1. zebra

    Fog-Light retrofit guide

    When I got the fog light bits off @Pauly, he said ‘take some photos’, so I’ve finally got around to writing up the fog light install for my Beach. I’ve put links to other videos and threads which explain things better than I can. Bumper removal Described many times on the forum and best shown...
  2. B

    Dash insert liner

    Hi Team I’m after some rubber inserts for the T6 interior. I’ve seen the van-x ones for door pockets… but not seen any for the 2 x open dash pockets above the glove box (non-comfort dash). Last advice on here I can see is from 2020 and rugs for bugs (currently not doing rubber ones). Any...
  3. H0ME

    Van-X curtain rail install

    Has anyone used an alternative to screws to hold up the rails. I find it almost impossible to get the top rail in with screws (twin slider) so my curtain rails going into doors on both sides. I’m thinking of using stikaflex or glue like used on the rear spoiler? Will it hold? There is some...
  4. p6raf

    Van X tail light resistor issue.

    Just fitted Van X clear rear led lights, which are stunning by the way. However, disappointed that it throws up a light error on the dash. Spoke to them this morning and apparently this happens if you have other led lights fitted. Their website states "These lights are plug and play no welding...
  5. N

    My hydro-dipped version of the Comfort Dash.

    Fitted the Van-X Comfort dash but wanted to extend it right across the dash, to include the screen surround, the centre panel surround and the instrument binnacle. Stripped the parts out and had them hydro dipped. Really pleased with the result which gives a full flow of gloss black across the...
  6. Shaun Witts

    Van-X front grille fitted

    I’ve just fitted this new Van-X R-Line gloss black grille to my van. It seemed a good fit, though I’ll need to live with it a while before declaring I am fully satisfied with it. I decided to leave the badge off for now, but it came with a mount to keep it if desired.
  7. LordGozer

    Van-X LED tail lamps for tailgate

    Hi all Just found these whilst looking for aftermarket led lights, has anybody bought these or had any experience with van-x products? Van-X | VW T6 Tailgate LED Rear Lights
  8. Clive

    Anyone put hinges on the VanX top dash speaker console for a T6 ?

    Anyone put hinges on the VanX top dash speaker console for a T6 ? Looks like it could make a tidy lid, and much cheaper than the offical VW dash storage lid.
  9. t6blo

    Sold Van-X T6 Rubber Door Card Pocket Inserts - set of 4

    Van-X VW T6 Door Pocket Inserts Black moulded silicone rubber - they fit perfectly and look great. Will post via RM 2nd Class to UK mainland which is included in the price. Looking for £25 ovno...
  10. JTT6

    Found Passenger dash air vent

    I have just installed a VanX glove box and managed to snap a clip on the dash vent in the process. Has anyone swapped their vents for the vanx ones or similar and have the originals no longer needed. Happy to pay a fair price.. Mine still fits but its really loose now and bugging me...
  11. C

    Van X Non Screw Awning Rail

    Has anyone fitted and used the non screw, stick it with Tiger Seal, Van-X awning rail ? Having seen my local bodyshop repairing rot under a screwed awning rail during a respray I'm still of a mind sticking one on is the best option long term ? The roof rack fitted version under the pop top still...
  12. Andysmee

    [GUIDE] Fitting Van-X Side Skirts on a T6

    This thread was split out from this one: Just looking at mine now :p @Martin Gibson any tips on fitting as there's no instructions?
  13. BoroBoy

    Bluetooth Speakers.

    Can anybody recommend a good slimline bluetooth speaker, or other speakers to install under the VanX dashboard speaker grill.
  14. Martin Gibson

    Side skirts / Sill covers

    Hello,just wondering if anyone has a set of the newish side skirts from van-x ? What does everyone think of them,i think they look pretty nice?
  15. S

    Sold Van-x Mat Glove Box

    couple of slight marks on the edge £80 posted ono
  16. Ads_Essex_T6


  17. Donk’s Silver T6

    Donk’s Silver T6

  18. Wills

    Side Step Protector Inserts

    Has anyone fitted these from VanX? Van-X | VW T6 Step Protectors Stainless Steel For Kombi, Sport Line, Shuttle, Twin-doors (Set of 4)
  19. Ann3x

    For Sale Oem Indicator Repeaters & Van-x Gloss Window Switches

    For sale: 1/ OEM Indicator Repeaters, taken off new van, might need new 3m tape (havent tested): £15 posted within UK 2/ Van-X Gloss Window switch housings (no chrome outline, just the gloss housing), new and unused: £30 posted within UK
  20. BiTurbo

    VanX dash top speaker console

    New panel from Van X Just clips into rear trim fixings, sadly it doesn’t hinge. But there is room to fit speakers and adapt.