1. Johnod17

    For Sale Caravan for sale

    I have my mum and dad’s caravan on eBay if anyone is interested It is a Coachman 460/2 (2 berth) my dad has terminal cancer so caravan days are over. This is the listing number 224138964740 Starting at £17k but open to offers Thanks John
  2. F

    Sportline towing

    Hi there everyone, I am new to the site and was looking for some information if possible. I am looking at buying a 2018 sportline van 204 Dsg, and it will be used to carry gardening equipment, but also I tow some commercial mowers with a twin wheel for Williams plant trailer and a John Deere...
  3. P

    Advice on buying T6 for towing

    Hey guys looking at purchasing a T6 but wanting to tow a caravan. What weight max could I tow with it? Cheers Phil
  4. W

    Towbar and Cruise Control

    I’ve just had a tow bar fitted by a PF Jones fitter and he told me that when a something is connected to the tow bar, bike carrier or trailer in my case, that I lose the adaptive cruise control. Is that right or is the fella flexing me? I could probably work without the adaptive but cruise is a...
  5. A

    Tow bar height on a lowered van?

    We are thinking of buying a T6 combi but it’s been lowered by 60mm does anybody have a van lowered by 60mm and tow a caravan with it and does the caravan look nose down at the front
  6. J

    Eibach Pro 50mm springs sag when towing

    Hi I have the eibach pro 50mm springs from custom vanz and standard dampers. The van sits great but if I hook my bike trailer or put a bit of weight in the rear it sits lower than the front. Is this because the standard dampers are not sufficient , if so do I go for a B8 Bilstein? Cheers James
  7. Fromow

    Caravan Towing With Coilovers.

    I apologise if this had been covered already. I’m looking at B14s, Koni H&R combo and stance coilovers but wanted people’s opinions on them when a caravan is hitched up. Towing with a T30 dsg 204 4 motion
  8. Jimmi

    Towing Eye Capacity

    Does anyone know what the max load is on the towing eye?
  9. T

    Forgive Me

    Hi all I have committed the ultimate cardinal sin and bought a caravan :( apologies . I was in the process of planning and sourcing a convertor to carry out work to my Kombi van but in the meantime had found myself a new partner (bonus result). After serious discussions we decided to go the...
  10. L

    Towbar Dash Display

    Hi there, new to forum and have recently bought a 2017 T6 204 highlife dsg without towbar prep. Had a towbar fitted by PF Jones including the additional wiring needed etc. All fine but I was expecting to see the little green 1 with two arrows to appear on dashboard when I use the indicators...
  11. S

    20 In Tyre Pressures

    Hi all Can anyone tell me what tyre pressures to run on 275 40 20 when towing. Iam on a t30 california beach Regards Simon
  12. A

    Towing Problem

    hi guys new t6 owner so bear with me. Had my t6 150 panel for 3 weeks now. Had a removeable tow bar fitted, just been down to Devon, whilst it does tow fine, the back is very low and frfontg lifted, which made the ride very ‘iffy’......... any suggestions very appreciated......
  13. Dave F

    B14 and towing

    I need to lift the back as I’m towing so just won’t about a 30mm lift on the back as you can see in the picture it sits a bit lo on the back. Do I turn the nut so it’s 30mm up from where it currently is?. Also I have miss placed the adjusting spanner’s so can I do it without them?. Last of...
  14. J

    Minor Bump In Rear Barn Door

    Hi Some low life bumped into my van yesterday evening while I was sleeping in the van They left before I even had time to get out ( so no idea what car/reg it was!...) At first couldn't see any damage, then saw this bump or rear right door at bottom + scratch on bumper i check the door open and...
  15. M

    View Rear Camera On Motorway?

    Morning all. Second post ever! Be kind... I’m towing a small trailer camping soon, and was wondering if I could code the van to be able to activate the rear view camera on the motorway just to periodically check the trailer. I have VCDS. Any ideas?
  16. Trev P

    Towing Pressures On 20"

    Hi all, I am looking for some advice on the correct pressures to be running when towing a twin motorbike trailer with 20" rims.
  17. K

    Towing Caravan

    What size t6 would you recommend for towing a caravan i take it not the 102
  18. Miles Glover

    Bikes on rack whilst Towing

    Afternoon, I have been down to the local dealership today to have a nose around a T6 Kombi. It has a tailgate and I would like a Genuine VW 4 bike rack fitted (this seems a great bit of kit). I regularly tow a caravan so I need to know if I can safely tow with bikes on rack. Putting bikes in...
  19. teamfly

    Dsg For Towing ?

    Thinking about a change of van , always had manuals till now . How does the dsg perform for towing ( big caravan ) ??
  20. tim allsop

    Anyone Towed With A Tsi Dsg ?

    Changed our 2008 t5 2.5tdi caravelle for a new TSI 204 dsg caravelle, had tha tow hitch fitted today but not looking forward to towing with it ! DSG box is dreadful on pull off, can’t feather it to pull off nicely. So I can’t see trying to tow with it will be nice. The old torque converter and...