pop top

  1. A Bridge Too Far

    For Sale Rainbow Screens Windscreen and Pop Top cover

    Sadly we are saying goodbye to our camperking this week as we’ve upgraded to a motorhome to better suit our family currently. We are therefore selling our rainbow screens windshield and pop top cover. These have been invaluable for keeping cool in summer and warm in winter. They are still in...
  2. G

    External Pop top cover question

    Been looking at the rainbow screen pop top covers. Is there any ventilation points or do you not need it for condensation, from my camping days I always left a small gap for air flow. I do realise these covers are for keeping the warmth in, but don’t want to add extra condensation. I have the...
  3. J

    Pop top - your thoughts on this workmanship?

    Interested in opinions - especially from any companies that fit pop tops or manufacture pop top canvases - on the standard of work shown in these pics. P.s. last pic shows external zip cover
  4. Rioja John

    Pop-top canvas - standard or scenic?

    Our van goes in on Monday to have a Storm pop top fitted with scenic canvas I’m wondering if we should go for the ordinary canvas as I don’t know whether we would use the scenic. what do others think that have scenic or standard canvas. John.
  5. M

    Denby Pop-Top canvas replacement

    Has anyone replaced the tent on a Denby pop top? It's absolute garbage, isnt elasticated enough at the back so it catches in the hinges, isn't watertight, etc etc. Does anyone have any resources? Happy to fit it myself but just need somewhere to buy the tent.
  6. R

    Retrorack on pop top LWB T6

    Hi everyone, I have a LWB T6 and a full length retro rack which I am very attached to T4/t5/t6 long wheel base rack 2200mm long I am going to fit a pop top this Winter and would love to keep the rack - does anyone have any experience fitting a retrorack specifically to a pop top and any...
  7. S

    Shream Pop-Top roof?

    Looking at a t6 2018 highline, new conversion done in Germany, I was advised by a friend who has a t6 to check what make the pop up roof is , it's a shream (excuse the spelling maybe wrong but it's how it's pronounced) anybody know anything about these if any good etc? As the conversion was...
  8. Gino D’Campervan

    bifold bed vs a standard one?

    Hi there. We’ve put a deposit down for a pop top roof but not entirely sure of the pros or cons of a bifold bed? Happy camping everyone!!
  9. S

    Slyline Aurora & DAB Ground-Plane

    Hi all, has anyone had cause to remove the roof lining from a skyline aurora pop top roof. I'm wondering if I could fit a metal plate into the roof of the pop top and fit a sharkfin aerial to the pop top. Would this work and any ideas how easy the roof lining is to remove?
  10. S

    HiLo Surf roof dimensions wanted

    I am now in a position where I need to replace a broken HiLo Surf Roof but, being located in the far North East of Scotland, there’s no-one nearby that can advise me on the options, so rather than drive 600 miles or more for someone to have a look at the van, I’m wondering if anyone can help...
  11. J

    solar install on skyline roof

    Hey everyone, where are you running the cables when installing solar on your skyline roof (or similar) looking to drill through the rear of pop top and maybe go through the canvas but are there any better options
  12. K

    Attaching semi-flex solar panel using twinwall polycarbonate

    So bear with me. Been looking at getting this (btw, any thoughts on how good these ones are where the wires are discreetly positioned under the back of the panel?): Solar Technology – 150 Watt Flexi Solar Panel – Black Rear Exit – STPVF150RBS - Batteries and Solar ...And after watching people...
  13. W

    Show me your kombi

    I’m trying to convince the family that a fully built camper isn’t the way forward and instead to have a kombi with pop top and seating/ pull out kitchen in the rear. Does anyone have this kind of setup? If so please upload pics so I can convince them it will work
  14. JonriceT6

    Best way of putting poptop down?

    Picked up my new conversion today, has an Austops pop top fitted, the converter showed the best way to fold it down and Made It look so easy, I’ve had a couple of goes but can’t seem to pull it down and get it flush with the roof. It’s maybe. Sitting 1cm or so off the roof. What’s the best...
  15. S

    Rap pop top?

    Hi all, has anyone had any experience of the rap pop top, can’t find many reviews?
  16. A

    Noisy Reimo roof?

    Bought our brand new converted camper back in the Spring (having never owned one before and therefore having nothing to compare). I am trying to gauge whether the slight noises that my roof makes are 'normal' or need investigation. Silence when going in a straight line but when cornering...
  17. Gavinsky23

    Cleaning pop top window

    Hi all, I have a skyline pop top and the small semi circular window at the front is pretty badly stained/cloudy. It’s the flexible plastic type - anyone found the best way of cleaning this up? I always try to make sure it’s dry but not sure what’s caused the marking (pic for info but not the...
  18. dave_b

    Can two adults sleep comfortably in a Skyline poptop?

    Would be interested to know.
  19. N

    Reimo roof out of alignment/Twisted

    My reimo roof has gone out of alignment, as you can see below. You can see that it doesn't sit straight at the front and the hinge has moved on the offside of the van, which makes sense as the roof is skewed at the front to the nearside. The hinge is fixed in the right place on the nearside and...
  20. BruvDunk

    How much to get a pop top installed ?

    Morning all. What sort of price am I to expect to have a storm pop top fitted or similar to a SWB T6? Going to go for a side awning also but just wondering if I will need to sell a kidney !!