pop top

  1. J

    Fitting a Fiamma 45s roof hinge in the way

    Hello everyone, I've just brought my fiamma 45s to fit on my T5.1 the problem is I have a westdub poptop roof and the rear hinges clashes where I'm supposed to fit this! I don't want to spend more money on further awning rails so should I just adapt the rear fiammia bracket to suit and rivet...
  2. Marty G

    For Sale 2019 T30 150PS DSG Startline Camper conversion, 30,000 miles. £45k ONO

    Hi all, Sadly lost my dog so selling up on the pride and joy (van) as not getting used. Selling van and all the extras as one. 2019 T6 starlight blue all seasons lesuire conversion with only 30,000 miles. FSH with full years MOT 20 Navis unknown alloys - tyres all v good Koni adjustable...
  3. lebb2017

    Scenic pop-top seating (but no bed)

    hi all, We have a pop top which is for head height - no bed board as we don't plan to use it for sleeping. However, we did get a scenic canvas fitted, and wondered if anyone has any ideas for putting a small board across to act as a seat? Any pics or links would be great as I'm sure I have seen...
  4. Burner

    New van

    Hi all As said yesterday, I picked my 2021 van up yesterday and have a few questions which I’ll bunch here together. Security. Gona go for a disk lock for now and maybe a pedal lock. I need a mat for the middle just to cover the flooring and was going to get a rear bumper protector, to stop...
  5. R

    help with DIY poptop plan

    hi people of transporter land....first time i've done this kinda thing so go gently with this older dood. I'll cut to the salient point! I have had me likkle SWB kombi T5 (2015 plate) for a few years now and have been harbouring ambitions of poppping the top! ooh I've managed to acquire...
  6. A

    WestDubs Pop-Top - do you store mattress up there?

    Hi All I appreciate this is quite a basic request; but I have the West Dubs pop top with the hard top area for a mattress to go there. I purchased a mattress which fits that area great. I was told the mattress is fine to be kept there, but it felt odd to me. Do people do this? Or is it not...
  7. Insert Coin

    Sold 2018 T32 LWB 204PS DSG 4Mo Kombi Highline with PopTop. £40k ONO

    After 6 years I’ve decided I want to treat myself to a new van, so my T6 is up for sale. This is the current spec - 2 owners, my business and myself, 1 driver only. Jan 2018 45,000 miles Comprehensive Service History with receipts for every penny spent, including original bill of sale. 204...
  8. T

    Austop pop top with bikes on top?

    Hi all, Does anyone know if you can carry bikes on top of a austop pop top? Cheers, T
  9. B

    Rear aircon and poptop?

    So the van build planning took a break for a while but back on it, currently pondering the idea of if I find a decent kombi van with rear ac vents how difficult is it to reroute ducting and wiring once pop top is fitted, similar to that of a cali, I'm stuck on wanting a lwb or I think I probably...
  10. S

    Skyline Aurora Installation Manual

    I'm having some issues with my Skyline Aurora roof. My view is that the latches are not fit for purpose and the roof installation was not been carried out correctly. To help 'prove' this and progress a claim against Skyline / Installer I have been advised that I need to get a copy of an...
  11. Steved55

    Pop top deflector

    Further to my recent post - windscreen insurance claim - I've booked through my insurers to have a new screen fitted next week, but have just noticed that the pop top roof has a rubber deflector strip bonded half to the screen and half to the metalwork above. Anyone have experience of removing...
  12. T

    Goose poptop

  13. R

    Cherry Red - What colour for pop top canvas?

    Hi all. Looking for your wisdom. We brought a t6 edition kombi in cherry Red this summer and have finally got the cash to have a pop top. I was going to go for black as it would work well with the edition decals but the fitter advised grey as they thought the black would be too dark on the...
  14. S

    Sold 2018 T32 SWB 150ps Highline Kombi Day Van. £33500

    Price reduction - selling to fund upgrade to a larger campervan Manual gearbox, FSH by VW to end of warranty period then local garage since 1 previous owner as a Kombi van (motorcycle dealership owner). 54,159 miles, Euro 6,Front and rear sensors. Aircon, MFSW Kombi seats 2/1 to rear - Simora...
  15. M

    Rear Head Height

    Hi, I've looked at several T6 conversions now and there is a fairly large difference in internal head height with the pop tops down when I sit on the back seat. I'm 6 foot 4 and on some vans I can't sit up at all whereas on others I can just about. This is even with the same seats (RIB 130CM)...
  16. G

    Skyline Standard Black pop-top on a silver van?

    Hi, I’m looking to have a pop top fitted on my SWB van but I’m thinking about keeping it the gel coat gloss black but not sure whether it will compliment the look of the van or indeed look like an added extra on my silver T6? If anyone has any pictures I would appreciate a look and also I have...
  17. B

    REMOVED: 2018 T30 150 DSG Highline

    Bought to convert to full camper, but half way through the missus says its too small for us :mad:! Just needs side furniture and rock and roll bed to complete. Can be done for under £4k. 66k miles. Full VW service history (last one completed October 2023). VW “All-in” service and warranty...
  18. Euge

    Interior light stays on while driving

    Hi I’m having an issue with the front interior light staying on. The light illuminates when the door is unlocked, but stays on while driving. After stopping it goes off after about 10 minutes. Is this likely a grounding issue or switch in the door or handle? Same on all doors btw, so...
  19. kingkambo

    Leaking roof rail on HiLo - advice on repair?

    Morning all! Whilst during last night my kids noticed a big drip of water coming from the sliding hatch to access the pop top. Suspected the roof rail after reading some posts on here (thanks ). Have inspected this morning and as I slid the hatch open a lot of water came down. Sure enough the...
  20. L

    Pop Top Replacement

    Does anyone have any experience of changing their current pop top for another make/model? I currently have a HiLo Surf (touch wood it’s been fine) however am looking into the future and am considering a more manageable option.. I have recently seen a side pop top on a Bilbos conversion (pic...