1. T

    19’s rated for T32

    Hi all, after searching the forum and wheels specialists for hours I’ve found very limited info on wheels that are 19” and rated at or above 860kg for the t32. Wolfrace Dortmund and a few of the amaroks are the only ones I’ve come across. I find 18’s a little small and 19’s a good compromise...
  2. J

    For Sale Unmarked Davenport Alloys with Centres - no tyres. £300

    These were included in the sale of my new T6 T32 Kombi Load rated and suitable for all Transporters you just need some tyres I am based near Portsmouth and regularly drive to London. Looking for £300 but open to sensible offers.
  3. joe_j_barnes

    What are my wheels worth

    Hi all, my van is being booked in next month for a conversion and I’ll be selling my wheels end of September so looking at likely price to sell them on. any advice appreciated 20” had them on since buying from main dealer 18mths ago no marks van cleaned every week regardless.
  4. J

    Black alloy wheels chipped

    Hi guys Could anyone recommend what product to use to touch up stone chipped black painted alloys? Also has anyone ever had black alloys refurbished? If so at what cost? thanks in advance Jim
  5. LeightonVans

    LV-1 20" Staggered Alloys (Leighton Parts)

    Our LV-1 20" staggered wheels are the perfect addition to any VW Transporter, they are available in two sizes and three finishes. We can also supply with tyres. View them on our website here. Finishes available (with links to website): - Gloss Black. - Matte Bronze. - Matte Grey/Machined Face...
  6. Thegee6

    For Sale Rotiform Ozr Staggered Alloy Wheels

    Rotiform OZR 20” staggered alloy wheels in Matt anthracite Fronts 9” x 112/120 ET38 Rears 10.5” x 112/120 ET30 Load rated to 816KG(1800lbs) per wheel BRAND NEW & NEVER BEEN OUT THE BOXES. Complete with spigot rings Stunning looking wheels £1000 Collection from Hinckley, Leics
  7. Inthezone

    Sold Ats 20" Alloys

    set of 4 20" alloys will fit without spacers and will accept 255/35/20 or 275/40/20 in fairly good condition with valves and wheel bolts / locking bolts £400 IMG_0881 by Inthezone posted 18 Mar 2020 at 17:04IMG_0880 by Inthezone posted 18 Mar 2020 at 17:04IMG_0879 by Inthezone posted 18 Mar...
  8. G

    Wanted What Wheels Are Forsale?

    looking to change my alloys on my van, what you guys got? Was planning getting some Judd wheels not sure I want to spend that on new wheels tho. So hoping someone has some nice wheels they are looking to part with. Thanks
  9. Matthewsn79

    18's 19's Or 20's...

    Evening all, New van ordered today and age old question is what size alloys do I get??? Any advice on the pro's and cons of various sizes welcome. I'm not going to lower the van if any 1 has any pictures of what a van looks like's with 20s on that would be great...
  10. DaveF

    Sold 20" Bbs Xa Wheels - Suit T32

    Hi all, I'm selling my BBS wheels that I've been running on my T32. I bought new them in April 2018 They're currently fitted with tyres, but they're worn. If needed I'll get them removed and just ship the rims. Spec is as follows - Satin Black with polished face / all 9.5 inch wide / 5x120...
  11. copa mick

    Vw Transporter Vs Amorok Wheels.

    Just had problems with the 16" Amorok wheels touching on the front brake calipers so I won't be able to use them, was wondering if 17" will clear everything so they can be used. Mick
  12. T6180

    Sold 17" Banded Steel Wheels

    I'll have set of 17" banded Steels up for sale shortly. Now before I decide on getting them powder coated I thought I'd offer them and the buyer can select the colour of their choice These steels will be banded by Duchy Banded Steels, who is excellent Width will be 9" front 9.5" rear Total...
  13. czmate1999

    What Tyre And Wheel To Go For...

    Hi all, Now not to pee anyone off but have read through the threads and am none the wiser in what I want... I know, but I am fairly new to this and am like a kid in a candy shop... please bear with me! Anyways, I like the semi-swamper look, so am considering adding wheel arch trims (depending...
  14. J

    Lets See Your Alloy Wheels

    Can we have some t6 pics with different wheels im undecided as what to buy and need some inspiration
  15. R

    Amarok Steel Wheels

    Hi therefore anyone have a set of 18 inch amarok steel wheels. Must be in very good condition. Tyres not important. But would be a bonus. regards Paul
  16. T6 dork

    Sold Amarok 19,s Brand New Black 4off

    these are still in the box,s brand spanking new 19 inch genuine vw heres a pic of mine £695
  17. dennismo

    New All Season Tyres...nokian Weatherproofs?

    I'm about to move to a more standard OEM look... I'm planning to sell my 20s, and move to some Amarok 18" (thanks @T6 dork ) and I definitely want to fit all season tyres. On the advice of @chriscroft I'm pretty confident that I'm going to go slightly oversized and go for 235/55/18 (which will...
  18. J

    Tiguan Wheels

    hi anyone got any pictures of Tiguan mallorys or omanynts on a t6 kombi
  19. T6 dork

    Sold Amarok 18,s Another Set Of 2019 50 Delivery Miles

    no tyres wheels are perfect £450 i can fit tyres depending on your budget heres an example as i have some on the vell
  20. nigeltreves

    Removing Wheels.

    Afternoon all. Decided to remove my wheels to give them a good clean. Undid all nuts but wheel refuses to budge. Any suggestions? Cheers