pop top

  1. Leer

    Hi guys any ideas on pop top colours?

    Hi guys any ideas on pop top colours? I’m booked in next week for a pop top and with a black canvas finish more I look into black few people say the van get to hot in the summer with being black anybody out there got black canvas at mo ?
  2. J

    Reversing Sensor open circuit after pop-top roof fitted [RESOLVED]

    I’ve had a new pop top roof fitted but developed a reversing sensor fault in the process! VCDS says 2 faults - Rear right parking aid sensor short to plus and also rear right parking aid sensor open or short to ground. First thought is screw going through cable or cable sliced at some point. I...
  3. D

    Converting my Shuttle to a Camper

    Hi guys I'm new here I have just bought a t6 shuttle my plan is to turn it into a camper first I want to up my spec as my van is a SE I would like some advice on buying and fitting a reverse camera and sensors and multifunction steering please ?
  4. MRFU510N

    DIY pop top

    Hi all, I'm curious to know how much £ you can save by doing it yourself if you feel competent with these sorts of diy. Any info welcomed. As always, thanks. James
  5. D

    Vw T5/T6 SWB strengthing frame for pop top. Anyone Know where I can get this ?

    HI, Everyone. So I decided to try and fit a pop top to my VW T6 myself. Instead of buying a full kit, I was able to find a lid, tent, gas struts, and hinges. But in order to install it I need to source strengthing bars and also the trim which finishes the job and holds the pop-top bed in place...
  6. Vinci

    Van ride awful. Will swamping help?

    Admittedly the quality of roads in North East Somerset is shocking, and my van is a van with original van tyres, but the noisy ride and rattling SCA roof means that sometimes people can’t hear me on the hands free phone. Will swamping it with new shocks, smaller wheels and big doughnut tyres transfo
  7. K

    Camper Pop Top Roof advice

    Hi all first post, and hoping for some advice (have checked other threads via search - and this is a slightly different question!) We have a T6.1 on order with a well known conversion company, and their spec is a 'standard' Streamline/Poptop roof. There's a delay on the build as some items are...
  8. S

    Any recommendations for pop top conversions around Manchester?

    Hi all. I’m toying with the idea of getting a pop top put in over winter. I’m just beginning my research, but wanted to ask if you guys had any recommendations for installers around the North West? I wouldn’t mind going and checking some different models out, to decide which roof to go for. Any...
  9. Montecha

    Kombi Evolution - California Roof

    I thought I'd post this up as when I was researching getting a California roof fitted to my Kombi, I didn't find much information, apart from that it's not the regular route and there seems to be only a couple of places that do the conversion. Anyhow, for a number of reasons I convinced myself...
  10. 3crispies

    After 3 years may fit a poptop

    Converted our panel van nearly 3 years ago to a kombi and is used for daily chores, but were both getting no younger and looking at fitting a hilo surf or similar money roof (trying to keep under 2m). We generally only use for a months trip abroad so for very occasional use, but want something...
  11. T6 Fred_16

    Pop-Top Cleaning Solution

    Our campervan has been parked under trees for the last few months during lockdown and even the jet wash is struggling to get black marks off the pop top roof and we've just noticed there is a mossy type mould within the gap at the front of the roof! :eek: Does anyone know of any solutions...
  12. A

    HiLo Pop Top Gel-Black Roof on Pearl Black T6? Plus general HiLo poptop thoughts

    Hello all, Second post - almost 3 years since I posted a question when considering buying my T6! Well, I bought it, and it's been completely un-loved while I renovated our first house (complete gutting, back to brick level!). The house is done now, and I'm gearing up to convert my van. Have...
  13. J88arv

    Poptop and high winds?!

    Afternoon all, as I mentioned in my last thread I’m currently in st ives camping. Tonight we have an epic storm inbound however I use my poptop for my kids to sleep in. What normally would the poptop stand in terms of wind?? I’m worried as it’s our first ever storm camping and I know we have a...
  14. joe_j_barnes

    Status 1 Automotive Slimline pop top roof

    Hi All, anyone know or have a slimline pop top roof, are they any good / comfort etc?
  15. J

    Fitting rigid solar panels to pop top roof??

    Just wondering what opinions people have when fitting the rigid solar panels to pop top roofs, ie screwing the feet down with large washers or plates on the underside or just bonding the feet down with adhesive???
  16. A

    Ambitious first question

    I have recently bought my first van and am eagerly awaiting delivery; I will be carrying out a camper conversion and had a tour of my mates pop topped T5 yesterday to try and help me decide whether to go that route or not. I think rather than have a pop top, I would much prefer an AC unit to...
  17. S

    Best glue to use to fix this rubber seal?

    Hi. Just noticed this rubber in front of the pop top is starting to come loose. many ideas of best glue to repair please?
  18. Bobbych

    New Pop-Top by Custom Camper Solutions

    picked it up from the fitters yesterday. Very happy with Custom Camper Solutions work.
  19. R

    Awning rail under a Reimo EasyFit roof?

    Hi All, has anyone fitted an awning rail under the edge of a Reimo easy fit roof? If so do you have any Detailed pictures I could see please
  20. nikster

    Caravelle exec pop top conversion

    Hi all, looking to hear from any T6 owners that have a Velle exec pop top conversion. The climate control system seems to be the challenge and understand a couple of owners have reported its been done in the past but haven't been able to find a lot of detail. We've ummed and arrred about...