team red

  1. Caveman22

    Is this my paint code?

    I want to get some paint to respray the trim below my rear lights (tail gate model) Am I reading the info sticker correct. Is the paint code L551?
  2. F

    Team Paprika Red

    Hi, So the journey begins... starting with a panel van and doing the full camper conversion, gotta be the cheaper way to have a proper camper van right...? Right? I’ve had propex (ring wood) install an underslung heater and gas bottle along with BBQ point and filler under the rear bumper...
  3. GregT1989

    Hi All!

    Hi everyone! New to the VW scene, just purchased my first T6 and ready to go (once we are allowed in Wales) I am looking to purchase a drive away awning (a good sized one) and was wondering if anyone had any good suggestions of where to start? Also, does anyone know if someone’s ever made or...
  4. Gareth Edmondson

    Cherry Red with White

    Afternoon, Wondering what to do with our cherry red T6. I have not the funds to paint the top half a different colour but really like coloured bonnets. has anyone mixed their red T6s with white accessories? White spoiler, white bonnet, white wingm mirror covers? please do send me pictures...
  5. Martin955

    My 1st

    After 20 odd years of company vehicles, cars. Until 3 years ago when I asked for a van & got given a Shitone Dispatch. It was OK, but had issues, which I got fed up with, so I took the plunge & brought this. I use a van for transport for my two wheeled toys, with pedals & engines. Doing a few...
  6. N

    New T6 Kombi

    Hi all, so I’ve just jumped T5 and promoted myself to T6 territory. It’s slightly/very terrifying to be coughing up so much dough on a vehicle but ULEZ has forced the issue. Sad to say goodbye to my beloved 888 but .... the new one is a breeze to drive. Any tips for this new van? I haven’t...
  7. BognorMotors

    Team Bognor Motors #bmvs We took a brand new cherry red T6 150DSG and added the following, for one of our long term rental customers; Supermetal Cell Alloys Sportline Front Spoiler World of Carbon Lip H&R -40mm Springs Black sidebars Black Mirrors and...
  8. Clydiee

    Edition Red, Black Roof

    Evening all, Does anyone know if the black roof on a Edition Red is painted or vinyl wrap? Thanks
  9. T dog

    New Member - cherry red

    Hi all. I maybe a bit early at joining the t6 forum . Picking up my very first Vw and it’s a T6 edition cherry red. 150 dsg Got to wait a whole week and its killing me. Hope i love it as much as looking forward to getting it. Only had a test drive. Did not really want to go for a dark colour...
  10. Tourershine

    For Sale Vanstyle Roof Bars.

    VW T5 T6 'Red Edition' Aluminium Roof Bars - Vanstyle The exact bars as above. As new condition and only fitted for a few weeks. The colour match to the T6 Red is pretty much spot on. From a SWB T6. £50 collection from Leicester.
  11. T6


    Bodhi at the drop shop. Dubtend.
  12. S

    BMW X5 Tigerclaw wheels

    Have tried the search function to no avail. Does anyone know if these are sufficiently rated for a T32! Ta.
  13. K

    Too Red Or Not

    Hi Im going to look at this can i have your thoughts on whether its to red or not and can the pieces around the fog lights and the air intake below the grille be replaced with black ones or is just one piece
  14. AlexPL

    Creases in pop-top plastic window

    Hey, Maybe someone knows how to get the creases out of the windows??? Maybe some heat on the plastic window will get rid of them?? TIA

  16. Paul H

    Momo Revenge Matte Black 20" Or Wolfrace Assassins Black 20”

    Hi Looking for peoples thoughts and looking to see whether anyone had any pictures of their vans with either of these wheels fitted. My van is a T6 Kombi in Candy Red. Cheers
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  19. T6 Seikel Snorkel Red

    T6 Seikel Snorkel Red

  20. KombiKommando

    Show us your Swamper

    I love the old Syncro vans. Lifted and with A/T tyres on.... the look of the 'Rockton' and 'MultiCamper' T6 vans really appeal to me and are much more suitable for my needs in a campervan. My conversion is pretty much done ( I will put a load more pictures up in my converion post....) and I...