1. It_was_all_yellow

    Sold 2016 T32 150PS 4-Berth Professional Camper Conversion

    Gone to a new home for new adventures!
  2. P

    Anyone tried to register their EU5 Transporter as ULEZ compatible?

    Yes , and I failed too lol , evern after fitting a petrol conversion that was from a ulze complaint vechical too ,
  3. L

    Being charged for ULEZ London but Euro 6

    Hi I’ve got a 2019 150 Highline and when I visited London a few weeks ago I was changed the ULEZ, my log book states mine is a Euro 6 so how come I’m being charged ?
  4. CarreraRSR

    CAZ and ULEZ exemptions

    Been looking at how my T6 can be CAZ and ULEZ exempt after a friend has managed to become exempt in Newcastle with his camper. Mines not a camper. Anyone got some info on fitting a snowplough to the front of a T6 because they are exempt as being a specialist vehicle. You only have to provide...
  5. Our Jeff

    Austria and LEZ stickers

    Busy collecting LEZ stickers for when we hit Europe, currently France and Germany sorted, but still unclear about Austria. Anyone know for sure if I need a LEZ sticker? They are over 25 euros and don't want to buy one if only needed if I'm a lorry!
  6. The Tango Van

    T6 engine swap CXH 2017 to 2020

    I’ve recently bought my first Transporter and quickly found myself waist deep in a project. The Transporter in question is a 2017 ex-RAC SWB T32 (with 2017 2.0 tdi CXH engine), which I bought from a car auction site as a non-runner; upon delivery I found several holes in the side of the block...
  7. Drew75

    TfL ULEZ status and compliance

    Hi can any one help with no euro status on my logbook mine is black ? I need to prove I have a euro 6 engine for ulez as I’ve been fined twice and TFL are saying my 2017 van adblue is not compliant has any one had this
  8. J

    ULEZ: Euro6 or wait for Euro7

    I've got a t6.1 coming but I've already got a euro 6 t6 coming I keep thinking I'm wasting my money on a new van if in a year or so euro 6 becomes the equivalent of a 5 now . I'm pretty close to the proposed ulez expansion and don't want to waste money when I could just keep what I've got...
  9. R

    Sheffield bringing in the Clean Air Zone

    Seems Feb 2023 all non Euro 6 Vans will be charged £10 a day to enter Sheffield. Not sure if it is cheaper than my current Ad-Blu consumption. The list of clean air cities is growing so I wonder how long the T5 and early T6 models have got left..
  10. P

    Is my van ULEZ / Clean Air compatible?

    Hi everyone, I am after a bit of advice, I have aT6 Highline euro6 registered September 2015. But on the tfl site it showers it is not compliment with the ulez. How can I prove the vechile is a Euro 6. Thanks
  11. J

    France Crit’Air vehicle category?

    Hello, heading France this summer and getting my Crit’Air stick. I have a T6 Kombi and wondered if people know what vehicle category it is? M1 passenger or N1 light utility ? thanks
  12. K

    Euro6 V5 correction issue

    Hi guys first post so be gentle ,I've recently put a deposit down on aT6 to replace my 04 T5 really happy with van /seller everything checks out . As I live in Manchester and we have a ulez in some form incoming soon I was keen to have an eu6 van now it is eu6 has adblue and on all 3rd party...
  13. Phillykenny

    Euro 5 to Euro 6 conversion

    It looks like im going to get stung with the greater manchester clean air zone as my T6 is classified as N1,which is going to cost me £9 a day,gutted. Does anyone know of euro 5 to euro 6 conversions,whos doing them and prices etc?? Is it worth doing or is it worth just getting shut of my...
  14. O

    Reclassify N1 to M1?

    Hi all, I’ve got a t6 euro 5 ( van with windows ) camper Has anyone successfully re-classified there vehicle N1 to M1???
  15. rod_vw

    Clean Air Zones - M1, N1, Van with Windows, Motor Caravan?

    How does your T5 or T6 work out on the CAZ website? I ask because the owner of my previous conversion, a 180ps T32 LWB Trendline Kombi (N1) converted with a high roof and having 'Motor Caravan' on the V5C fails to pass the rules. However his previous camper a T4 (M1) Autosleeper was OK. The...
  16. O

    London Low Emission Zone / Ultra Low Emission Zone

    Is anyone with a t5.1 or older models due to be affected by this? I travel into London most days, I’m guessing buying anything older than a t6 is out of the question right? Fs! Lol