1. J

    France Crit’Air vehicle category?

    Hello, heading France this summer and getting my Crit’Air stick. I have a T6 Kombi and wondered if people know what vehicle category it is? M1 passenger or N1 light utility ? thanks
  2. K

    Euro6 V5 correction issue

    Hi guys first post so be gentle ,I've recently put a deposit down on aT6 to replace my 04 T5 really happy with van /seller everything checks out . As I live in Manchester and we have a ulez in some form incoming soon I was keen to have an eu6 van now it is eu6 has adblue and on all 3rd party...
  3. Phillykenny

    Euro 5 to euro 6 conversion

    It looks like im going to get stung with the greater manchester clean air zone as my T6 is classified as N1,which is going to cost me £9 a day,gutted. Does anyone know of euro 5 to euro 6 conversions,whos doing them and prices etc?? Is it worth doing or is it worth just getting shut of my...
  4. R

    congestion charges etc in London

    hi, hope someone can give me advice on current rules in London. congestion charge ? ules ? les? i'm driving to Putney on tuesday to : Lower Richmond Rd, London SW15 1EU iv'e looked at some websites but am still unsure what i need to do (if anything ?) i have a 2016 t32 150 with adblue. euro 6...
  5. O

    Reclassify N1 to M1?

    Hi all, I’ve got a t6 euro 5 ( van with windows ) camper Has anyone successfully re-classified there vehicle N1 to M1???
  6. rod_vw

    Clean Air Zones - M1, N1, Van with Windows, Motor Caravan?

    How does your T5 or T6 work out on the CAZ website? I ask because the owner of my previous conversion, a 180ps T32 LWB Trendline Kombi (N1) converted with a high roof and having 'Motor Caravan' on the V5C fails to pass the rules. However his previous camper a T4 (M1) Autosleeper was OK. The...
  7. P

    London Low Emission Zone / Ultra Low Emission Zone

    Hi everyone, I am after a bit of advice, I have aT6 Highline euro6 registered September 2015. But on the tfl site it showers it is not compliment with the ulez. How can I prove the vechile is a Euro 6. Thanks
  8. Simon Carne

    Emissions Status after fitting private plate

    After some advice regarding a slightly weird paperwork issue. My van is a 2016 102 BMT diesel that has adblu and has always come up as not needing to pay the London ULEZ charge on the online checker. I changed the number plate a few months ago and ever since the checking site maintains I must...