1. I

    Why is it so difficult to get insurance for my T6?

    Why is it so difficult to get insurance for my T6? Intrepid
  2. S

    Sold EMUK Towing mirrors for T6 & T6.1

    EMUK towing mirrors to fit T6 & T6.1. Superb quality. I used these on my T6.1, they’re are a great fit and don’t vibrate at all when driving. £80 collected, £90 posted. I paid £120 for them.
  3. S

    T6.1 Tow-Bar height

    Hi , does anyone tow a horse box with a 6.1 4motion? Please can someone tell me there tow bar height. Floor to flat top is 420 on mine which seems very low compared to my amarok 500?
  4. T

    Thinking of going from T5.1 4motion to T6.1 Sportline… any thoughts or advice on towing please

    Hi, I have a T5.1 dsg 180 I've had from new and tow a digger and a tipping trailer most weeks to a job and back. The 4motion has never let me down but also I never know when it’s using it. I would like to go to a new T6.1 Sportline SWB . I’m worried in case it’s terrible for traction. Im...
  5. L

    Transporter + Caravan - keep having to get pulled off sites

    just got my t6 with the intention of having it converted into a camper but in between this are using it as a tow van for our small caravan . last two sites we have visited we have had to be pulled off the camp field . now i am not new to caravaning but have never had it this bad and its getting...
  6. campz

    Tow Bar vs Tow Hitch

    Hi All, After a fair bit of research I'm considering installing a tow hitch with a detectable tow bar as an option, rather than just a detectable toe bar. Does anyone have experience of this, and recommendations? I'm convinced it will give me more options for storage and pulling. Thanks, Mark
  7. roadtripper

    T6.1 OEM Towing Socket behaviour

    So today I have been tinkering with my towing socket and thought this might be useful info in a post for others. My van is a MY21 T6.1 Caravelle with full towing electrics from factory. (Edited to add mine is a single battery system) This is my experimental 13 pin plug. There are 4 grain of...
  8. L

    Towing a caravan and carrying bikes.

    Hello knowledgeable people, I tow a caravan with my T6 Goldie. When Goldie goes solo I have a tow ball mounted cycle rack but, obviously, when the caravan is on the tow ball I am stuck and can't take the bikes. My question is - does anyone have a bike rack fitted on a tailgate AND tow a caravan...
  9. R

    Towing a broken down T6

    Hi I've been told by someone that if your transporter (T6) breaks down/gets stuck in the mud etc there is a special type of tow bar/rope/fixing that is needed to attach to the front of your T6 before someone can tow you - otherwise using a normal towing rope will damage the front of your van...
  10. J

    OEM tow bar module issue (some what urgent)

    Hello. And greetings to everyone. Been searching around this forum and it seems that trailer electrics is quite a common issue. Unfortionately, none of the existing threads match my problem (or cant find it). I get no lights on trailer whats so ever and my car does not recognize that the...
  11. I

    newbie - decisions and research questions - advice gratefully accepted

    Hi all I currently have an Audi Q7 3.0L/air suspension/ 4WD, and a twin axle caravan. Over the last two years we have also bought an electric car and this is used as the daily drive all the time. The q7 is now only used when a) pulling the caravan b) need to move more than 5 people (usually 6)...
  12. carlg

    Towing a caravan: differences T6 & T6.1

    I have a caravan with atc trailer control, when I plug the caravan into my new 6.1 the atc doesn't light up straight away or go through the set up process. it takes probably 5+ seconds. On my T6 it would kick in straight away. So not sure if problem is with caravan or the 6.1 tow socket. Any...
  13. A

    Tailgate bike rack dimensions from tailgate (Quasimodo and Kylie) for clearance whilst towing?

    Hi all. We have recently purchased a VW T6 SWB camper with a tailgate (we were previously of the T25 brigade for many years, so are delighted to be back to van life!). I am looking for some advice if any of you good people could assist please? However, we plan to buy a rear mounted bike rack...
  14. XPrzemo

    Anyone have a T6.1 DSG 4Motion with factory fitted tachograph (7LA.957.041)

    Hello everyone, I have a request: I am looking for the VIN number of a T6.1 transporter / caravelle with an original dedicated tachograph installed by the VW factory (7LA.957.041) - the car must have a VAA gearbox - i.e. a 7-speed DSG with a 4Motion drive - I need to equip my T6.1 caravelle to...
  15. T

    Best Comfort setup for towing?

    Hello, after some advice. I currently have OEM shocks and 40mm lowered H&R springs as fitted by previous owner. I find the ride too harsh so am looking for something much more comfortable. The van is partially converted as a camper and we will be completing the conversion so it will be...
  16. Ashypants

    Towing & Side assist

    Evening. Maybe a noddy question - I’ve just started towing with my Caravelle Gen6 - when hooked up I can see the trailer on the radio when moving to reverse & alarm detects when unplugging electrics. What I can’t figure out though is why stop start and Side Assist remain active when the manual...
  17. Coast

    Is there any benefit to lowering?

    New to VW and panel vans. Have just bought a 2017 T30/150 DSG on 18” Amorak steel wheels. Have read mixed reviews and posts on the benefits of lowering on ride quality. The van will be converted over the next 12 months or so to a full campervan. It will also be used as a daily driver and will...
  18. paggle

    How To - RedArc TowPro Electric Brake Controller

    Hi All, As my camper trailer has electric brakes (Aussie requirement for trailers over a certain weight), I needed to fit a brake controller to my T6.1. To solve this, I made a custom loom that plugs in to the exisiting OEM plugs, so no factory wiring had to be cut or spliced! Here is how I...
  19. VanDamMan

    Caravans / leisure trailers: bike rack on a-frame

    I’m thinking of getting the Thule Smart bike rack….to fit on the A frame of my trailer….any feedback from users :) Due to impending purchase of an E bike ….. did my measurements and will clear the handbrake…
  20. Carlwaynie

    Anyone Towed With a TSi 150ps

    Hi all, looking at possibly buying a petrolT6 the 150 brake, anyone out there used one for towing, my caravan weight is approximately 1400kg, I know the fuel economy won’t be as good as diesel but I’m very concerned about adblue and egr valves etc on the diesel vans