1. N

    Auto electrician - Cheshire

    Asking for an auto electrician recommendation in the Cheshire/Chester/Runcorn area please. TIA
  2. A

    Cheshire: Electric upgrade to sliding door?

    Hello all. I am based in Cheshire East. I would like to make the side door electric, as well as potentially a few other upgrades. It's a 2021 T6.1 camper. Does anyone have any recommendations or who I would contact regarding this? Thank you Alex
  3. K

    Tow Trust Installer North West Recommendations

    Hi All, Does anyone have any recommendations for somewhere in the northwest that can fit a tow sure detachable tow bar, loom and code it? Cheers Kev
  4. D

    Night heater installer - Warrington / St Helens

    Any local folk to Warrington or St Helens can fit me a heater in? Let down at last minute (heater in hand)
  5. david173

    Wirral Custom Campers, anyone used?

    Has anyone used Wirral Custom Campers at all? I like the fact they are a VAG specialist workshop too rather than just a conversion company. looking for servicing MOT and maybe some small mods now my service plan has ran out Thanks
  6. Mikerl8797978

    Caravelle seat install Cheshire, any recommendations?

    As the title states. Looking for someone to supply and fit rails and carpet for a caravelle bench seat in the Cheshire or Manchester area. Thanks
  7. 8ruffs

    North West area with decent audio system

    Hi Does anyone in the North West area have a decent audio system set up that I could listen to in a bid to guage and review systems before I commit to certain brands. Had great information/ discussion with Chris from Dav_tec who will be completing the DSP build once I've decided. I'm currently...
  8. C

    Converter in Staffordshire/Cheshire!

    As above I have decided to move on my T6 and kombi convert my T5.1 4motion T32. I want a drive in and out job, including 2+1 in the rear, sound proof and insulate and change my closed windows for x2 openers. Any recommendations for someone to carry this out in Staffordshire/Cheshire? I don’t...
  9. S

    Northwest - Front Sensors, Reversing camera and towbar fitting

    I'm based up in Lancaster and looking for a company to add some extras to our T6.1 2020 campervan. Fit reversing camera Fit front parking sensors (rear already on campervan) Fit towbar re-code unit so that camera and front sensors are seen. Anyone got any suggestions in that part of the North...
  10. Howzat

    The Vehicle Tuner - Warrington

    The Vehicle Tuner - Vehicle Tuning Warrington I'd been considering a map for a while but had an issue with clutch judder which was putting me off pulling the trigger. My mechanic wasn't sure it was a worn clutch/DMF with only 60k on the clock so we tried a few things with no luck before...
  11. phil_n

    Insulation, lining and audio . . North West

    I'm after a recommendation for a one stop option for sound insulation, lining, leisure battery and rear speaker fitting to my new Kombi. I'm in Manchester, so the nearer to that the better. Thanks, Phil
  12. BlackstarUK

    Fitting out a panel van

    Good morning all I'm looking at a getting a 2018 T28 Highline panel to convert to a Kombi rather than pay the premium for someone else having already done it. My question is.....does anyone know of a reputable firm in or near Manchester.... than can fit carpets / side windows / maybe...
  13. H

    RCD360 coding - northwest

    Hi All, can anyone give a recommendation for a business who can code my newly installed wireless reverse camera to my t6? I also need them to code out my old bog standard head unit as a vw assist tech told me today that he could see a few diagnostic errors related to my t6 looking for my old...
  14. P

    DC-DC Charger & Electrical Mods - Fitter wanted Yorkshire

    Hey! Newbie here. Just wanted to say hi and that there’s some great info in this forum that I wish I'd come across it earlier! We've just upgraded to a converted T6 (2018 Highline) which has a CBE 180 management system installed, which I believe utilises a ‘smart’ inbuilt VSR charger. CBE 180...
  15. Ambrose

    North West Tow Bar Centre

    Shopped around to have a detachable tow bar fitted and ended going to Welcome to North West Towbar Centre Stockport | Established 1984 - North West Towbars Manchester as it was just down the road from me. Dropped it off this morning at 11am and got a call just after 1pm to say it's ready for...
  16. swd80

    Servicing/repairs Recommendation in Wirral?

    Just bought a Caravelle. Can anyone recommend a good garage for general servicing and maintenance in the Wirral area (or nearby)? A few I have seen: WCC in Neston Unit 20 in Neston Discount VW Audi Centre in Hoylake Volkswirral in Wallasey Central VW Audi in Ellesmere Port I'd like to find a...
  17. J

    Looking for craftsman to add to and amend cabinets in my T6 SWB

    Got a T6 SWB already fitted out, nice laminated birch plywood cabinets but it needs a few additional panels/fitting to tidy it up. I’m struggling to find a conversion place that will look at just doing a few panels and alterations . Part of the issue is that it’s a dual door T6. So the cabinets...
  18. M

    Where to get T6.1 Speedo recalibrated in North West?

    Can anyone recommend where to go to get my 2022 T6.1 speedometer recalibrated? My van came with 245/65R17 KO2s and I only just (after two weeks of driving) discovered the speedo is out! I've heard T6.1 are more difficult to recalibrate than the T6 and am looking for someone who has hopefully...
  19. D

    NW England - Retrofit power tailgate

    Hi… This one is far beyond my skill set. Can anyone suggest anywhere in NW England that could do this for me? Thanks Alan
  20. D

    Auto electrician - northwest

    Had this unit fitted 12month ago linked up with solar panel. Not technically minded but not 100% satisfied everything is working as it should. I'm after an auto electrician in the North West area who is familiar with this system that can check everything over. I'm located Littleborough OL15 and...