4motion Advice, Slight Rumble Feedback On Roundabouts

Discussion in 'Suspension Steering Brakes' started by Farnorthsurfer, 15 Aug 2019.

  1. Farnorthsurfer

    Farnorthsurfer Senior Member VIP Member T6 Pro

    Really happy with my 4Motion LWB 180 but have noticed a handling trait on roundabouts and other slow speed corners. Feels like a slight judder or rumble coming from the steering almost as if the system is inducing a wobble.
    Its very slight and felt through the steering wheel.
    Might be a tracking issue but the tyres look good with no apparent uneven wear.
    The van has done 18k and as far as I know has never had any work on the suspension or drive train.
    Might get a 4 wheel alignment done for peace of mind

    Anyone noticed this? I have never had 4Motion before
  2. Insert Coin

    Insert Coin Senior Member VIP Member T6 Guru

    You haven't hit the diff lock switch in error have you?

    My 4-Motion doesn't do this at all, you rarely know it's AWD.
  3. Farnorthsurfer

    Farnorthsurfer Senior Member VIP Member T6 Pro

    I don't have a diff lock fitted, unfortunately, so I know that's not the reason. Its not a big issue just a feeling through the steering wheel mainly on roundabouts.
    In all other respects it drives fine and as you say you wouldn't know it was 4 wheel drive because most of the time it isn't.
    Slight scrabbling feeling might describe it better. There is a very slight diff drone from the rear as well but I reckon that's normal and to be expected.
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  4. Insert Coin

    Insert Coin Senior Member VIP Member T6 Guru

    What brand of tyres? cheap tyres or a mix of tyres might be making the 4-mo kick in/out?
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  5. Loz

    Loz California 204 DSG 4Motion MY17 VCDS User Admin Moderator VIP Member

    I think mine has always done this, a slight noise/rumble on turning at speed. I always put it down to the geometry of the steering and my AT tyres.
  6. Farnorthsurfer

    Farnorthsurfer Senior Member VIP Member T6 Pro

    Thanks for the replies good to get some confirmation that it is probably normal.
    I have the Goodyear All Season tyre's fitted that I think were an option when the van was new and they are the same all round with plenty of life left in them.
    Sounds like its normal and I will not worry about it any longer. Will think again if it gets worse.

    I may still get it in for 4 wheel alignment as I found before on a brand new VW Passat that the wheel alignment was shocking and the car was much better to drive after it was properly set up.
    Sure the factory have standard processes for alignment but it would be reasonable to assume that the tolerances they work to are quite wide and also after a couple of thousand miles of bedding in I am sure the suspension rubbers springs and everything else will be different to the day it was set up.
    @Insert Coin does mention this in the write up on alignment.

    Would love to go for the understated Swamper look that you have there @Loz looks great:thumbsup:

    Also going to try and get my head round the alignment information that @Insert Coin posted previously, thank you Sir:thumbsup:
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