pop top

  1. marksmithuk

    Poptop cable: hole drilling advice

    Hi guys and gals. I've put my solar on the roof and have the cable running externally atm to test everything is working as I need it. I'm drilling through my Skyline roof tomorrow to bring the cables down (outside of the canvas so it's just the top itself I'm drilling). I'm assuming I just drill...
  2. K

    Poptop insulation?

    Excuse my ignorance, but are poptop roofs insulated when they are installed usually.
  3. S

    The Poptop Conundrum

    Hi All, so i am totally new to the forum. I have gleam huge amounts of info from many of the posts already but now my VWT6 has arrived i thought i would get involved. I have done quite a lot of research on pop tops but find out how they differ is quite tricky (they all look the same). I have a...
  4. Niknak

    Roof rails for poptop

    If after some flat mounting roof rails to go on my poptop not fussed about load weight, mainly to hide the hinge fixings on the roof any advice greatly received
  5. V

    Is it important to have a TUV tested roof.

    Van is in to get converterd. It comes standard with a creative v dubs pop top. I have been offered to pay an extra £1,100 for skyline. I know these are TUV tested. Is it worth it. my concern is with creative vdubs, what if they go under I have no way of getting unit repaired or replacement...
  6. nuggetwillow

    should I fit a pop up roof if it’s fitted out already?

    Advice should I fit a pop up roof to my T6 .it's all fitted out inside .is it to late .and are they worth it .
  7. Joseph

    Cable access holes through roof......

    Hey all, forum newb. Recently got a T6 for a MTB/Camping/Daily beast. Just added roof bars last week and thinking about mounting a roof tent and Solar panel up there, wondering on what the suggestions are regarding getting cables through the roof skin into the vehicle.... this is the...
  8. Vinci

    SCA roof - Solar roof bar kits/advice/guidance, please

    I have a T6 lwb with SCA roof, with tracks in the roof channels, into which my Thule roof rack sits. Any one please know of any kits to sit in-clamp to said rails, onto which you can mount hard solar panels, permitting an air gap beneath, all whilst allowing surf/windsurfing boards to be...
  9. 1

    Pop-Top Roof Bed Hinges

    I have been reading articles on this forum for a short while, I now joined and I have a question if anyone can help. I bought a T6 recently with a pop top roof already fitted. I now want to add a roof bed to my van. I would like a favour from someone please, could someone please post/send a...
  10. R

    Map Reading Light in Pop Top Roof

    Hi I’m looking at getting a flexicord combined map reading light/usb to fit in my forthcoming conversion. Something like this...
  11. Jim&Michelle

    Indium grey - What colour for pop top canvas

    Hello all After several years of thinking about it we have finally just taken the plunge and bought a T6 LWB highline DSG in indium grey. We are booked in for Skyline Aurora pop top in March and deliberating on canvas colour choice. I quite fancy orange canvas with reupholstered orange/tan...
  12. L

    Cab divider solution

    Hi all, We've had our campervan a year, love it and all that, one downside for me is our need for an awning, I want to get away for one or two nighters and its just not feasible with having to set up an awning. Well doable but hard sell to get everyone out the door for a night in the van. Our...
  13. A

    Convert pop-top to an Electric pop up roof

    Hi. I want to have my manual pop-up roof changed into an electrical one. Any recommendations near London? It seems that most convertors are far-away.
  14. T6VanFam

    North East Pop top/ Elevating Roof Companies

    Hi all, I live in Newcastle and am looking to get a pop top/ elevating roof with bedroom fitted to my T6. I was hoping that anyone who has had one fitted in or around the north east would be able to recommend a good fitter/ model or share their experiences to help me narrow the field down. I...
  15. S

    Connecting solar panels up BEFORE entering the roof

    Hi, Has anyone connected their solar panels so that just a single wire enters the van roof? i.e two wires into one via connector and then through roof. Could you post photos of how you have secured the connectors please? Any issues with longevity of connectors, concerned they would corrode...
  16. N

    Holding a pop top down

    How do people hold/secure their pop tops down? I have a webbing line for both the pull down handles to secure it but this seems quite faffy. Is there something better out there? Thanks
  17. Leer

    Hi guys any ideas on pop top colours?

    Hi guys any ideas on pop top colours? I’m booked in next week for a pop top and with a black canvas finish more I look into black few people say the van get to hot in the summer with being black anybody out there got black canvas at mo ?
  18. J

    Reversing Sensor open circuit after pop-top roof fitted [RESOLVED]

    I’ve had a new pop top roof fitted but developed a reversing sensor fault in the process! VCDS says 2 faults - Rear right parking aid sensor short to plus and also rear right parking aid sensor open or short to ground. First thought is screw going through cable or cable sliced at some point. I...
  19. D

    Converting my Shuttle to a Camper

    Hi guys I'm new here I have just bought a t6 shuttle my plan is to turn it into a camper first I want to up my spec as my van is a SE I would like some advice on buying and fitting a reverse camera and sensors and multifunction steering please ?
  20. MRFU510N

    DIY pop top

    Hi all, I'm curious to know how much £ you can save by doing it yourself if you feel competent with these sorts of diy. Any info welcomed. As always, thanks. James