1. L

    Sold T6.1 4motion for sale 23k miles

    VW T6.1 highline 4motion kombi DSG. Sound deadenin, insulated and carpet to walls, suede to roof back to front plus A & B pillars with led ceiling lights. Vanshade window blinds to rear. Slide bed over rear seats very comfy. Leisure battery system with stirling, 12v rear sockets and usb’s...
  2. J

    Sportline springs compressed: Suspension Advice?

    Hi, been lurking for a while but this is my first post. Had new suspension springs fitted by VW last month. Long story short, it was fairly terrible service but two rear springs had actually broken and it needed doing urgently. Since then, the ride has been very harsh, especially in the back...
  3. tyzer16

    For Sale 2021 T6.1 4-Motion DSG Kombi Highline. £54k

  4. BeePee

    N/S/R wheel locked on my 4Mo

    This isn't good, I've done millions of miles in works vans over the years and today is my turn to breakdown......IN MY OWN VAN ! T6 204 4motion As I pulled away this morning I felt and heard a noise at the rear, I stopped and got out to look, the rear wheel had skidded slightly at less than...
  5. U

    4motion - Can somebody a tell me where I can find the filler and level plugs for the gear and bevel box

    Can somebody a tell me where I can find the filler and level plugs for the gear and bevel box on my 2017 4 motion. I would like to check the oil levels are correct. Thanks
  6. R

    T6.1 199 4motion - MPG??

    Just wondering if anyone knows what mpg you are getting from a T6.1 199ps 4 motion. Thanks.
  7. A

    4Motion & Wheel Spacers

    I was considering fitting 15mm wheel spacers to the rear wheels only on my 4Motion. I'm sure I've read somewhere (maybe on the forum) that this is not advisable for a 4Motion. Please can anyone confirm this for me?
  8. M

    New clutch and flywheel @62k

    Hi guys , i managed to be lucky enough to get a t32 4motion 180bhp as my work van off the bosses for being a good lad, 3 years old now ex demo direct from VW dealership, had 9k on the clock and was ex demo, still had the stickers on it so i was thinking shes safe bet. Recently had the clutch...
  9. A

    Does Suspension need Changing if I fit nice 18” wheels?

    New Transporter ordered. T32 4motion Kombi. Was advised by dealer that any increase in wheel size above 18” would invalidate the warranty. Is this right? secondly-was thinking about 18” alloys (20” look good but 18” is fine for me). Would I need to change the suspension set up and if so -How...
  10. T

    4Motion Whirring Noise

    I took the Caravelle to Sainburys earlier and the thing sounded awful, a whirring noise on acceleration and steering. I've attached a clip to demonstrate the noise in question. The return journey was completely normal. Any ideas what's going on? The car is new to me so go easy if I've engaged...
  11. Fish

    T32 Wheel Options.

    With all these discussions of suitable load rated (860kg+) T32 wheels and the constant checks of suitability and questions such as "What is that wheel on your van?" "Is that suitable for T32?" "Will that wheel fit my bus?" etc etc I thought it may be worth starting a 'sticky' dedicated to this...
  12. J

    Has anyone had issues with T32 4motion 204bhp?

    Has anyone had issues with T32 4motion 204bhp, bought one just out of warranty in the summer and all though it has full service history with vw and has had fly wheel ERG changed has been towed into Vw as has broke down making a terrible rattling sound , I have now been told that it will...
  13. Andnik

    CV Boot T6 4Motion

    Hi all the gurus out there. I have swapped my wheels around to distribute the wear on the tyres and one of the outer boots has got a hole making the rim and the back of the brakes a big greasy mess. So I have to replace the outer CV Boot.....the part number on the boot is 7E0407285B /...
  14. A

    4Motion or 2WD with winter-tyres?

    hi guys just after a bit of advice. does anyone have any experience driving to ski resorts in their vw? thinking more Europe. if so, would you recommend a 4motion T6 or just a normal 2wd with all terrain tyres with option of snow chains for worst case scenario? thank you
  15. S

    4Motion - Dual Purpose Vehicle?

    I know that this has been covered before on this forum, but I remain confused on speed restrictions that apply to 4Motion vans. From reading previous posts, it is clear that there is agreement that if a vehicle falls into the scope of "Dual Purpose" then the legal speed that it may drive...
  16. G

    Fitting rear seat rails in a 4 motion

    Hi Has anyone fitted a sliding rear seat to a swb 4 motion ?
  17. Jimmi

    Sold SWB T32 Kombi Highline 204 DSG 4Motion. £35k

    Due to change of job I have to sell my much loved Kombi. This van has a huge spec, and is still under VW warranty. T32 SWB Kombi 204 DSG 4Motion Highline MY 2018 34000 miles approx Starlight Blue LED Headlights Diff Lock Air Con Cruise Control Voice Activation Bluetooth Brake Assist Heated...
  18. L

    Wanted Wanted, genuine 4motion front grille badge

    Wanted: genuine 4motion front grille badge Anyone have one or know where i can get one? My new to me van( 2017 lwb 4motion) is looking naked without it Many thanks
  19. S

    Is Tracking for 4Motion different to 2WD?

    The front passenge tyre is waring on the outside . I took it in for Tracking locally and the mashine showed all was ok ? I spoke today whith friend and he tells me , as my van is 4 wheel drive I need a special 4 wheel Alignment Tracking done. Is this correct ? My T28, has been converted into...
  20. R

    What offset/ET for 17” x10J on a 4Mo?

    Hello everybody I want to put 17”x 10” rims on my new transporter. What does the offset/ET have to be for them to fit?? It’s a T6.1 4Motion. And Can you recommend a place to by rims (steel/alloys) in the UK? can’t find anything in DK regards Rune