thames valley

  1. MasterMates

    Retrofit firms in the Oxford area

    Looking for some advice please, can someone recommend a firm/person in the Oxford area, I would like to get oem front fogs, parking sensors and rear camera fitted................................or should i attempt it myself?
  2. T

    MFW fitting and coding Wessex area

    Greetings. Would anyone know of someone who can help us to swap steering whee over and add a wire to bcm / code for a basic MFW near any of the following areas please? Bristol Swindon Bath Reading Oxford Thank you :)
  3. Welsh Girl

    Suspension Confusion!

    Evening all, I have seen a lot of chat regarding suspension, in particular, the lowering of it and I wanted to ask what is the reason behind this? Is it safety, good looks or fuel economy? Or a combination? My van is definitely heavier (obviously) following the conversion though I feel it...
  4. Vanman

    Recommendation for suspension service provider

    I would like to get upgraded ARB’s fitted . Can anyone recommend a supplier in the beds&bucks area?
  5. DTT6

    VCDS User in Berkshire?

    Hi Folks, Any VCDS users in Reading/Bracknell area willing to help? (Noted VCDS members map no longer available to locate users) Looking for the DRL off with handbrake applied feature being enabled on my Caravelle Seems I can disable completely using Carista now but don't want to do that...
  6. Morrispd

    VCDS in Oxfordshire/Northamptonshire areas?

    Hi, has anyone vcds in / near Northampton that can code in my freshly fitted tow Bar? Much appreciated...
  7. vwski

    Can anyone offer a Koni Shocks with H&R Suspension test drive...pretty please ;)

    Hi, Looking to find someone near me (Aylesbury, Bucks) that's had the popular @CRS Performance suspension treatment on their T6.1 or failing that T6? - the one with Koni Shocks and 40/50mm H&R springs. It's a long shot but thought I would ask on here just incase someone can help me out. Please...
  8. OllieGBR

    Newbie VCDS user - MK

    Hello guys I've followed the forum advice and run a scan on my T6, apart from the airbag error, (which is of my own making) I have 5 engine warnings. Are the fuel related ones because the engine isn't running? The MAF sensor is listed an 'intermittent' and the barometric sensor as 'malfunction'...
  9. cgtmiles

    Hunter Wheel Alignment Recommendations in Herts/Beds/Bucks

    Hi Just got an alignment done at my local tyre centre and although they have been good over the years for my basic tyre requirements it seems doing an alignment on a customised vehicle may be a bit beyond their abilities! So does anyone have any suggestions for places to go for hunter...
  10. C

    2018 T6 Camper T28

    Hi need atowbar fitting with single electrics anyone in Berkshire area and how much
  11. czmate1999

    Milton Keynes

    Hi All, I am travelling up to Milton Keynes tomorrow to pick up my camper and wondered if there were any good retailers selling camping or T6 related stuff to drop into? if anyone can let me know that would be great! Also I may stay in the area overnight to give the van a bit of a shakedown so...
  12. C

    CoilOver fitter in Berkshire?

    Hi,anybody in the Berkshire area that can fit my coil overs on a 2018 transporter
  13. Vanman

    Service Centre Beds/herts/bucks

    We have our first service due in March, any recommendations (we are in Luton)
  14. Paynewright

    Sunday Scramble - Bicester

    hi, Just wondered if the club have attended one of these events - car clubs usually get an entry discount and infield parking. Great event with an eclectic array of automobiles! Ian
  15. Ragadyman

    Pimp Up Recommendations

    I want to make the look of my standard T6 better. I’m looking at lowering, wheels, front/rear spoiler, side bars. Pretty much standard modifications. I can do this by sourcing parts separate but I’m very restricted on time. Is there a one stop shop in or around Buckinghamshire area that will...
  16. W

    Caravelle Dpf

    Hi. I know that ours is a T5 face-lift model but I'm looking for engine help and I think there's a crossover. Also I can't get onto T5 forums for help. Does anyone know of a reliable VAG specialist garage which can do commercial VWs near Banbury? We had the Caravelle for a couple of weeks...
  17. Sabre

    Hire Around Beds Buck Herts

    A colleague saw my van last week and has started looking into getting one but wants to hire a camper first. Aside from Camper King, Cambridge campers and further south, Bognor, which I've already pointed him to, can anyone recommend a try before you buy or a good T6 hire operation?
  18. Sabre

    Elite Carbody

    These guys are based in Milton Keynes so if you're in the area and need any paintwork doing, these guys are excellent. Quick service, responsive, helpful and interested in what you're doing. Can't recommend them enough.
  19. RedUn

    Beds, Herts & Bucks T6 Meet

    Update below: Morning all, Been thinking of sorting something for a while, I see a lot of nice T6s knocking around here so let's see if we can get some together and maybe we could make it a more regular if we have the numbers... My proposal would be to find a large country pub with a big car...
  20. J

    Oxfordshire T6 Owner

    afternoon! - Josh from Oxfordshire Long serving t5 owner, now own a 2018 T6 TSI - revo stage one 300 bhp :) with much much more Look forward to speaking to some of you! and getting some advise!