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    Traction Control / ESC dash button not working [Resolved]

    Hey All, After a year of owning the van I tried to disable the Traction Control / ESC from the dash button but it didn’t work, never tested it before now so not sure it ever worked. I pressed it, held it etc but no the ESC dash light never lit nor the TPMS light which both illuminate during...
  2. J

    T6: Tyre pressure monitoring unavailable' / 'ABS controller error (ESC) [Resolved]

    Hi, purchased a Highline T6 back in 2016. Sadly it has been an expensive disappointing experience. Will be selling it soon. My main dealer's service is slow. I now have an ABS issue Error messages either approximately state 'Tyre pressure monitoring unavailable' or 'Abs controller error (ESC) I...
  3. Buksie

    Traction Contol activates over bumps:

    Traction Contol activates over speed bumps while accelerating at low speed. (App. 25-35km/h) VW Transporter 4motion T6.1 2022 with 15000km’s since new. This is worrying me that the traction control is activating unwantedly or spontaneously by braking one or both the rear wheels. Normally when...
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    T6.1 TCS button removal?

    Hi, I've just completed the 'comfort' dash upgrade in my T6.1 so it matches the California. However, the wrong part was ordered that covers the traction control button and there is no cut out. As the TCS can be disabled via the infotainment (and some calis don't have the button) can i just...
  5. Loz

    Faulty wheel speed sensor [Replaced]

    I received a number of warning lights including: Stability Control - ABS - TPMS - Front Assist - ACC Scan showed the following; Address 03: ABS Brakes (J104) Labels: 7E0-907-37x-MK100ESC.clb Part No SW: 7E0 907 379 Q HW: 7E0 907 379 N Component: ESC H06 0133...
  6. X

    Wheel Spin

    I am confused, any help appreciated. I thought my T6 2wd had TC but yesterday when on slippery mud/grass one wheel was on a hard surface and the other on the grass. The grass wheel spun and no traction. I thought it would lock and drive passed to the wheel on the hard surface? I managed to...
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    TC off

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  9. Ayjay

    Solutions For Parking On Grass

    Since buying our T6 camper, I have had to park it on the grass in the front garden and the grass is slowly getting chewed to bits (the drive is only just long enough for our two other cars). Before getting it, I didn’t realise just how poor it would be on the original Hankook tyres when...
  10. T6Andy

    All Terrain Tyres For Winter

    i currently have 18 wolfrace on standard suspension on my Shuttle. I have a sportline front spoiler and splitter fitted. I have the set of stanadard 16” steels that I was thinking of fitting Cooper At3 too and then replacing the wolfrace for the winter. Will there be issues with splitter...
  11. sofakingwrong

    Getting Stuck In The Mud

    So spent day getting stuck in the mud on and off having to move around a field for a Christmas market event ... some of the times I got the van free by rocking the car back and forth D to R using the dsg box with the traction control off, to be honest never thought I’d get stuck so much putting...
  12. C

    Traction Control - ESC/ASR & HDA switch retrofit

    so with the forecasted snowy weather due i was looking forward to driving around everywhere knowing my snow tyres and and traction control turned off will help me... ah just one problem.. where is the bloody traction control switch gone?!? My handbook says there is a switch.. however there...