1. P

    Dented Tailgate - repair or replace?

    Came back to car park today and someone had driven into my rear tailgate (T6.1 2020 Ascot Grey, heated rear window, rear camera, internal opening switch). Needless to say there was no sign of them. The tailgate handle and an area about 12 inches in diameter is pushed in. There’s a tiny bit of...
  2. N

    Project, anyone?

  3. D

    One not so careful owner

    Huccaby Tor campervan fire that spread to gorse extinguished Huccaby Tor campervan fire that spread to gorse extinguished Not the first or the last time it will happen, over the bank holiday there were plenty of vans parked up on grass moorland instead of hard areas. In this case it looks like...
  4. W

    My wife has broken the van. New wing needed

    Hi first thing this morning my wife decided to get the van stuck on the gate. So now the drivers side front wing is ruined. Absolutely gutted, we’ve just finished the conversion and had that whole side of the van painted, and now this! Has anyone used after market body panels before? If so...
  5. Paynewright

    There are some really kind people about...

    Warning, this story may be upsetting! Crushed campervan Highlands holiday 'saved by strangers'
  6. True Romance

    Fiat Ducato motorhome crash test video, scary!

    not sure if this has been posted before but pretty scary how the inside fell apart.
  7. cbrblade

    Todays mod courtesy of my neighbour

  8. F

    Wheel came off - what may be damaged?

    Hello, we are newbies here. Picked up our converted van yesterday and within a mile of leaving the dealer the front ns wheel flew off and the hub gouged the tarmac! (see pic) Apparently either the bolts had been cross-threaded or the bolts had not been tightened up! There was obvious damage to...
  9. bootsam


    I hope the driver and the homes occupants are okay. Missed the bins though.
  10. R

    Body Repair Advice

    I reversed into a post that wasn’t there today. You know the type of post I’m talking about! Would appreciate advice from those of you who’d know, as to whether or not a decent body shop will be able to pull out the dents and fill without pulling out my beautiful camper conversion and tackling...
  11. D

    Smart Motorways - Bbc News Clip

    38 killed on smart motorways in last five years 38 killed on smart motorways in last five years BBC video shows rear ended VW Transporter, stronger than I imagined.
  12. J

    Van Hit In Car Park Tonight :-(

    As above, my van was hit in a car park tonight while the kids were swimming. So far I have left a message with the police, contacted the leisure centre requesting cctv, anything else I should be doing. The damage is fairly minor but it is dented both sides of the drivers side rear quarter but...
  13. Tourershine

    Royal Mail Now Deliver Volkswagens.

    That's one way to get your car delivered by first class post :eek:
  14. Petehelmet

    Accident Other Driver Admitted Responsibility

    So on my way home tonight somebody put there car down the side of my Van, they admitted responsibility and there insurance company has already called me to say they will take care of all costs including hire van if I wish to proceed and I don’t have to contact my insurance company. Has anybody...
  15. Hinks007

    Body Shop Needed... I Had An Argument With A Post

    Hi Guys, Any recommendations on a good OE quality bodyshop in the Bristol/South West area? kind Regards
  16. N

    Glad We Were In Our T6 Very Lucky..

    We were stationary giving way for a lorry to pass when we were hit at 50mph by another van didnt even see us as on their phone! and we ended up the road 100yds. Everyone suffered whiplash and sore ribs and backs but feeling thankful we were in the van I couldn't imagine the damage if we were in...
  17. SNACK

    It Was Only A Matter Of Time

    I scrunged our Caravelle (on the hinge of a T5 barn door!). Electric door has to come off and..yeah, it's not a small job. Can't see the extent of the dents in this image (the bendy house is a clue), but it's all a bit of a mess. Let's hope the insurers can deal with this!
  18. MrT

    Rear End

    so today had a small van go into the back of me at about 30/40 mph it’s a 40 zone. He’s bumper and grill came off and not To much damage to mine there’s just cosmetic damage. So I thought after pulling off after the accident I heard loud squeaking noise assumed it was he’s van because it was...
  19. C

    T6 Damage Repair

    Looking forward to contributing to the forum in the near future once I've purchased my T6 and done a conversion. Could anyone give me a finger in the air estimate for fixing this damage. The guy is selling this below market value due to the damage so wanted to see if it's worth the extra effort.
  20. Graeme Mckay

    Tantallon Castle Scrape

    This is a long shot. My white camper was scraped while parked at Tantallon castle, North Berwick on Sunday. Bloke didn't leave details but a couple of VW transporter/ caravelle guys took photos and told me about it. How they knew i had a VW among all the other visitors is beyond me. I waited in...