pop top

  1. S

    Transporting my kayaks.

    Just wondering how hard it is to get a nearly 4m 30kg kayak on the roof (I'm 5"9" if that matters). Should I be looking at a proper kayak loader (kiratek etc) when I get my new 2 seater kayak? Any chance someone not far from York has a tandem kayak they transport on the top of the van with...
  2. T

    Who made my pop top?

    Can anyone tell me who manufactured my pop top? Been looking at quite a few images and cannot identify it.
  3. Bynxy

    Pop Top - how do you stop your pillows falling down

    Got a question, how do you stop your pillows falling down if you sleep in the pop top
  4. The Van Cave

    Skyline Roofs at The Van Cave

    Skyline Roofs are now being fitted at The Van Cave! We’ve been busy on this day van conversion lately, full details of which will follow soon, but it’s carrying Skyline roof number 2…
  5. Rioja John

    Pop top roof and Van King bed

    We have a van king bed fitted in our T6.1 and a Kirivans double passenger seat swivel, we have all our cooking and living arrangements in a Quest 6 pro awning. As anyone got a similar set up with a pop top roof, I suggested this to Pat my wife but she doesn’t like the idea. Is it worth the £3K...
  6. ASW

    Austop pop up roof canvas change

    Hi I have an Austop Pop top and am thinking of changing the canvas has anybody done this? I know with some roofs the canvas is easily detached. Thanks
  7. Sackmycook

    Fiamma F45s compatibility with Skyline standard pop-top

    Just had a major wobble about whether I need to alter what's in the picture when my pop-top is fitted on Tuesday next week Anyone offer some reassurance or otherwise....
  8. Mannix10

    Pop Top not closing

    Can anyone help please?? My T6 pop top isn’t closing properly leaving a gap on the final 30cm or so towards the front of the van. I’ve tried many strap configurations but it’s just not closing?? Suggestions what the issue maybe or help to resolve would be appreciated. Thanks
  9. H

    Newbie question - how cold for up top?

    Forgive the newbie question. It's possibly one where we should just give it a go ourselves but nervous about the consequences if we get it wrong. What kind of overnight temperature does it need to be to feel happy sticking the kids up in the pop top overnight with no heater? We can obviously...
  10. D

    Interior light wiring route

    I've installed some LED courtesy lights in the rear of my campervan conversion and need to find the nearest courtesy circuit to tap into. Original rear lights removed as part of conversion, not sure what they did with the wiring. The new lights are fitted into the nearside rear quarter...
  11. L

    Pop top bed divider

    Hi all, I am just about to take delivery of my newly converted T6 Kombi SWB. I will be adventuring in it with the family. My daughters will be sleeping in the pop top but they do have a tendency to thrash about in their sleep. To aid a peaceful night sleep I was hoping to get some sort of...
  12. Nigel L

    Pop Top weight advice

    So, having used our Camper mainly as a day van for days out etc for the past year, we are now looking to take some weekend breaks away in it. So, I have a couple of questions that I would be grateful if could be answered from the wealth of experience on here. 1. Is there a maximum weight that...
  13. LT2019

    Conversion companies - Midlands?

    Anyone recommend any decent companies in Birmingham and surrounding areas? Would love to use new wave in wales but they stacked out till next year and too much hassle with the travel. Probably looking at day van style conversion. Anyone had experience with “new ultimate transporters”?
  14. StuFish

    Sold 2016 T6 SWB Camper £32500

    The time has come to sell our T6 Camper! Converted in 2017 by Welsh Coast Campers, we bought direct from them so are the only owners since conversion. The van was 1 owner prior to that. Original van was 105 Startline, currently 49k with full service history, last service at 45k, belt and water...
  15. L

    Hydraulic Bed?

    Hi, I've just bought my first camper and I'm looking to get a Pop Up roof, I've been asked by the company fitting if I require a Hydraulic Bed, any pros or cons to this, thanks Allan
  16. R

    Pop-top ceiling ideas?

    Im looking for some ideas on the underside of a pop top bed,,, would like something other than a bland white board to make it look and feel more comfortable,,, preferably with VW embossed on it. Any ideas please?
  17. P

    Pop-Top - Shuttle roof liner fail :-(

    We have just had an new HiLo roof installed. We choose not to have the orignal roof linning replaced, as we saw no point in the additional expense (£900). When we collected the vehicle, it was pointed out that (see pic) 'this was the best finish available' as we had opted to not have roof trim...
  18. B

    Best option to sort out this slightly shoddy workmanship

    Best option to sort out this slightly shoddy workmanship on the left and right side of the pop up sliding hatch from a skyline LWB install
  19. D

    Roof poptop opening trim

    Hi, Anyone found a good plastic trim to put round the pop top roof opening. It gets a bit bashed when the kids climb up and my carpeting skills around there could use a cover up job. Cheers.
  20. Kev Liddle

    Pop Top roof rack...

    Moring folks, I've got a Hilo roof fitted and I'm looking to fit a roof rack to carry 3 kayaks, the roof is good for 60kg so the weight is fine, has anyone fitted or had any expiernce of these rack systems? pop top roof rack I'm undecided weather I should go for something like this or just...