team pure-grey

  1. Jay

    Going in circles. Back again.

    I used to be a member years ago when we owned a t6 caravelle. We then sold this and bought a t6 kombi with the intention of converting it. But due to a sudden job loss during covid and having to start a buisness to keep a roof over our heads I used the kombi for work. However it didn't have...
  2. A

    Finally have new wheels

    Thanks to all at redline campers for the new shoes .
  3. A

    For Sale 2013 T28 102PS Kombi, 6 seats, Pure Grey. £18,250

    £18,250 2013 reg Pure Grey T5.1 Transporter Manual 99000 miles SWB 20” black alloys Lowered suspension 6 seats with reclining rear seats Electric windows Reverse camera AC Pioneer CarPlay Stereo Light bar headlights Lined out to rear with light grey alcantara LED lights in internal roof...
  4. S

    Sold 2021 T30 SWB 150PS Kombi Highline, Pure Grey. £36,250

    2021 VW T6.1 Kombi Highline 150ps SWB Genuine factory highline, owned from new. Pure Grey Manual 2+1 rear seats Twin sliders with power latching LED lights front and rear Main beam assist Heated seats Front and rear parking sensors Rear camera Genuine roof spoiler Heko wind deflectors THQ...
  5. Belly

    Grey Graphics on Grey Van

    Anyone done any tonal graphics ie: Grey graphic on a Pure grey Van, looking at doing the rear qtr but not seen a colour I like. The van badges and plastics are all matt black.. Obviously needs to be a few shades lighter/darker.. Anyone done it ???
  6. B

    What wheels? Pure Grey T6.1

    Hi guys. I'm halfway through my conversion on t6.1 highline (windows and pop top done)I'm pure grey with black roof abs lending itself to a set of black wheels however I really haven't a clue and I'm more interested in comfort driving and don't want to sacrifice making the drive any worse!) I...
  7. L

    T6.1 50 Shades of pure grey

    Anyone else got a different shade door!
  8. bethamari

    What wheels for ABT kit on Pure-Grey van?

    Hi all, We currently have Inovit Blitz on our T6.1 which has ABT body kit on. We are looking at swapping the wheels out soon and we are not sure what to go for. We quite like the look of smoothies but since we’ve gone down the ABT route and it’s a pure grey van, we are wondering if they might...
  9. Samro

    Black roof on pure grey?

    Call from the converters today to tell me my new pop top roof is slightly damaged during being storage over the last 15 months and it now needs painting. (Damn VW Bonkers delay in delivery!) Seeing as it is now being painted, I am thinking a gloss black poptop on a pure grey van would look...
  10. M

    Any photos of Pure grey van with banded Amarok wheels?

    Thinking of getting a set of banded Amaroks for my Kombi but undecided on colour. Currently have 20” zito alloys but fancy a change so photos would be very much appreciated Thank you in advance
  11. Delboy42

    Show us your T6.1 Sportline

    Hi Guys. Had my sportline 1 week. done 400 miles Average 30 mpg
  12. JEZ#BLM

    T6.1 Sportline Black Edition

    Picked mine up on Saturday, still getting used to the ride and needs some weight in the back. Really pleased with it. Will upload some more pics. Nice little surprise in the load area though I don’t wanna spoil any surprises for anyone!
  13. T6180

    Sold T6.1 Pure Grey Top Grill Trims

    These are vanstyle replacement grill trims which I had professionally painted in Pure Grey and never got round to fitting them and I've now sold the van so no longer required. As these are vanstyle I expect the quality and fit to be good. The painting cost me £100 so I'm happy to re-coup that...
  14. K

    Help - Renault Trafic Urban Grey / T6.1 Pure Grey

    I have my own business and am looking to get a new van for one of our teams. We’ve always had black vans but they are too hard to keep clean in the work we do and also too hot for when I camp. Thinking about getting them a Renault Traffic/Nissan NV300 in Urban Grey. My next van would then be...
  15. Bobbych

    Show us your T6.1 then..
  16. James Batten

    New work on van by Bognor Motors

    Excellent work from Bognor Motors in fitting new suspension, lower profile tyres and a DSG gearbox remap - totally transformed the looks and the drive of the van and brings a bigger smile to my face every time I step into it!
  17. T6180


    Swamper 17" Fuel Zephyr alloys running non-swamper Goodyear 225/55/17s tyres This look is like marmite, you either like it or hate it!....personally I'm liking it and comfort wise, it's so good!
  18. Skyliner33

    Panel van to........ to be decided.

    After having sold my Starlight Blue T6, I have started on the journey again. Maybe in a different direction this time. This was delivered to me: So as I cant drive it yet, which is killing me, I decided to start on some jobs. First was sound deadening using the Dodo Mat, which I found...
  19. Casual1874

    Pure Grey paint code required

    About to get a roof spoiler ordered TIA.....
  20. B

    Clayton wheels in black on standard Highline Kombi pure grey

    Greetings Folks, Picked up my brand new van 'Greyham' last week and have completed some upgrades, insulation, sound deadening, carpet, additional seat brackets, storage box. I really love the drive on the standard 16 inch Claytons however I am not sure it goes with my pure grey solid paint and...