pop top

  1. D

    Pop Top Solar Cable Run

    The solar panels on my van enter the vehicle through the pop roof and can be seen at the end of the pop bedroom just in front of the rear canvas. From here they are surface mounted and run along the recess above the bed board recess to the B pillar. Here they then fold over the framing (very...
  2. L

    Pop top repair needed

    Hi all. Whilst fitting a fibreglass wind deflector to the front of my van, I've managed to tear my pop top about 1 cm across and also a couple of small puncture hole. The roof supplier kindly sent me some spare canvas to do the repair but i just wanted to ask which glue i should use? Any...
  3. R

    Reimo pop up roof mosquito net repair

    Hi Lads & Lasses, Please could you give me some advice on how or where I can get the top vent/mosquito net seam repaired on my Reimo pop up roof? When I was opening the internal flap to allow a free air flow into the van, the bottom seam on the mosquito net on the top vent ripped. I’ve contacted...
  4. Ayjay

    Replacing a lost solar panel on a pop top - advice needed.

    My apologies in advance for the length of this post but I thought it was necessary to give a bit of background as well as asking for advice. Firstly, here's the pictures: As some will already have read in my post about our recent trip to South of France, the 160W flexible solar panel...
  5. C

    Clanging Zip on PopTop

    Hi all, I had my poptop up yesterday and it was a little breezy, the zips on the windows were very annoying (clanging). I put some electrical tape on them but didn't help much. See pics as I couldn't uploads video. Couldn't see a thread asking this but surly I can't be the first...? Anyway, i...
  6. W

    Fixing solar panel cables to underside of Reimo roof

    Hi All, I've installed a solar panel and the cable exits at the back out side of the tent and I want to run the cables underneath the reimo roof. The issue is I can't find anything to stick to it. I've prepped and solvent cleaned the surface but VHB tape doesn't work , 5 min epoxy won't hold...
  7. C

    Up-grading my pop top roof

    Hi, has anyone up-graded or changed there pop top roof I have a basic pop up roof but was looking at something a bit better,mine at present does not have the built in pull down roof bed which incorporates the bed base & mattress, this would be what I’d like to upgrade to and was wondering if...
  8. H

    Securing a tailgate awning with pop top?

    Looking at the Vango Tailgate Awning, it looks like the securing straps need to cross over the van roof before being pegged in front. Does anyone have experience of this with a pop top please? I'm concerned the straps will interfere with the canvas, or is there some other means of fastening at...
  9. Gavandi

    For Sale T6 LWB Camper advance notification sale

    About to put our lovely 2016 T30 LWB 140 up for sale. I’ve owned from new Metallic Starlight Blue - excellent condition 39433K FSH/VW main dealer. Recent MOT Going onto VW/Audi forecourt tomorrow courtesy of a friend. It’s a Rear Pop Top full width SCA bed. Rear Kitchen layout with Tailgate so...
  10. Peter Rhymes

    DIY pop-top roof kit supplier

    Hi, can anyone recommend a diy pop top kit for a SWB T6 ? Or if not a tried and tested installer. Also what are the feelings regarding high top roofs pros and cons over pop tops. cheers, Pete.
  11. P

    SCA Pop roof leaving a gap

    Hey folks, wondering if anyone else has had this problem or can advise. Trying to close the roof today and the rear driver side is staying about 1cm high. No obstructions. Fabric etc. Even removed the roof bed to rule that out. But just cannot get this side to close flush anymore trying to...
  12. R

    Skyline SkyLo Roof

    Looking at roofs for our next project and wanted to know if anyone has had one of the new Skylow roofs fitted? Any feedback appreciated.
  13. I

    Which awning rail is compatible with a pop-top?

    Needs to be compatible with a pop top
  14. andy greenwood

    Sold RAINBOW SCREENS - pop top cover ( Aqua ).

    FOR SALE........... RAINBOW SCREENS - pop top cover ( Aqua ). Bought 2019. We have just had our pop top roof replaced as it had a fault, this roof was originally fit in summer 2018 and this new roof is a new design and is taller.....basically our pop top cover no longer fits and is too small...
  15. J

    Can a pop-top bed-base be retrofitted?

    I am looking to buy a 5 seat belt, 4 berth van, preferably with a canopy and bike rack, low mileage 20,000 or less. I have found one without the canopy but it doesn't have the wooden bed bit that lies flat when the roof lift ups. Can these be added and if so how much?
  16. S

    SCA Pop-top plus W/O awning plus D/A awning?

    Hi all so im looking to get a SCA pop top fitted but i also want to be able to use a wind out awning (recommendations please) and a drive away awning (obvs at different times) is this all possible if so what system Ta
  17. S

    Awning rail - Kador strip and pop top

    I have a 2018 t6 with pop top I have a van go awning from elddis motor home with Karol strip advice please on best rail to fit
  18. D

    Snapped bolt of pop-top scissor hinge

    The central bolt of a scissor hinge on my pop-top snapped whilst lower the roof yesterday. I've put a temporary bolt back in its place, but it was really difficult to replace since getting the holes aligned required a lot of effort with the roof elevated (lots of pushing and pulling). As you can...
  19. planetflash

    Headlights cause ESP and ABS warning lights [Resolved]

    When I turn my headlights on (side or full) my ABS and ESP warning lights come on and stay on, even if headlights are then turned off. They reset if I restart the car and do not come on during normal driving. These two systems seem like they should not be linked :/ Any ideas? It's a 2016...
  20. chearmstrong

    Anyone know what roofs Camper King use? Planning to add roof bars.

    Hi all, I want to add some roof bars to our converted van - the conversion was done by Camper King (Monte Carlo). I've tried emailing them but haven't got a response - does anyone know what roof they use. I'm wanting to use these roof bars - wondering it its the universal fitting kit I need...