1. G

    Makita Track saw cordless or 240v

    Hi After some advice on whether to buy a cordless or 240 v track saw? Iv got loads of Makita tools and 5ah batteries,I can’t justify the lovely festool saw, but I do have one of their dust extractors. As I’d prefer to use the dust extractor when possible, should I just buy the 240v saw? My...
  2. Dellmassive

    NUTEXA - Brake Pad & Disc change - How I Done It -

    NUTEXA - Brake Pad & Disc change - How I Done It - Its that time again, Pads and discs on the T6 T32 Sportline . . . . . . and following on from the Dealer Visit, they reported 75% worn fronts. - @Dellmassive`s T6 T32 Sportline 204 LWB DSG PV MY18 - Van Adventure i thought we would give our...
  3. I

    For Sale wheel bearing tool used once!

    selling my wheel bearing tool, used once to change my rear bearing, £35colletion from walsall west mids
  4. Littleblackflash

    BCM Terminal Pins

    i need to add a wire into my BCM for my tailgate conversion. What’s the pin part number or where can I get some?
  5. Jimmi

    Makita Fan

    Has anyone used the makita fan? They do one for around £60. More expensive than a 12 volt. But this can go in a tent or fishing etc.
  6. TeWhip

    For Sale New Trend Pro Storage 4 Piece Tool System Set - Offers

    Having a clear out and have a new in box Trend Pro Storage 4 Piece Cart Set. Brought it just before Xmas and never used. Collection from Dartford in Kent £90 Make us a sensible offer on this one
  7. M

    Low-profile jack

    Hi everyone, I am trying to get hold of a suitable strong jack for lifting one corner of my T6 LWB. I tested the VW jack that came with the van but it failed just before the wheels cleared the ground. I need at least a 400mm total lift and don't want to carry in the T6 my heavy trolley jack. I...
  8. T

    OEM Jack kit retaining bolt

    Does anyone know the part number or have 2 of these knocking about they don’t use Both my t6.1s haven’t got it to secure it the rear wheel arch ?? Thanks
  9. D

    Variable speed controller for 240v brushed motor power tool

    I’m looking for a simple way to reduce the motor speed on a brushed motor router tool so I can machine thermoplastic without it melting. Effectively I want to use a wood router as a milling machine. I would also use compressed air to cool the cutter 27000 RPM no load, 500W rating, 240v single...
  10. H

    Captain Seat Fixing-Bolt

    Have just installed a Captain Seat in our new T6. Having an issue tightening up the bolts that retain the rear of the seat to the base. They appear to look like a mini locking wheel nut. An 8mm Allen key almost fits. Any idea what I need to tighten these?
  11. Petehelmet

    Sold Kombi storage unit

    Had this in several transporters over the years but since changing my tools from Bosch it no longer works for me so just sat in my garage getting in the way. Based between Nottingham and Derby and needs to be collected, overall condition is a bit battered and could do with a refurb. Hopefully of...
  12. Skyliner33

    Digital vernier calliper recommendations?

    Looking to add one of these to my tool box. Not wanting to spend big bucks on one, so looking for reasonable priced recommendations. Thanks
  13. D

    Recomended tools - jacks, ramps, hand tools spanners etc.

    Hi everybody, Just a bit of background on me - I've returned to hands on car spannering after a 25 year break during which my available hobby time petered out and was replaced with brewing (which you can do inside when its dark :sneaky: ). Originally I was well into air cooled vws and had a...
  14. Y

    Battery cable crimping tool recommendation please

    As per the title. Lots of options but the reviews are mixed at best, though anything I buy will not see anything more than light use. Been looking at the hydraulic options, like this ColdShine Hydraulic Crimper Tool Kit Tube Terminals Lugs Battery Cable Wire Crimping Force:
  15. D

    Do I need a 3/4 socket set for a T6?

    Having got rid of my 3/4 & 1” drive socket gear years ago I now have the opportunity to buy a very reasonably priced 3/4” socket set. Question is do I need a 3/4” set to maintain a Transporter, is there a task that requires a socket bigger than 30mm?
  16. G

    Tools for conversion

    I'm pretty close to starting work on the van, my house is looking more and more like a distribution center with all the boxes getting stacked up. Before starting taking it to pieces want to make sure I've got everything to put it back together again. Just bought this torque wrench and want to...
  17. bootsam

    Cutting holes in plastic trim

    What do people recommend? Do those cone drills work on trim? I'm installing some USB points in each B-Pillar plastic trim. I went to my hole cutting set and found exactly the one in need is fubar. I cannot even recall doing it, plus its the only one thats ever been used. Cheap set in plastic...
  18. Loz

    Black and Decker Workmate

    My trusty old workmate is finally falling apart, its over 30 Years old so not complaining. but the question is; Is there anything better these days? What should I replace it with?
  19. Ayjay

    Clark Pro 238 Torque Adapter

    Hopefully this is the right place to post this one. I find myself with a space in the tool box for torque wrench with a maximum Nm rating in the 150 - 250 to cater for properly torquing wheel bolts / nuts (I believe the T6 should be at 180Nm). I've already got a low range Snap On for working...
  20. Urbanfox

    Impact Wrench

    I'm thinking of getting an 18 - 20v Impact wrench, one that will remove the wheel nuts, 180Nm. I don't have lockers, more trouble than they are worth. I would also use it for other jobs ie removing the brake disks, again 180Nm. So any suggestions? I have looked at quite a few from eBay specials...