1. D

    Campsite near Spurn Point beach

    Hello I think this may have already been asked but can someone point me to the beach side campsite near spurn point. Thanks D
  2. roy.boy1

    Hi from Yorkshire

    Hi Every one im a new member of the T6 transporter owners club I've been hankering after a new transporter Kombi for years and finaly I've made the grade im out in the open no more hideing behind my TOYOTA HILUX lol :) so just bagged me a super nice demonstrator swb T32-102-bmt Highline...
  3. Nickdaw

    Slidepod owner near Halifax

    I’m just thinking about getting a slidepod but would like to see one in the flesh so to speak. So is there anyone near Halifax that has one, that I could come and have a look. Thanks
  4. ASW

    Solar panel fit - Yorkshire

    Hi does anybody know of a good reliable company who will fit solar panels to my campervan pop up roof in the Leeds, West Yorkshire area? (Not that we see a lot of sun) Also any advice on the best systems??? Thanks
  5. JonnyTee

    Auto-Electrician in Leeds, Yorkshire

    Morning, Could anybody Fit me some Transporter HQ V2 Led lights to my 2018 T6 in the Leeds/West Yorkshire asap please? It’s says on the site they are pug in and play with no coding needed can’t do the job myself as have Health issues.
  6. L

    Camper electrician - Yorkshire

    Looking for a company to install camper electrics including solar in the York hull Scarborough region any recommendations please
  7. C

    Looking for an automotive electrician Yorks or North East to assist with design and then certify

    Hello I'm enjoying designing the electrical system for my second conversion. I know my limitations and so will my insurance company, and want to find an automotive / conversion electrician in York / Yorkshire / North East area who would be willing to check over my design, then certify it once...
  8. J88arv

    Nottinghamshire / Derbyshire / South York - Clutch specialist

    Hi As above really think my clutch needs looking at :) thanks
  9. M

    Lots of vans heading for Whitby today- is there a meet on?

    Hi all Lots of vans heading for Whitby today (Friday 29 Oct) - is there a meet on? I was heading out but there were some great T4’s, T5’s and T6’s. I know it’s goth weekend but the drivers didn’t look that scary Let me know if there is something on Cheers Rob
  10. Dav-Tec

    Dav-Tec -Who we are & what we do!

    Hi guys and girls, My name is Chris and I own and run Nottinghamshire-based Dav-Tec along with my wife, Tracy. We've been running around 14 months part time with a view of going full time as the business grows. I am an Electrical and Automation engineer by trade and have over 15 years...
  11. S

    Leisure Battery Fitting in Yorkshire

    Hi folks. We are about to purchase a new T6 LWB 199PS 4 motion van. We tow a caravan as well as using the van for work purposes (I’m an electrician). I intend to fit an Eberspacher night heater, work lights and other electrical equipment in the back. Can you recommend any auto electricians in...
  12. foll19

    Garage recommendations Sheffield

    T6 Shuttle LWB (April 2016) Need to get timing belt and water pump changed + full service. Was going to go to VolksTech Dronfield on a recommendation but they can't get it in for a month. They'd quoted £249 for service and £513 inc vat for the rest (genuine VW parts). Seemed reasonable. Any...
  13. Stu1974

    Wheel Alignment Recommendations - Doncaster/Selby

    Hi looking for a quality 4 wheel Alignment garage close to me. I have T6 4 motion on H&R setup Thanks
  14. E

    Looking for a car park secluded spot North York’s / Whitby area

    Hi coming to the end of first two week stint. Her in doors has done well and her Det drills and admin are getting there. Next phase is off site for a night travelling down NE coast to N Yorks. Any gems that anyone could suggest, thanks in advance
  15. M

    Body shop recommended in Sheffield area

    Hi all I’ve noticed that my front end and sport line spoiler are looking the worst for wear with debris from motorway driving...and it’s only a 2018! I have gone to a local shop who quoted me £380 but then would not guarantee the work as they suggested it will happen again. I seem to read...
  16. Carl1974

    York - any safe places to park up?

    Taking a trip to York tomorrow and normally go is the wife’s car, however I was going to take the van but our normal parking pace has a metal bar that hangs down to prevent vans from entering. Anyone know of any safe secure places to park and have a short walk into York. all the best.
  17. 09sider

    Niffany Farm camp site, Skipton, Yorks.

    Just spent 3 nights at Niffany Farm, a great little site of you want to visit the beautiful town of Skipton. The sites next to the Leeds - Liverpool canal, so you can use the tow path as a traffic free route into town, only a 20 minute walk.
  18. Keredewor

    Front & Rear Spoiler Fitting - Yorkshire

    Some advice please....after painting is it difficult to fit a front and rear spoiler to a T6.1 Kombi ? Where I live (North Yorks) painting is not a problem but no-one wants to fit them??? Thank you
  19. W

    Any suggestions for someone to install and code a reverse cam in West Yorkshire?

    Any suggestions for someone to install and code a reverse cam in West Yorkshire?
  20. andy greenwood

    Wheel Refurb in Yorkshire?

    Can anyone recommend anywhere in west yorkshire that powder coat alloy wheels ? Cheers