1. W

    Any recommendations for a lining company local to Liverpool ?

    I have my new kombi lwb coming next month ( can’t wait :) ) job number one if sound deadening, isolation and carpeting. Any recommendations for a company local to Liverpool ? thanks
  2. Redkite

    Painter Liverpool/ northwest

    Hi all Just been to the British Superbike meeting at Donington and the guy on the pitch next to me managed to put a 2 foot long scratch down the offside panel on my Van putting up his awning in the wind. I got his details and he has agreed to pay for the damage so I'm looking for decent paint...
  3. S

    Any recommendations for converters in the North West/North Wales area that could do sound deadening?

    Morning All, Rather unexpectedly, our Kombi has arrived 9 months early!!.....factory ordered in Feb, landed at the dealers two weeks ago! It was due in December! So, very quickly trying to sort a few bits out! Any recommendations for converters in the North West/North Wales area that could do...
  4. R

    Looking for a window/awning fitter NW England

    Can anyone recommend a North West of England based, or prepared to travel, window fitter please? Also I'd like some sort of awning for the side of the van. We have a T6 shuttle and just want to be able to pull out the awning for shade. We don't need a drive-away or anything like that...
  5. S

    Fader help Wirral

    Hi finally got my 2017 conversion back from Convertors but they haven’t been able to get the rear fader Working, know there are post on here about it but looking for Someone local to Wirral who can sort for me, obviously with a bit of compensation cheers guys
  6. JonriceT6

    Servicing - Northwest area

    Hi everyone. Not long had my T6 and was hoping to take it for a full service. Any VW transporter specialists in the north west area? It also needs a cambelt in a few months too. thanks I’m advance
  7. Ajones

    Window-fitting recommendations Manchester

    Hi guys I need a couple of windows fitting on my van (one new, so van to be cut out and fitted and the other a replacement) Can anyone recommend any places that do things thanks Aaron
  8. S

    Any recommendations for pop top conversions around Manchester?

    Hi all. I’m toying with the idea of getting a pop top put in over winter. I’m just beginning my research, but wanted to ask if you guys had any recommendations for installers around the North West? I wouldn’t mind going and checking some different models out, to decide which roof to go for. Any...
  9. RickT6

    Will a VW Up steering wheel work?

    Hi I’ve bought a T6 going in for conversion soon and I’ve added some cheap mods. My Question is will a VW UP flat bottomed steering wheel fit a transporter .
  10. fezza68

    Hunter Recommendation In Manchester.

    Anyone recommend a good hunter wheel alignment place in manchester?. Had the solows fitted and want to check the tracking now etc.
  11. Skyliner33

    Any Builders In The Nw (manchester-ish) On Here?

    Basically as the title says, looking for a builder in the NW area. Thanks
  12. B

    Auto Electrics North West??

    Can anyone point me in the direction of somewhere that can do all three of stereo speaker upgrade - dc / dc battery install and Webasto. Does this type of magician even exist or will I have to just put the van into different places for the different pieces of work?
  13. Skyliner33

    VAG Technik, Manchester

    Just had my fisrt work carried out by by David and his team at VAGTechnik in Eccles, Manchester (not too far from Trafford centre.). Very impressed with the communication from first contact to collecting the van after the work was complete. David was fast to reply to all my questions about the...
  14. Billybz

    Can Anyone Help With Info And Upgrades For My New Van, Wirral Liverpool

    Hi all I am new to vw camper vans just buying one just need pointing in the right direction for reasonable, reliable fitters for further upgrades like heater sat nav reversing cam
  15. Martin Gibson

    Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating done.

    Hello,i have mentioned on here before about the state of the paintwork on my van. It was truly shocking. The van had only 1500 miles on it when i bought it and was polished and gleaming when i picked it up. As it was washed 2 or 3 times and the polish was washed off,i started noticing various...
  16. simonnwt6

    Bodyshop Or Smart Repair - Nw/manchester

    Hi all, Any recommendations for Bodyshop or smart repair companies in Manchester/Stockport/Trafford areas? Got the below issue not sure if smart repair will cover it though. Does go round the lip of arch also :( Need sorting before gets worse. thanks si
  17. Carl1974

    Ball Joint Centre Liverpool.

    Took my T5 to the ball joint centre after having my stance + fitted for 2 months. Full check and altered the front as toeing in slightly, great set up friendly and great guys. Advised that the van could do with some tyres, not pressured into buying from them. Purchased from my converter and...
  18. Carl1974

    Auto Trimmers

    I’m looking to find a local’ish seat trimmer northwest area, anyone recommend anyone before I have to start looking at a good distance travel to see others.
  19. Carl1974

    Hi From Liverpool.

    Just joined as I’ve been looking on the forum for the last month or so, but I have a T5.1. Can I please stay.
  20. t6dsg

    VCDS - North West Area

    offering vcds in northwest I expect no money, but don't mind helping people out if they need it