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  2. M

    Copart special just landed

    Howdo everyone, as title says my Copart T6 arrived late last night. Too late to have a proper mooch round it but just had a good look and it’s not too bad. Needs a new bonnet, front bumper and possibly a rad as it’s not holding water. Back doors don’t open and they are quite heavily dented at...
  3. RosscoPCole

    Bike rack repair

    Came out of the gym this morning to be greeted with a car parked up against the back of my bus. Their handbrake failed and it rolled down and hit my bus. Thank goodness for the bike rack. It stopped the car, smashed their rear window and dented their boot. There is a couple of small scratches on...
  4. D

    Dented door- fix, replace or cover?

    Hi all! Just bought a VW T6.1 2020 SWB and we’re starting the conversion now. The van came with some pretty significant damage to the door (and a good discount for it!) but I’m trying to figure out if I’d like to do anything make it less noticeable. Pictures are below- by opinions on if I...
  5. Gunship

    Cat S T6.1 - Does this look bad?

    I'm looking at T6s for a camper conversion at the moment and this pops up right around the corner from me. Never considered anything that's been a previous total loss, but it has all the extras I would like and falls into my price range (just) so it has peaked my interest. I've managed to get...
  6. archersam

    H1 DSJ - anyone in here who isn’t on Facebook?

    Anyone in here own this and not on Fb and hasn’t seen this?
  7. vincethomas

    Sold 2022 T32 150PS DSG SWB Twin-slider Kombi Highline. Breaking for parts.

    Hi Guys, I needed some parts and I bought accident damage T32 - 2022 150 Highline DSG. Chassis being a cat B been crushed so no cut panels ect. But still have quite a lot of stuff left. Engine and gearbox suffered a tiny damage and not tested so will be selling them as spares or repair...
  8. W

    I had an accident today. Is this repair going to be expensive?

    I am useless when it comes to anything vehicle related so am no doubt going to get scammed if I take this to my local garage (Listers for what it’s worth). Could you kind folk please tell me what I should expect to pay to repair this damage? I reversed into a supporting bollard in my garage
  9. James1000

    Slight incident with rear door

    This happened whilst in 1st gear trying to go forward - work that out. Prob quicker and easier if I go for a door if anyone knows of any ?
  10. Proberts


    Need a bit of advice please. I received my new T6.1 on Tuesday, Wednesday morning someone living in the street pronged the front bumper breaking the plastics behind the number plate. I suggested to him than rather go through insurance and as I was going to buy gloss black front plastics, that he...

    Cali caution RA18WHN

  12. Petezum

    Rear Ended 10mph

    I got a slight bump in queuing traffic at a roundabout today the van that hit me could have only been doing 10mph had a very small scratch in paint work (I think they had no insurance and were getting quite aggressive I had my little girl with me who was getting upset so I took the option of...
  13. Samro

    Urgh- a dent!

    Dented my B pillar with a barely visibly dent, but I know it's there! Anyone know anyone in the Southampton/Lymington area that may be able to perform a mobile repair? I am gutted as I did this myself by being a clumsy idiot!
  14. Sackmycook

    A very close shave.....

    A697 North of Newcastle, travelling South...Merc driver forced me to take evasive action onto the verge to avoid a head on collision.....it was only the fact that I was driving to the System of Car Control as taught to Advanced Drivers by the Police which saved me, the Mrs and the dog. Dashcam...
  15. LT2019

    Tailgate Repair - hit & run!

    Someone rear ended me yesterday, and drove off before I could Exchange details! Anyone recommended a good bodyshop in Solihull/Birmingham area? Anything else worth checking out to asses for damage? Thinking get a wheel alignment check?
  16. L

    Rising from the ashes….

    Having just recovered from catastrophic damage to our 2017 8ball conversion im coming round to start thinking about another van ….this time I’m thinking more along the lines of a 150 dsg Kombi with a rear van king bed no furniture along the side maybe no pop top …solar and 240 hook up Any...
  17. Ayjay

    An accident damn it

    Maybe this should have gone into the 'What have you done to your van today' thread but I've started a new one anyway. On the way home from Cotswold Water Park today when the bloke in the lane next to us saw a gap at the busy roundabout and decided to go for it, unfortunately taking a piece of...
  18. GJH

    Got swiped by a delivery van

    I am EXCEEDINGLY unhappy about this
  19. Dogs Dung

    Factory Swivel Drivers Seat swap

    Does anyone have a T6.1 Drivers Captain Seat that would like to exchange for Factory Swivel Captains Seat, new Highline van , 2k miles, just sits too high for me so will forfeit the swivel for a height adjustable alternative,
  20. W

    Dents in my van.

    Parked in B&Q car park, left the wife in the passenger seat, exchanged two items and returned to the van. She said ‘ I’ve dented your door ‘. She fell out of the van on the driver’s side ?? Driving back from Costco, Derby, A50 and a pigeon hits the bonnet causing £150 worth of dent. Both will...