pop top

  1. chearmstrong

    Anyone know what roofs Camper King use? Planning to add roof bars.

    Hi all, I want to add some roof bars to our converted van - the conversion was done by Camper King (Monte Carlo). I've tried emailing them but haven't got a response - does anyone know what roof they use. I'm wanting to use these roof bars - wondering it its the universal fitting kit I need...
  2. F

    Skyline or Reimo pop-top?

    We have the van, LWB T6 and I'm in the process of choosing the conversion company. Which I'm finding very difficult, lots of companies all with different opinions. I've got quotes from 2 locals companies, one whom said Skyline Aurora is the best, one that said Reimo Easyfit with a Deluxe...
  3. M

    Skyline Aurora & T6 Tailgate Bike Rack

    Hi all, Does anyone else have a Skyline Aurora and VW tailgate bike rack combo? If so, does your bike rack hit the Skyline roof when it's popped up, preventing the tailgate to fully open? We've had a bit of a mare with ours plus two broken rear lights.
  4. S700

    Routing solar cables with pop top and cabinets installed

    Hi all. I’m trying to figure out the best/easiest way to route my solar cables. I’ve got a barn door van and I’ve located the two grommets that I can feed the cable in through, but having the pop top and kitchen/cabinets already fitted, it seems it’s a bit of a pig to get hold of the cable...
  5. Milarepa

    Pop top mesh repair

    Morning all. presently off grid on a CL and noticed two small cuts in the pop top mesh on one side. ideas of how to repair so it doesn’t worsen? Also so it doesn’t look an eye sore. I can’t think how this would have happened. its about a cm in length. Thanks.
  6. TimmmyT6

    Looking for a T6 Kombi with poptop

    Hi, I’m looking to buy a T6 Kombi ideally with a poptop. LWB Dark colour NOT lowered Less than 100k miles Anyone selling please? thanks.
  7. S

    Roof bars and SCA pop top

    Hi all just to say what an amazing forum although you have all scared the life out of me with leaky roof bar talk 1 we have a newish as of last year T6 fitting roof bars bought through the forum this weekend and planning to use some silicone to fit as have read about the leaks. just a quick...
  8. L

    Can you change the struts on LWB pop top

    It takes both my husband and I too pull down our pop top. We've tried pulleys as we saw in a previous forum but the roof didn't even budge. Is there a specific strut strength that must be used or are there options? Had anyone else had a similar problem?
  9. Golgappas

    For Sale POP TOP INSTALLATION SLOT available 4th August

    I had booked a pop top fitting for August 4th with a company near Huddersfield. If any one is keen to take my spot as I have traded my van for a fully spec camper .This might help someone as waiting times can be long with lots of companies at the moment. I have a holding deposit paid of £200. I...
  10. Gus_T6_Bus

    Pop Top Tie Down Loops

    Hi, Anyone know where you can get additional pop top tie down loops from? These things: I’ve looked over ebay and Amazon and I can’t find similar things for boats in stainless but not rounded black loops. Any help much appreciated!
  11. M

    Wanted Bunk Ladder

    Is anyone selling a folding/2 piece VW Bunk Ladder? TIA
  12. smilie121

    Pop Top Strap Alternative / Hack

    I know there are some older threads (which I have gone through) but bear with me. I see some people have cut their long straps very short requiring them to thread through the latch before tightening after lowering the roof. See this video Question is - Has anyone done this and are there any...
  13. JonriceT6

    Pop-Top or Roof Tent?

    So do I get a pop top fitted or do I buy a roof tent for extra sleeping capacity! has anyone ever fitted a pop top and regretted it? I hear some horror stories about them leaking and popping up when driving and I’m not sure if I want to cut a hole in my van. many advice would be great
  14. Mike Dean

    Hidden awning rail under Pop-Top

    Hi All, Does anyone have a hidden awning rail, the channel type with their poptop? I don't want the eyesore on the exterior of the van. Thanks, Mike
  15. A

    Leaky pop top roof

    Hi all, oh dear just had my wife on the phone as she went to work a night shift, she told me she had water drip onto her head from the roof, pop top I guess, yesterday we heard a noise that sounded similar to water, but also sounded like something rubbing together, anyways there was a tiny...
  16. R

    Looking for a Pop Top roof that’s very low profile and good quality

    Looking for a Pop Top roof that’s very low profile and good quality, any recommendations appreciated!
  17. B

    Pop top colour coding

    Apologies If I have posted in the incorrect section but I was after some advice from fellow VW fans. My van has recently gone in to have its pop top roof installed. I have paid for the roof to be colour coded and I'm not all certain that I am happy with colour it has turned out. What do others...
  18. Camy

    To waterproof Pop Top or Not???

    Hi am just back from a few days away first in a longtime:cool:. Weather was pretty awful tho and after a horrendous day of wind and rain we noticed the 2 front corners of our pop top was leaking a little. It stayed damp for a day or so but eventually dried out. My van is 2016 conversion the...
  19. G

    Rear Right ABS (speed) sensor short circuit [Resolved]

    So all of a sudden my T6.1 converted van has developed an ABS fault, the rear right speed sensor shows as short circuit. I have taken it to VW but as its converted they don't want to touch it as they suspect the converters have drilled through a cable loom somewhere. What I would like to know...
  20. J

    Westdubs pop top fabric options

    I'm just about to push the button and order a westdubs pop top roof and I'm leaning towards the premium (Sauleda) fabric. I'm considering yellow or red, but not sure if these allow too much light through. Could anyone shed any light (puntastic) on this issue? I'll go black or dark grey if it...