1. S

    Is Tracking for 4Motion different to 2WD?

    The front passenge tyre is waring on the outside . I took it in for Tracking locally and the mashine showed all was ok ? I spoke today whith friend and he tells me , as my van is 4 wheel drive I need a special 4 wheel Alignment Tracking done. Is this correct ? My T28, has been converted into...
  2. R

    New wheels

    Hello everybody I want to put 17”x 10” rims on my new transporter. What does the offset/ET have to be for them to fit?? It’s a T6.1 4Motion. And Can you recommend a place to by rims (steel/alloys) in the UK? can’t find anything in DK regards Rune
  3. marmite monster

    Wanted 4 motion t6 swb wanted

    Anyone selling a 4 motion T6 ? Ideally with tailgate, aircon, difflock and SWB Cheers
  4. U

    4 motion and diff lock

    If you turn on your rear diff lock, does the ECU activate the Haldex to fully engage , or do you still have to wait for the van to loose grip before it engages the 4 wheel drive? Thanks
  5. Sam Lawson

    Time to say Goodbye to my Velle..

    I need to value my Velle for sale, but i have no idea what it's worth. Am i allowed to put the details up here and could the specialists amongst you help me out with a value? Much apprecaited
  6. T

    4Motion or not, your advice please!

    I’m planning to order a 199 6.1 DSG van but I really can’t make my mind up on weather to spec a 4motion or just keep the 2wd as standard. All the reviews only talk about it’s ability off road, not how they handle on the road. It’s a work van and also my only vehicle, it won’t really be used off...
  7. A

    Advice please: 4Motion DSG potential purchase

    Hi everyone if possible some advice please. I have been offered a 17 plate 204 4 motion dsg to purchase with my intension to convert to a camper. I have been searching previously for the 150 fwd dsg but now this has turned up I am giving it serious thought. it has covered 60k, just not sure...
  8. Blackpool

    VW dealer saying cant fit 20” wheels on a T32 199PS 4Motion

    Hi all just bought a ex demo t6 3w 199 dsg 4 wheel drive . I asked the salesman to get a price on vw 20 inch matt black wheels. He came back saying they wont fit on a 32 t 4 motion dsg . Saying the tyres wont fit . Im thinking the parts lad is a bit simple . Any thoughts please as im new to vans
  9. boxerdog1

    Wheel alignment on T6.1 199PS 4Motion

    Having some issues locally getting steering alignment etc checked following lowering on Eibach comfort coilovers (45mm) . The outlets I've visited so far advise that my T6.1 199 4M is not listed on their computer set up screens and they are reluctant to simply use the exisiting T6 tolerances for...
  10. P

    2wd to 4wd?

    Just out of interest has anyone converted a 2wd to a 4wd?
  11. Fromow

    Staggered wheels on 4motion

    Hi all, so the current set up is 275-40-20s on ATS 9.5-20 et35 all round. Im on the look out for New wheels and tyres as the fronts (9.5j) are going to rub on the outer wing if I go any lower. I’ve been looking a various makes and brands and want to go staggered 8.5J/ 10j. Is this possible on a...
  12. G

    Caravelle 4motion build code 2MH?

    Good morning, we have a t6 caravele 4 motion and we would like to lower it from the build code we have 2MH does this mean its already lowered? looking at lowering 30mm many thanks
  13. J

    Space saver spare wheel options - Highline 4motion

    Hi - I'm trying to work out whether there is a space-saver spare wheel option for a T6. Van is a Highline T32 Kombi 4Motion. Wheels are 17 inch Devonports. Am converting the van and will lose the spare wheel space to a water tank. I have had a read of the existing threads but not found a...
  14. D

    T6.1 150 Dsg Now Or Wait For 199 Dsg 4motion?

    Hi, I’ve got an order in for a 199dsg 4motion that had build week 15. Obviously there’s going to be quite a delay due to current situation. The campervan converter is getting a few new t6.1 150dsg vans in for conversion and will be ready for June. Question is, is it worth the wait for the 199...
  15. D

    2016 T6 Bevel Box And Final Drive

    Hi All, I have a 2016 T6 Transporter with 4motion, just serviced the engine and transmission and was going to service the haldex, final drive and bevel box. to my surprise I could not find drain bungs for the diff or bevel box just ports to check levels. been told that these are fill for life...
  16. T

    T32 4motion Height

    Hello all! I’m thinking of buying a T32 4Motion, are they any taller than standard? Thanks, Phill
  17. Leigh

    Sold H&r Coilover Kit For T32 (including 4motion)

    Removed form a T32 having covered only 5k miles. Kit is complete front & rear with all the bits ** THIS KIT WILL FIT T32 ONLY - Including 4Motion ** £695 ovno (Picture is of actual kit)
  18. S

    Diff Lock 4 Motion

    Hi. after getting my 2019 swb 4 motion stuck bogged down on a wet piece of grass do you know if the electronic diff lock can be retro fitted ? Not sure if that would have helped but worth an ask. VW never mentioned it was an option when I bought it till after the event.
  19. D

    Haldex pump fault

    Just had a full service and have been told that there are 26 haldex faults on the system . Been told its wiring or the pump so got it booked in for investigation next week. Is this s common issue ? 180 t32 4motion 2016
  20. L

    Two Tone 4motion Daily

    Purchased back in 2018, what started life as a simple panel van has quite literally become my pride and joy, Everything that’s been done so far (apart from the rear cushions) has been done in house with just me and my dad Hopefully it will be finished by this summer so it can make it to a few...