water fill point

  1. T

    Underslung water tank help.

    Hi all, after some assistance if anyone can help I have a LWB t6 which I have just started to convert I have purchased and just started to install this Fresh water tank Tank seems to fit well and is really easy to install. I am a little stuck with the hose routing Ideally want to have the...
  2. N

    Fresh-water filling problem

    Hi there fellow VW campers - our T6 has an underslung on board water tank capacity approx 60 litres we are having problems with filling it - the filler is situated inside the cab near the sliding door by the base of the rear seat , when we try to fill it with a hose from the mains -however...
  3. DavidT100

    What’s this hose/tap?

    Hi - completely new to all this having picked up our T6 a couple of weeks ago so will have lots of questions and hopefully this is posted in the right chat. Been looking under my van (Cambridge Camper Conversion) and found this connection shown on the pick. Looks like it comes off the water...
  4. need4speed

    Under Bumper Water tank filler

    I have just fitted an underslung fresh water tank and want to fit an under bumper filler. I have seen that this has been discussed but cannot find any pictures of where it has been mounted, and which components have been used. Any help would be really appreciated ;)
  5. AndyNichs

    How to disguise water-fill point

    Hi everyone, hope you are all doing well? I wonder if anyone has ever asked this question, but I'm not a big fan of the water inlet or electrical hookup magnetic caps that some companies put on the side of vans. I understand the reason why, but most conversions that are already complete have...
  6. Catagonia

    Converting Adblue tank to Water

    After having my Adblue coded out it's got me to thinking whether the redundant Adblue tank would make a good onboard hot water tank? Cleaned out of course! Could even be fitted with a submerged heating element that can produced hot water whilst the engine in running. Filler cap is already in...
  7. P

    Marks under water filler cap

    Hi can anyone help....Since my water tank was installed I've had marks under the water filler cap. They don't appear to be permanent but reappear after washing. It's unsightly. I contact Rhino installs who did the work and he has no idea. Can anyone suggest how to resolve this? Thanks
  8. Ads_Essex

    Sold Water-filler locking cap

    Angled water-filler cap, with keys. To suit a 40mm pipe. New and unused. Free to VIP members, just pay postage.
  9. J

    Cali Ocean double Hook-up/Water fill point

    Does anyone know where I can get hold of the 2 in 1 hook up point that can be seen on some of the Ocean campers??
  10. D

    My Hidden EHU & Water points in D-pillar (tailgate)

    People have been great helping me, so I thought I'd post a few pics of my van. This show my EHU and water arrangements the rear molding is held in place with two magnets you can see one of the striker plates in the photo. There is a shock corded tether as a backup, but it is very secure. I have...
  11. mhill

    External 240v hook-up options?

    Was away for 3 nights last week and destroyed a electricial cable running the mains in through the front door to run a heater and dehumidifier. There's no way im cutting a standard hole in the side of the van as its not a camper and I don't want it to look like one, I already have a anderson...
  12. CrickCampers

    Gas & Water Filler in d-pillar

    I'm looking at fitting Gas and water fillers externally behind the little flaps below the rear lights on a Tailgate LWB. I've seen it done when browsing on the forum, but can't find it now. Has anyone done this? and what advice.
  13. A

    Water Inlet For Underslung Tank Under Bonnet ?

    I have asked my converter to put the water tank inlet under the bonnet but he says we’ve looked at it and it’s not feasible to get the pipe through the bulkhead and into the engine bay Not sure if I have dreamt this but I am sure I have seen this done and wanted to avoid spoiling the sides on...
  14. J

    How To Fill The Water Tank

    Hi, I’ve just got my first VW T6 campervan and wanted to ask how best to fill the water tank? It’s got a shurflo water pump so the question is can just fill with a clean hose? (Not using for drinking water!)
  15. Willoughby

    C.A.K Underslung fresh water tanks. - Any one fitted?

    Just wondering if anyone has any advice on fitting the below ;) Kev