water tank

  1. O

    P trap for sink?

    What do people do for a trap on the sink? We’ve got the obligatory smev 9222 which will go to a cak tank 205 with 20mm input connection. Looking on the usual sites there doesn’t appear to be any traps ? Is it usual to just run the pipe straight into the tank without a trap at all? Won’t you get...
  2. Catagonia

    Converting Adblue tank to Water

    After having my Adblue coded out it's got me to thinking whether the redundant Adblue tank would make a good onboard hot water tank? Cleaned out of course! Could even be fitted with a submerged heating element that can produced hot water whilst the engine in running. Filler cap is already in...
  3. D

    One way lid for water tank, is there such a thing?

    I'm sure there is an obvious solution to this but I have a 30l water tank which is connected to an external shurflo pump. What I'm looking for is a one way lid so that it let's air in when the pump is working but doesn't let water out when driving around. At the moment I'm having to unscrew the...
  4. hatjoepeg

    Weak dribble on tap

    My tap has slowed to a dribble. There is water in the tank, pump is making the usual noise, no visible kinks in pipe work……any ideas anyone? TIA
  5. McFlude

    Simple cold water system without a micro-switch tap

    I could do with a bit of reassurance in my proposed water system. I require a cold water supply to a sink. We use bottled water for drinking and cooking. We use washing facilities if on a site so only need occasional on board cold water. I have a 24 litre wheelarch tank ( not the best...
  6. B

    Waste sink water and the Chunnel?

    Sorry for the strange question but has anyone heard that if you dump your waste sink water 'straight out the van' you may not be allowed onto the channel tunnel due to the risk of dumping this into the shuttle. I was going to get my convertor to have the waste dumped straight out and avoid...
  7. McFlude

    Wheelarch tank

    I am just about to order a 24 litre wheelarch tank but thought that I would ask if anyone else has fitted one to see if there are any snags that I haven't considered before I press the button. The bit that rests on the floor is 180 mm and it looks like it could be quite a tight fit between the...
  8. C

    How many underslung tanks

    Hi all. My first post here on the forum so hello everybody but please be kind as I'll probably be asking some pretty stupid questions in the near future! Anyway, I'll soon be on the lookout for a T30 or T32 LWB panel or kombi for a camper conversion. I've had a T25 for over ten years so feel...
  9. S

    How do I drain my Autohaus fresh water tank?

    I have an Autohaus conversion. How do I empty the water tank?
  10. R

    How do I drain my fresh water tank?

    Having just bought my Campervan and having a demo on the water filling,what wasn’t covered was drainage of the fresh water tank when not in use for long period of time or the onset of winter freezing. Can anyone advise me on the easiest way,if not the only way of draining it? Advice would be...
  11. Sim73

    Underslung Water Tank

    Hi, I currently have a small internal water tank and I am wanting to fit an underslung tank. I have purchased a shurflo water pump to replace the submersible one. I am now looking at what tank I can fit under the van. I was going to get the CAK 48 litre one, but then noticed it states that if...
  12. Sandy

    Fresh water system, maintenance advice

    Hi, I'm hoping to get some advice/tips about using and maintaining the fresh water system in our van. I've searched this forum and used Google, but I could not find any related information for our setup. We have an onboard 10L removable plastic tank which is fed to the sink via an electric pump...
  13. Andy1966

    Water purification tablets

    Does anyone use water purification tablets and if so any recommendations or any to steer clear of ? Cheers
  14. Forrest4799

    1st trip help

    Ok so I’m finally taking the camper out next week for our 1st stop over and a few questions if anybody can help. i was wondering whether to put water in to the water tank or just purchase 5/10 litre water storage then use it for drinking, boiling water, cleaning etc. if I use the van water tank...
  15. M

    Ideas for gizmo’s to fill non-gravity water tank

    Just got back from a first night wild camping in the bus in scotland - however, realised that the van (literally collected the day before lockdown from NWCC) only has a non-gravity water tank filler... anyone got any top tips for gizmo’s to fill the tank off grid? Van has both 12 and 230v off...
  16. Coly

    Underslung tank positions

    Just bought a T32 year 2016 and trying to decide where to fit various tanks (waste water, fresh water and LPG fitted tank). The freshwater tank could go around the wheel arch. I am fitting a shower so the waste needs to be underslung. I could fit the waste by the exhaust but it does not seem...
  17. D

    Water Pressure On Sink

    Hi all. I've only used my van a couple of times last year. When I turn the tap on it's barely dribbling out. Pump seems to be making its usual noise, so I'm thinking maybe scaled-up pipes? Any suggestions as to how to fix? Thanks
  18. OllieGBR

    Underslung Water Tank And Shower Option

    Has anyone fitted and have experience of using an underslung water tank like this? 60 Litre Water Tank Kit for VW Transporter T5 Campervan Fresh/Waste Water Set-Up | eBay I want to run a kitchen tap and then a spray washer from the rear of the van, (aka Three Bridges setup). After some...
  19. hoggle

    Night Heater location - internal or external??

    Hi all, after spending a couple of chilly nights off grid in the Van. I have decided that I will be fitting the above. The question is about whether it's best to fit underneath or under the drivers seat! Will there be much of a difference noise wise? I am leaning towards fitting it under the...
  20. CrickCampers

    Sold Water Tank For Wheel Arch (slim Width)

    Before I Ebay this, I thought I would offer it up on the forum. It is brand new/unused and was just a fraction too wide for our kitchen module installation. Looking for £70 Nominal capacity 24 Ltr Height 500 (mm) Width 750 (mm) Depth 150 (mm) Weight 3 (kg) Collection either: 3 miles from...