1. S

    Independent Garage recommendation’s - Yorkshire

    Hi Looking into buying a t6 and wondering on garage recommendations for transporters around Halifax/ Calderdale area. Are there any owners around there who they would recommend? Thanks
  2. A

    Crafted Automotive Ltd

    https://www.t6forum.com/threads/crafted-automotive.45320/ Hi I’m Alan and I manage Crafted Automotive Ltd along side my good friend Gully I’m sure some of you will have seen and heard bits about who we are and what we do so I figured I should do a introduction of sorts We are a...
  3. C

    Hello from York!

    Hello Forum! Picking up my first T6 later this week, so will have a fair few questions no doubt! First one is: what tracker would people recommend? I had a Skytag on my old defender which was good, but offered no real time info so would like something that would let me see where the vehicle...
  4. marsie

    night heater installer - Yorkshire

    Hi all, I am looking to get a night heater fitted to my T6 before a week away to scotland in may. Can anyone recommend an supplier/installer ideally around sheffield/rotherham area Willing to travel a bit further if necessary but would rather go to a recommended fitter Thanks Paul
  5. Widdzuk

    Wheel alignment - Yorkshire

    Hi, I’ve got a bit of inner tyre wear and also got 3mm left overall after 5k on my 20inch 275 rears. It’s a campervan converted t6.1. With slightly cambered wheels. I understand the premature wear may be due to the camber, but also read on here that the low ride height may have changed the...
  6. S

    VW specialist in West Yorkshire

    2020 t6.1 high line. Kombi DSG Hi does anyone have any recommendations for a good specialist around Leeds West Yorkshire, a few things I’m after - tracking and steering wheel alignment (slightly tilted to right) had it tracked by vw main dealer in Wakefield but no better - possible upgrade...
  7. G

    John Galley Motors - East Yorkshire

    VW experts seem thin on the ground in East Yorkshire so I can recommend John Galley on Pocklington industrial estate (near the gliders). Very experienced with VW. He diagnosed my DMF when others didn’t and replaced it with new clutch and release bearing for less than a £1k all in. Very happy so...
  8. W

    Appleyard Leisure

    Hi all, just joined and first time posting on here. We are buying a T6 LWB this weekend and very excited. The company that did the conversion is 'Appleyard Leisure' in Huddersfield. Looks like they may have stopped trading. Does anyone know of them? Cheers Allan
  9. R

    Sheffield bringing in the Clean Air Zone

    Seems Feb 2023 all non Euro 6 Vans will be charged £10 a day to enter Sheffield. Not sure if it is cheaper than my current Ad-Blu consumption. The list of clean air cities is growing so I wonder how long the T5 and early T6 models have got left..
  10. B

    Service options Lancaster/Kendal/Settle

    Hello, Would be grateful if anyone has recommendations for a garage to take care of our 16 plate T6. Needs servicing and would rather not bother with main dealer if at all possible. Cheers!
  11. dennismo

    Bodyshop - Sheffield

    Hi all. Urgent request for help... My van was hit whilst parked up on a job today. Hit in a secure compound by a bin lorry (!!!). Driver admitted full responsibility but need to find a repairer through insurance that I'm going to trust to work on my vehicle. I've read horror stories on here...
  12. D

    Campsite near Spurn Point beach

    Hello I think this may have already been asked but can someone point me to the beach side campsite near spurn point. Thanks D
  13. roy.boy1

    Hi from Yorkshire

    Hi Every one im a new member of the T6 transporter owners club I've been hankering after a new transporter Kombi for years and finaly I've made the grade im out in the open no more hideing behind my TOYOTA HILUX lol :) so just bagged me a super nice demonstrator swb T32-102-bmt Highline...
  14. P

    DC-DC Charger & Electrical Mods - Fitter wanted Yorkshire

    Hey! Newbie here. Just wanted to say hi and that there’s some great info in this forum that I wish I'd come across it earlier! We've just upgraded to a converted T6 (2018 Highline) which has a CBE 180 management system installed, which I believe utilises a ‘smart’ inbuilt VSR charger. CBE 180...
  15. Nickdaw

    Slidepod owner near Halifax

    I’m just thinking about getting a slidepod but would like to see one in the flesh so to speak. So is there anyone near Halifax that has one, that I could come and have a look. Thanks
  16. ASW

    Solar panel fit - Yorkshire

    Hi does anybody know of a good reliable company who will fit solar panels to my campervan pop up roof in the Leeds, West Yorkshire area? (Not that we see a lot of sun) Also any advice on the best systems??? Thanks
  17. L

    Camper electrician - Yorkshire

    Looking for a company to install camper electrics including solar in the York hull Scarborough region any recommendations please
  18. CJW

    Looking for an automotive electrician Yorks or North East to assist with design and then certify

    Hello I'm enjoying designing the electrical system for my second conversion. I know my limitations and so will my insurance company, and want to find an automotive / conversion electrician in York / Yorkshire / North East area who would be willing to check over my design, then certify it once...
  19. J88arv

    Nottinghamshire / Derbyshire / South York - Clutch specialist

    Hi As above really think my clutch needs looking at :) thanks
  20. M

    Lots of vans heading for Whitby today- is there a meet on?

    Hi all Lots of vans heading for Whitby today (Friday 29 Oct) - is there a meet on? I was heading out but there were some great T4’s, T5’s and T6’s. I know it’s goth weekend but the drivers didn’t look that scary Let me know if there is something on Cheers Rob