1. Martin Gibson

    Van-x side skirts

    Hello,just wondering if anyone has a set of the newish side skirts from van-x ? What does everyone think of them,i think they look pretty nice?
  2. A

    Van-X discount codes?

    Any discount codes available at the moment. Looking to order an awning rail.
  3. Irvine101

    Van X Dash - USB / AUX

    I have today tried to move the USB / AUX socket into the Van X glove box but have found that the cables are too deep for the socket to fit flush in the glovebox. The cables hit against the trim to the right of the glovebox. Has anyone successfully moved this socket and if so how was it done?
  4. S

    Sold Van-x Mat Glove Box

    couple of slight marks on the edge £80 posted ono
  5. Ads_Essex_T6


  6. Donk’s Silver T6

    Donk’s Silver T6

  7. Wills

    Side Step Protector Inserts

    Has anyone fitted these from VanX? Van-X | VW T6 Step Protectors Stainless Steel For Kombi, Sport Line, Shuttle, Twin-doors (Set of 4)
  8. Ann3x

    For Sale Oem Indicator Repeaters & Van-x Gloss Window Switches

    For sale: 1/ OEM Indicator Repeaters, taken off new van, might need new 3m tape (havent tested): £15 posted within UK 2/ Van-X Gloss Window switch housings (no chrome outline, just the gloss housing), new and unused: £30 posted within UK
  9. BiTurbo

    VanX dash top speaker console

    New panel from Van X Just clips into rear trim fixings, sadly it doesn’t hinge. But there is room to fit speakers and adapt.
  10. 362bkr

    Glove Box

    Fitted Van X glove box today . Very pleased .
  11. A

    Sold Comfort Dash Full Styling Interior Kit

    THIS ITEM IS FOR SALE AT £300. I PURCHASED THE ITEM FROM vAN x A MONTH AGO BUT DECIDED TO GO WITH A CARBON KIT INSTEAD. RRP IS £384.99, ( Van-X | T6 Comfort Styling Kit) Comfort Dash Full Styling Interior Kit For Volkswagen T6 Transporter All Models You are purchasing a Brand new STYLING...
  12. Van-xcamervan-glovebox-t6-vw-t5-t4-transporter-33


  13. Van-xcamervan-glovebox-t6-vw-t5-t4-transporter-29


  14. Product_g_r_grab-handle-door-card-trim-gloss-black-van-x2_1


  15. Product_m_i_mirro_switch_trim_van-x_comfort_dash_2_


  16. Product_m_i_mirro_switch_trim_van-x_comfort_dash_3_


  17. Van-xcamervan-glovebox-t6-vw-t5-t4-transporter-34


  18. CJ_T6-red

    Van-x Window Switch Replacement

    just a small mod today, matching window switches to the housing surround. Only thing is that I have noticed is the symbol in the middle of the switch is slightly lower down than the originals. 92525AB7-BC38-4CB1-9619-FAC05BC8663C by CJ_T6-red posted 13 Jul 2019 at 16:47...
  19. DubiousEngineering

    How To Fit Blackout Blinds - Video

    As always, dont do as I do... the video is not perfect, but these blinds work well.
  20. Eddie Sutherland

    Van-x Comfort Dash Glove Box

    Ok so I bought the Van-x T6 comfort dash glove box and have had it sat in the box while I source a light for it, with no success. Decided to install it and it’s like having a bass drum in the van when there’s not a lot in but problem solved bit of silent coat and an off cut of carpet to line...