1. C

    Towing? my main question is I want to buy a VW transporter to pull a horse trailer and need to know which size engine I need.

    I want to convert it to have a bed, sink, stove. pull a two horse trailer , specs, The trailer is constructed with aluminium floor and sidewalls and runs on the renowned Pullman 2 suspension system. Internal dimensions are 4.90m x 2.07m x 2.30m (LxWxH) with a gross weight of 3500 kg and...
  2. T

    Towing capability / advice 102bhp

    Hi all. So I’ve finally got round to buying a transporter T28 102bhp, the only concern I have is that it will not have enough grunt for towing my caravan (weight 1.3t). Has anyone remapped theirs to improve and how did it work, did it damage the engine/gearbox in any way, or have towing...
  3. Samro

    Towing biggish stuff.

    Here is a pic taken today of my new T32 coupled up to our family caravan. I'm thinking that I need to review the height that the rear end is set at? This is a shame because the KW V1 coil overs look perfect when not towing. I am no stranger to towing and have towed tens of thousands of miles...
  4. RyanGerry

    SoLows and towing a caravan - anyone doing it?

    I've been running SoLows now for around 18 months and cant fault them. I tow a teardrop trailer with no problems but I'm now looking to upgrade to a 6 berth caravan and I'm not sure if the SoLows height at the highest setting will cut it, I'm running 18" banded steels with the SoLows fully...
  5. R

    Best T6 option for towing up to 2 tons & loaded van?

    Hi all, I’m going to be buying a late 2020/21 T6 kombi van for towing a rally car & box trailer etc & need recommendations as to reliability and towing performance. I’ve been warned against the higher horse power bi-turbo models due to reliability issues but is this more on earlier models with...
  6. Paynewright

    Driving Licence Changes - Towing

    Hi, Not sure if its been posted already (I couldn’t find it) but the licence towing categories are being changed. Basically, those who passed after 1997 no longer need to take an additional test to tow over 750KG...
  7. dandan88

    Little help with towing please guys

    Guys I have a t32, I want to tow my caravan which is pretty big but I’m unsure what I can tow without b+e on my license? Could anyone share any kind advice. I have read about the combined weight not being more than 3500kgs which prob leaves me 300kgs lol
  8. T

    Removable flange towbar for T6 - to carry motorbike?

    Hi, New member here & first post - I just bought a '17 LWB Camper conversion. Happy bunny. I would like to add a towbar to the van so I can carry my full-size enduro (motocross) bike on a Dave Cooper rack or similar. These racks attach to flange towbars - I can find plenty of those, but...
  9. Dogs Dung

    What weight can I tow with T30 Kombi?

    Hi what is the Max weight I can tow with T30 6.1 Kombi? mainly Car Trandporter work ta
  10. M

    Trailer light issues

    Had a Westfalia detachable tow bar fitted with a 13pin plug and coded to my T6 have no issues with standard lights on a trailer but used a mates brand new trailer with led lights and had some real issues! The bulb failure light came one, when indicating right, on the dash the indicator was...
  11. Tourershine

    Volkswagen Trailer assist

    I'd never seen this before :eek:
  12. Vanzilla

    Electric Brake Controller for trailer?

    Hi all, hoping for some guidance. We want to tow a trailer that has electric brakes. Our van is a 2016 Australian Multivan and it has a VW towbar and a flat 12 electric socket to connect the trailer to. The socket wiring includes a blue wire for ‘service brake’ which I understand to be the feed...
  13. Boomshanker

    Towing mirrors

    Hello All, Just bought a used caravan to tow behind our T6. It came with towing mirrors but they are more suited for a car mirror. Has anybody got any recommendations as to what fits well on there van. Thanks.
  14. G

    Koni shocks and H&R springs and ARBs

    Yesterday I bit the bullet and headed on up to CRS in Cannock. I've been unhappy with the height of my tow ball, just way too high when the van is empty and my twin axle trailer was riding with too much weight on its rear axle. Steve listened to my issues and came up with a solution. Steve and...
  15. Johnod17

    For Sale Caravan for sale

    I have my mum and dad’s caravan on eBay if anyone is interested It is a Coachman 460/2 (2 berth) my dad has terminal cancer so caravan days are over. This is the listing number 224138964740 Starting at £17k but open to offers Thanks John
  16. F

    Sportline towing

    Hi there everyone, I am new to the site and was looking for some information if possible. I am looking at buying a 2018 sportline van 204 Dsg, and it will be used to carry gardening equipment, but also I tow some commercial mowers with a twin wheel for Williams plant trailer and a John Deere...
  17. revdecal

    Advice on buying T6 for towing

    Hi all. I have a Highline 180 DSG Kombi. Does anyone know the approximate towing weight capability of the van? I have a leisure trailer that should be around 1200kg loaded which I'm sure it can easily tow. It is more a question of being legal. I took a look on the internet and nothing obvious...
  18. W

    Towbar and Cruise Control

    I’ve just had a tow bar fitted by a PF Jones fitter and he told me that when a something is connected to the tow bar, bike carrier or trailer in my case, that I lose the adaptive cruise control. Is that right or is the fella flexing me? I could probably work without the adaptive but cruise is a...
  19. J

    Eibach Pro 50mm springs sag when towing

    Hi I have the eibach pro 50mm springs from custom vanz and standard dampers. The van sits great but if I hook my bike trailer or put a bit of weight in the rear it sits lower than the front. Is this because the standard dampers are not sufficient , if so do I go for a B8 Bilstein? Cheers James
  20. Fromow

    Towing with a lowered van

    I apologise if this had been covered already. I’m looking at B14s, Koni H&R combo and stance coilovers but wanted people’s opinions on them when a caravan is hitched up. Towing with a T30 dsg 204 4 motion