1. Skyliner33

    Digital vernier calliper recommendations?

    Looking to add one of these to my tool box. Not wanting to spend big bucks on one, so looking for reasonable priced recommendations. Thanks
  2. D

    Do I need a 3/4 socket set for a T6?

    Having got rid of my 3/4 & 1” drive socket gear years ago I now have the opportunity to buy a very reasonably priced 3/4” socket set. Question is do I need a 3/4” set to maintain a Transporter, is there a task that requires a socket bigger than 30mm?
  3. G

    Tools for conversion

    I'm pretty close to starting work on the van, my house is looking more and more like a distribution center with all the boxes getting stacked up. Before starting taking it to pieces want to make sure I've got everything to put it back together again. Just bought this torque wrench and want to...
  4. bootsam

    Cutting holes in plastic trim

    What do people recommend? Do those cone drills work on trim? I'm installing some USB points in each B-Pillar plastic trim. I went to my hole cutting set and found exactly the one in need is fubar. I cannot even recall doing it, plus its the only one thats ever been used. Cheap set in plastic...
  5. Loz

    Black and Decker Workmate

    My trusty old workmate is finally falling apart, its over 30 Years old so not complaining. but the question is; Is there anything better these days? What should I replace it with?
  6. Ayjay

    Clark Pro 238 Torque Adapter

    Hopefully this is the right place to post this one. I find myself with a space in the tool box for torque wrench with a maximum Nm rating in the 150 - 250 to cater for properly torquing wheel bolts / nuts (I believe the T6 should be at 180Nm). I've already got a low range Snap On for working...
  7. Urbanfox

    Impact Wrench

    I'm thinking of getting an 18 - 20v Impact wrench, one that will remove the wheel nuts, 180Nm. I don't have lockers, more trouble than they are worth. I would also use it for other jobs ie removing the brake disks, again 180Nm. So any suggestions? I have looked at quite a few from eBay specials...
  8. Urbanfox

    Which Axle Stands

    Ok, guys, I got watching the vlog below and it got me thinking is it time to buy some new axle stands. The stands I have are fixed type, not ratchet and I made them sometime in the 70s. They have served me well but watching that vlog got me thinking which type is the most reliable? If you watch...
  9. Pete C

    Cordless ratchet drive recommendations ?

    I am looking to get a decent cordless ratchet drive, probably 1/2”. It’s for general home use, so don’t need to pay for professional grade equipment. Anyone got any recommendations ? Thanks, Pete
  10. czmate1999

    What tools do you carry?

    So I am looking to put together a little toolkit for the van. It’s use is as a camper, so not used for work and I will not be doing any mechanical work to the van. The toolkit is meant to be useful bits and bobs to adjust cupboards, seats or other fixings in the van, if needed, and to fix any...
  11. Mrcl

    T5.1 Racking

    Hi all! My first thread on here but been trawling through this site for years, so hopefully doesn’t flop! We (me & dad) have built bespoke racking in the cargo area and thought I would share as I can’t really find much about this on here or other forums, mainly just the premade stuff (correct...
  12. VanDamMan

    Tools for the working on the van (servicing etc)

    Can anyone help... Having taken the van apart again , its time to use the right tools for the job or risk making expensive mistakes. VW Seam to like to use allsorts of different heads ...found a set from machine mart that contain all this...... Bit holder 10mm hexagon x 3/8" sq. drive Bit...
  13. simonnwt6

    Which power-tool brand?

    Hi all, About to buy a cordless combo drill and want to make the right choice as can see me soon getting a jigsaw and circular saw and want the batteries to match. I don’t do loads of diy but want reliability and for them to last and can see me doing more. Will Ryobi kit do or should I just...
  14. Mkgolfnutters

    size of the front caliper allen-bolt

    HI i tried to search the forum, I am trying to find the size of the front caliper alan bolt it seems to be 9mm odd size me thinks. Could any one shine some light on this please. TIA
  15. Andyf

    Tyre Inflater / Air Pump

    Hi Does anybody use one of these or can advise on a good one Andy PROFESSIONAL 12V DIGITAL CAR TYRE INFLATOR PUMP HEAVY DUTY COMPRESSOR 5060452746371 | eBay
  16. DubiousEngineering

    A Short Video On Carista... It Saved Me Money!

    Carista saved me from having to go to get my airbag fault unlocked after fitting a leisure battery under the drivers seat... a useful tool in my opinion... video below! DuB-EnG: CARISTA OBD2 Review - Bluetooth Car Computer scanner with dealer level technology, it works
  17. simon

    Arm Rest Removal

    I am trying to fit some new seat covers and the arm rests need to be removed. I can see the bolt but it's not a torq Is it a star? So the real question is which tool and size do I need? When I looked on Amazon and Harry Halfords they all look like torq bits which just spin inside Thanks
  18. A

    Heavy Duty Vacuum

    I'm in the market for what the Americans call a " 'shop vac", any recommendations? Needs to be wet or dry and cope with abuse. It won't be needed to delicately hoover curtains or pick up pet hair, in fact it won't leave the garage.
  19. A

    Anyone Know About Airtool Fittings?

    I picked up a nice compressor for peanuts a year or so ago from a mate who does clearances from bankrupt suppliers and haven't bothered doing anything with it so far. When I broke a cordless ratchet a few weeks back I decided to move onto using airtools and picked up a hose reel cheap from Lidl...
  20. Pete C

    Torque Wrench Recommendations

    It's time to retire my current torque wrench as it is at least 25 years old, and doesn't go high enough for T6 wheel bolts. Any recommendation from the resident mechanical experts ? It's for home use only, needs to go to 180 Nm, and I have a smaller torque wrench for low values (up to 25 Nm)...