1. Loz

    For Sale MY17 (oct 2016) VW California Ocean 204 BiTdi 4Motion DSG7 in Blackberry £49,950 ****Under Offer****

    33K Miles. Warranty and Mot Until October. Euro 6 (ULEZ OK) *****Under Offer***** Full main dealer (over) serviced Factory-built VW Camper. We are selling our much loved and cared-for California because a new vehicle is on order. This is a ready-to-go setup to hit the ground running and get...
  2. J

    New member

    Hello all, Been using the site for some time since the purchase of the T6 in July 2022 so thought I would sign up and hopefully can help out. T6 4 motion 65 reg since purchase had a Storm poptop, Fiamma awning, kitchen installed last week with fridge, sink hob etc. Also got the smart Evo 2 bed...
  3. G

    4Motion availability Australia

    Volkswagen Australia seem to have removed all the 4Motion option Transporters and Crafters from the Build your own section of their web site. Is it a glitch in their programming or are they telling us something. Is it the same in UK?
  4. marmite monster

    Sold 2022 150PS 4Motion Kombi. Industrial Green, diff lock, super rare. £45k

    2022 VW Transporter T6.1 5000 Miles 4motion (4x4) Manual 6 speed 150 bhp SWB Apple car play Cruise control Factory Options: Custom factory colour- industrial green (only 3 in the UK, this being the only 4 motion) Diff lock Business pack- Aircon/ parking sensors Reverse camera Hill descent...
  5. chappers0987

    Wanted T6.1 4motion Front Grille Badge

    Hi all, After the 4motion badge for my t6.1, believe it differs from the t6 equivalent. Believe the part number is 7LA853948BMGM
  6. G

    180 dsg 4 motion issues

    Hi New to the forum but i could offer some good help Its a long read so get a coffee or a beer Had my vw transpoerter 180 dsg 4 motion from new. At 48k i decided to replace egr cooler and cam belt and do a dsg gearbox oil and filter change. Not the easiest job to do the egr cooler but i did it...
  7. D

    4motion difflock staying on

    Hi my difflock has started coming on and won't go off. I had the Haldex unit replaced a couple of years ago. Anyone else had a problem with this ? It's booked in to norwich vw but not until the 17th Nov. Any advice please
  8. S

    T6 4Motion differential catastrophic failure

    Hello, I'm in trouble with my T6 and as far as I can tell it's a fairly unique problem. Any advice or insight would be greatly appreciated. ~4 Months ago I bought a lovely 2018 T6 Camper (converted), bi-turbo, 7 Speed DSG and 4Motion with 70k miles / 115km on the clock. I got it serviced as...
  9. LeeroyRoberts

    T32 4motion 204 DSG fan kicks in early.

    Hi, Recently purchased the vehicle and have noticed the fan kicks in even after a really short journey literally 5 minutes into town. is this normal?? Thanks Lee
  10. T

    Wanted *Wanted* VW T6 Twin Slider 4Motion DSG

    ***Wanted*** VW T6 Kombi, Shuttle or Caravelle Must be: - SWB - Twin sliding doors - 4Motion - DSG - Tailgate Preferably: - less than 100k on the clock. - Grey or White Budget £33k ish budget dependent on van spec / mileage. Cheers!
  11. L

    Kombi t32. 150bhp v 204 4wd

    Hi all. Is the 204 4wd kombi loads better than the. 150 ? I’ve had a 150 t32 kombi. But fancy the 4wd 204bhp. 52000 pounds though
  12. Veedubd

    Wanted 4Motion Badges

    Has anyone removed their 4motion badges and dont require them anymore? im looking for both rear and front grille badges to have painted black :thumbsup:
  13. W

    Ditch the spare?

    It's occurred to me that since fitting staggered 20s I may not be able to use my spare!? If a front tyre blows, the spare will be a different size than the other front and the diff will get hammered. But, I can't move a rear wheel to the front and stick the spare on the back because they are...
  14. Cooper

    235/65/17 tyres but 215/60/17 spares a problem?

    We are off to…… I don’t actually know…. Somewhere in Europe… next weekend. My T6 4motion normally wears 235/65/17 General Grabber AT3 because they look cool and the council owned country parks round here have some pretty extreme terrain . But the spare is a 215/60/17. If I got a puncher and put...
  15. S

    Anyone know what this is?

    Found this underneath the T6 when changing the rear rhs tyre. Have no idea where its come from. Anyone help?
  16. Veedubd

    4Motion 4 Wheel Alignment after lowering

    Hi Guys, hoping for a bit of advice regarding 4 wheel alignment following having had fitted @CRS Performance a set of KW STX coilovers, today i took van into local Hunter 4wheel alignment place, front camber is out both sides but more on drivers (sorry no printout) castor bang on toe needs...
  17. Jwoodhea1

    Sold 2017 LWB 204 4MOTION DSG T32 Kombi 42k miles NO VAT Fully loaded kombi to caravelle conversion. £40000

    Time to sell up. Two new toys arriving on the drive so this one has to go. Huge spec and unique custom conversion carried out to the highest standards by Bognor Motors and Slidepods. Too much to list but here's a start 2017 T6 T32 LWB 204 4MOTION DSG Kombi twin slider highline in stunning and...
  18. rolla

    VW T5.1 being upgraded to T6 4motion running gear

    Well thats an intersting start here .... just as the title states .... so my 15plate T5.1 has a knackered DSG box, n/s stub axle moves up/down, massive clonk/bang out of park etc ... vibration in high gear at low speed .. swishing sound from a dry n/s diff bearing... I couldn't find the same...
  19. S

    204PS 4motion DSG - vibration at low revs

    Hi all, newbie to the forum but have been lurking for a while and seems a very helpful place. Just bought a 2017 kombi and am a first time T6 owner so nothing to benchmark against. It vibrates and resonates quite a bit at low revs when pulling away and also seems to do the same at certain...
  20. B

    Sold 2015 t6 kombi highline, dsg, 4motion - £25k

    2015 t6 kombi, highline, sportline T30 180hp engine, euro5 engine so no adblue (has latest rev of egr cooler, uses no oil or water) Dsg with 4motion Twin sliding doors 93800 miles Full service history (not vw since my ownership) just serviced including dsg and haldex Mot until 30th January 2023...