pop top

  1. sipep

    Poptop - trim canvas before carpeting

    Hi. Anyone know how much I trim off before carpeting?
  2. A

    Fiamma Wind Out Canopy + PopTop

    We want to buy and have fitted a Fiamma Wind Out canopy to our T6.1 LWB van. We have had a pop top fitted. What, apart from the canopy, do we need to be able to have it fitted? TIA
  3. 4WheelsFromCanvas

    Dulling of paint finish on poptop - seems recent

    On a dull Teams call the other day I was staring out the window and my eyes settled on the van’s poptop on the drive. Looked like a strange surface finish. Flat and a bit dull. I’ve not touched it since June and never noticed it before. Took it to France in July and we’ve had the ‘heat’ of...
  4. M

    Pop top lighting

    What are peoples solutions to putting lighting in the poptop, hard wired, where do you put the switch?
  5. B

    Solution to cover /make nice pop top when down

    Hi friends I'm looking for a solution to cover the pop top material when its down..I seem to find it gets in the way /view when driving and looks a bit messy too. I'm sure I'd seem a solution on some at the campervan show at NEC last year. A simple nice looking bit of material (I think leather...
  6. T

    LED lighting after pop top install

    I'm having a pop top installed soon and I'd like to have LED strip lights running along the length of the pop top, either side, once installed. My question is will I need to do any wiring for the LEDs prior to this or can it be achieved neatly after the fitting of the pop top?
  7. Ian09

    Pop top strap brackets

    Does anyone know how these are bolted on and what to? One of mine has a bit of movement in it, nothing major and it doesn’t sit straight when roof is strapped down as that side needs to be quite tight for the roof to be fully closed. Planning to get it checked out at some point but trying to...
  8. N

    Reverse Pop layout - Storage idea's

    Our T6 has reverse pop roof with 2.5 double mattress , and a rear loo and kitchen layout , two captain seats in front and 2 RIB seats ( both make into single beds) our question is with space being at a premium ( obviously lol ) what do other owners of this layout use by way of bedding and...
  9. N

    Need advice on closing Reimo roof

    hi there we are trying out the camper vans features on our drive - re have reverse pop up reimo roof - I think its closed properly but how can we know for sure, hubby is not so sure if it is - how can we check ? Especially the front of van end which is the bit hubby isnt sure about - any hints...
  10. bgrunes

    Reverse pop top solar wiring

    Hi I have a pop top that’s for an end kitchen so the other way round compared to many. Looking for advice on fitting solar panel and the subsequent wiring run. In effect panel would be at the front of the van with wiring having to get all the way to the rear to enter possibly running along the...
  11. K

    For Sale 2016 T28 LWB 102PS Highline Camper. £32000

    For sale. 2016 t28 conversion. Highline blue motion Euro 6. 135357mls full and comprehensive service history Inc new EGR 2022, new water pump and cambelt 2021, new brake pads and front discs reb 22. 3 keys. One previous owner. Fortana Red/Candy White. Vamoose poptop with bed and led lights...
  12. CamperBadger

    Anyone tell me the purpose of the doormat sized shape in my pop top?

    Anyone tell me the purpose of the doormat sized shape in my pop top?
  13. S

    For Sale 2022 T30 DSG Kombi Highline, Vantrim Camper Conversion in Ravenna Blue. £55k.

    I purchased this Sep ‘22 VW T6.1 Kombi T30 DSG Highline brand new from VW Marshalls in Sunderland and then had it converted by Vantrim in Otley. My wife has decided that she doesn’t like camping (after 3 trips) hence the sale! Mileage 8652. All the usual highline spec. including folding...
  14. johnmacster

    Form an orderly queue!

    Spotted near Congleton by a mate of mine, he turned around and drove back to take a photo for me (or he’s winding me up!)
  15. kingkambo

    Hi-Lo roof rain ‘caps’ missing - Help!

    Hi all! Hoping someone with a hi-lo roof can help… only our 2nd camping outing in the van have popped the roof and where it bolts down at the front- there are no caps to screw bolts back in to stop rain coming in have put duct tape for now but what is supposed to be here? Previous owners has...
  16. O

    Hole in canvas

    Hi, a plastic nut cover on one of the scissor hinges came off and in a gale the canvas has bashed against it and done a small rip about half the way around the head of a nut. Incredibly irritating. What is the best way to seemlessly repair this? It is only maybe 5-10mm long and goes back...
  17. R

    T6 Convertible

    Spotted this today in Teide National Park on Tenerife. It's used for tours of the volcanic area of the island. Great for sightseeing.
  18. M

    Pop top fabric colour for blackout/sleeping vs heat (esp. for parents w/ kids)

    Hi, :waving: New member here. We are having a conversion done by a company and trying to decide on pop top colour/fabric. Our converter's standard is a Reimo pop top in grey (similar to this). We also have the option to choose a different colour fabric. (Our van is bright yellow, ex-AA :cool:)...
  19. B

    Connecting Solar panels on poptop

    Looking into putting a pair of flexible solar panels on the pop top. What do folk recommend in terms of connectivity - do you hard wire through the pop top or run a fly lead through the rubber seal of the rear doors?
  20. N

    Reverse Pop Top - do regular Awnings fit ok?

    Hi there campers we are planning to have a roll out awning fitted pretty soon to our T6 which has a reverse pop up roof bed is there a choice of types/makes that will fit our camper please, thank you for your help and advice fellow campers