1. Stu1974

    Wheel Alignment Recommendations - Doncaster/Selby

    Hi looking for a quality 4 wheel Alignment garage close to me. I have T6 4 motion on H&R setup Thanks
  2. E

    Looking for a car park secluded spot North York’s / Whitby area

    Hi coming to the end of first two week stint. Her in doors has done well and her Det drills and admin are getting there. Next phase is off site for a night travelling down NE coast to N Yorks. Any gems that anyone could suggest, thanks in advance
  3. M

    Body shop recommended in Sheffield arsa

    Hi all I’ve noticed that my front end and sport line spoiler are looking the worst for wear with debris from motorway driving...and it’s only a 2018! I have gone to a local shop who quoted me £380 but then would not guarantee the work as they suggested it will happen again. I seem to read...
  4. Carl1974

    York - any safe places to park up?

    Taking a trip to York tomorrow and normally go is the wife’s car, however I was going to take the van but our normal parking pace has a metal bar that hangs down to prevent vans from entering. Anyone know of any safe secure places to park and have a short walk into York. all the best.
  5. 09sider

    Niffany Farm camp site, Skipton, Yorks.

    Just spent 3 nights at Niffany Farm, a great little site of you want to visit the beautiful town of Skipton. The sites next to the Leeds - Liverpool canal, so you can use the tow path as a traffic free route into town, only a 20 minute walk.
  6. S

    Pop top installers Yorkshire

    Hi I've just joined the t6 forum could anyone advise or recommend a pop top installer around Barnsley Doncaster Rotherham or Sheffield please. We recently purchased a 2015 t32 shuttle my wife and i have used it this week for the first time its been great but the trouble is for pensioners being...
  7. IanW72

    Leisure battery fitting near Sheffield?

    Hi all. Just starting out on a day van/part time camper journey. Have built some prototypes of removable bed/bench set up for my T6 Shuttle. Looking at getting a leisure battery fitted and possibly a solar panel on the roof. I’m no electrician so hoping for any recommendations for someone local...
  8. Keredewor

    Front & Rear Spoiler Fitting - Yorkshire

    Some advice please....after painting is it difficult to fit a front and rear spoiler to a T6.1 Kombi ? Where I live (North Yorks) painting is not a problem but no-one wants to fit them??? Thank you
  9. W

    Any suggestions for someone to install and code a reverse cam in West Yorkshire?

    Any suggestions for someone to install and code a reverse cam in West Yorkshire?
  10. andy greenwood

    Wheel Refurb in Yorkshire?

    Can anyone recommend anywhere in west yorkshire that powder coat alloy wheels ? Cheers
  11. andy greenwood

    VCDS / Vagcom - Yorkshire

    Is there anyone near me with me VCDS please ? ( keighley, west yorkshire ). @Depron Donkey
  12. P

    Andy Car Bodywork - CP removal

    Anyone wanting component protection removal this guy is the man to go Vw Skoda Seat, T6 Caddy Scirocco, Apple carplay, Android Auto, Component Protection Removed. – Car Interior Parts – Emley, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom | Facebook Marketplace
  13. Duggers83

    Business recommendations to remove rear ac unit

    Hi, I need some help. I would like to remove the rear ac unit from my 2017 T6. This is beyond my skillset so would like to employ a professional for the job. I’m in York. Any recommendations? Cheers Ben
  14. Superowls

    Carpet Lining in or around Sheffield

    Can anyone recommend someone for carpet lining in the Sheffield area, dont mind travelling a bit further but I'll obviously have to leave the van with them so can't be too far Was going to give it a try myself but am wanting a good finish so would rather leave it to someone with experience I've...
  15. J

    TSI, oil service due. Independent or VW? Any recommendations?

    My 2018 TSI is due an oil service in 20 odd days, currently on just over 20k, I believe this is the second service. First oil change was done down at @BognorMotors before I picked it up, I'd get it done there again but the 8hr round trip is a bit too much. So around my local area, should I be...
  16. B

    HiLo fitter in Yorkshire area?

    Hi all - apologies if this is covered elsewhere... I’ve read the various positive and negative experiences with HiLo roof fitting and after sales support - something I need to weigh up carefully. However, would be great to hear from others who have had a HiLo fitted in the Yorkshire area. Who...
  17. dennismo

    VW Dealer for service near Sheffield

    Hi there. I've been inspired by @fezza68's helpful thread RE dealers in the NW. I have a VW Service plan for next 2 services, and therefore am tied to a VW Dealer. I didn't have the best experience last time I popped in to JCT600, Sheffield, and therefore wondering about other options...
  18. S

    New to Transporters. Auto-Elec in Yorks sought

    Hi folks. We are about to purchase a new T6 LWB 199PS 4 motion van. We tow a caravan as well as using the van for work purposes (I’m an electrician). I intend to fit an Eberspacher night heater, work lights and other electrical equipment in the back. Can you recommend any auto electricians in...
  19. foll19

    Recommendation for Service and Water Pump / Timing belt in Sheffield please...

    T6 Shuttle LWB (April 2016) Need to get timing belt and water pump changed + full service. Was going to go to VolksTech Dronfield on a recommendation but they can't get it in for a month. They'd quoted £249 for service and £513 inc vat for the rest (genuine VW parts). Seemed reasonable. Any...
  20. DirkMcQuickly

    Window Fitters West Yorks Recommendations?

    Hi, we got our T6 Panel last week so looking at windows first (I understand some say lining first then windows, others say it doesn’t make much difference). We have looked at the option of diy with the windows, and there are some great ‘how to” videos on YouTub, but if anyone has any experience...