wind deflectors

  1. M

    Wind Deflectors For Folding Mirrors

    Hi all, Can someone tell me which (if any) front wind deflectors are suitable for vans with folding mirrors? I've searched the forum and read a lot of posts but can't find the answer. I like the Heko ones but the sale listing for them says they are not suitable for folding mirrors? Thanks in...
  2. nigeltreves

    Heko Wind Deflector.

    Hi everyone. Where is the best place to get the Heko wind deflectors and bonnet deflector. Has anyone got any experience of the bonnet deflector. Thanks in advance.
  3. DubiousEngineering

    Video On How To Fit Heko Wind Deflectors

    Just a quick 3 min video on fitting these Heko wind and rain guards ... they make a massive difference to the functionality of the van in my opinion... you can crack the window and enjoy a little fresh air while driving, or stationary to stop moisture build up while sleeping, and also run an...
  4. Fidget

    Finally Took Some Pics Of Mine.

  5. kiter

    Done Something To Mirrors And Windows

    Bit stumped...….. fitted my dubflecta wind deflectors yesterday, on drivers side the first time I tried to close the window the anti trap kicked in so removed them and refitted, 2nd time stalled a bit but them carried on. However now it will not operate at all on the one shot, have to hold the...
  6. S

    Heko Deflectors - Doesn't Look Right

    Ey up, Have a look at the pics and see what you think. This is my first time with Heko having had dubflectors on my last van. The bottom part only wants to sit outside of the channel where the rest of the plastic inserts. I've tried it on both side inside the channel but this interferes with the...
  7. RedUn

    Drivers Window Wind Noise : Solved

    Afternoon all, I've had what I would call excessive wind noise on the drivers side window since I bought the van, a few months ago. I fitted some Hekos wondering if it would make it better or worse and it made no difference so after a 450 mile round trip in the van last weekend with annoying...
  8. S

    Climate Side Window Deflectors

    hi all just wondered has any of you got the climair defectors. If so how good are they or are there better one's available many thanks Tony
  9. H

    Dubflecta Communication & General Customer Service

    Has anyone had any problems ordering from dubflecta? I paid for a set of dubflecta sleek on October 1st and apart from the initial receipt I have had zero correspondence from them. I've emailed but received no reply I've called the number listed on the web site [07875...
  10. New2t6

    Window Slightly Open Through The Night?

    hi Yet to do our first night in the van and just wondering how people are getting fresh air in. Seen wee boot latch extenders....? Also thought about leaving window slightly open ......? Also what’s the way to lock doors but disable alarm....I know about the b pillar button but do you need to...
  11. Buggirl

    Wind deflectors... which ones?

    Seen loads of these wind deflectors, brought some for our Touran but haven't fitted them yet. Just wondering which are the best fit and quality for T6. Was thinking of going with Machine 7 ones. Thoughts?