashbacks/ window surrounds for swb. Both are brand new due to the company sending out the wrong colour on 2 occasions. 1 is gloss black and the other silver. £40 each, collection only from central Scotland
  11. G

    Where can i get Spreading Dowels?

    So got the evo kitchen last week.. to late for bank hol weekend but still potential for putting it in before next weekend. Until I opened the boxes properly today and found (or didn't find) the small 5mm grommet/plugs were not there. They are pretty fundamental to building the kitchen and...
  12. G

    Show us your twin slider kitchen

    Am waiting for my evo units to come and decided I would like a splashback... Only problem is I have twin slider and evo have said their surround isn't suitable. Has anybody got a splashback for twin slider? I've looked at vanshades as their spashback is twin slider suitable. I don't get how...
  13. A

    Cutlery tray for EvoMotion Design drawer

    I’m looking for a cutlery tray insert to fit my Evo Motion drawer unit, anyone have a supplier/ link?
  14. OllieGBR

    Kitchen/Storage unit suppliers

    Hello guys I’ve converted the van myself but wanted a professional to fit the kitchen to my rough guidelines. Are there companies out there you can recommend that can build & fit bespoke kitchens, (it’s nothing wild or complicated)? My current preferred option it just too busy:rolleyes:
  15. S

    Smev 9222 hob depth

    Hi all, I'm struggling to find dimensions for the depth of s gas hob needed below the counter. Specifically the smev 9222 or similar unit. Anyone know where to find this info? Or have one? Cheers,
  16. W

    Kitchen unit for Cali bed on rails

    Hello, My first post on the forum. So thanks in advance if anyone can help me. I am at the stage in my conversion to pick a kitchen. I have a California bed with rails and the one I have at the top of my list is the EVO designs 5.4 pro lwb. My question is; has anyone used this kitchen/bed...
  17. Ethan Andrews

    Furniture/kitchen manufacturers

    I contacted EVO Designs today. After believing for 12 months that they would be the company to supply me my furniture. Sadly they were not that helpful. They offered a slide out pod to go under a rear bench seat. I have two single rear RIB seats. And approx 1200mm in length either side to...
  18. 1

    Kitchen unit suggestions

    Hello all, Its time we moved the van conversion forward towards a full kitchen unit. Looking for peoples suggestions for good quality robust units. Not looking for fancy colours or exotic woods etc, just well made and reasonably priced. Let me know. Thanks JP
  19. 68martin68

    For Sale Pull out kitchen and bed setup for T6 Kombi - sets

    Hi all, I have now finalised the design of the kombi pull out kitchen/bed setup I made for my van and have the material ready to go to produce some for sale. I will initially be making 7 setup's for sale in the black material. These will be sold on a first come first served basis. The design...
  20. Strange Al

    For Sale Evo kitchen window surround LWB

    Gloss black. £50 collection only from WV7 3NH. We ended up not using it so it's never been fitted and still has the protective film over the gloss side.