team acapulco blue

  1. goldeneye243

    My Acapulco Blue Day Van :)

    Picked up from the converter yesterday - Very happy with the finish! Might add a kitchen pod at some point...
  2. goldeneye243

    Pop Top Roof Colour

    I've got an Acapulco Blue SWB van and about to book in for a skyline roof. Any opinions on whether I should go for a matching roof or have a white one instead? Would it affect resale value?
  3. IMG_2405


    Conversion all finished time to enjoy :)
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  5. Va6314_calibre_tourer_18_inch_matte_gunmetal_finish_alloy_wheel_1035_jb_d


  6. T

    Where To Buy Wheels

    I too have joined the wheel hunt, I will probably stay safe and just look at 18" Sportline, the question is where to buy though and what colour will look best with Acapulco Blue van. I'm not planning using them in the winter as I will just stick the OEM wheels back on so the corrosion issues...
  7. 308mate

    Black 20s On Acapulco Blue

    When choosing my wheels, finding example pictures and good lists of each van’s spec, was really hard. Typically someone would post a picture and the caption “Here’s my van, lowered on 20s.” Well that’s not that helpful when you’re stressing about tyre size, wheel rub, concave etc So I’m...
  8. 308mate

    Is Anyone Running Bronze Wheels On An Acapulco Blue Van?

    If so, can you put some pics up? I want to see if it works.
  9. Paul Holmes

    Collected today - Team Acapulco Blue

    Here he is so pleased
  10. Mick

    Acupulco blue team

    Here she is. Custom conversion with the operation area at the back. I chose this layout after a number of years with a motorhome. Nothing worse than people sitting in your operations area.
  11. Pauly

    Team Acapulco Blue

    About time I joined team blue