team pure-grey

  1. K

    Help - Renault Trafic Urban Grey / T6.1 Pure Grey

    I have my own business and am looking to get a new van for one of our teams. We’ve always had black vans but they are too hard to keep clean in the work we do and also too hot for when I camp. Thinking about getting them a Renault Traffic/Nissan NV300 in Urban Grey. My next van would then be...
  2. R

    My Pure-Grey T6.1 with black 20” alloys

    New van arrived quality is shocking it’s back in VW already! did manage to fit new wheels though
  3. James Batten

    New work on van by Bognor Motors

    Excellent work from Bognor Motors in fitting new suspension, lower profile tyres and a DSG gearbox remap - totally transformed the looks and the drive of the van and brings a bigger smile to my face every time I step into it!
  4. T6180

    SwamperLow - Yes or No

    Swamper 17" Fuel Zephyr alloys running non-swamper Goodyear 225/55/17s tyres This look is like marmite, you either like it or hate it!....personally I'm liking it and comfort wise, it's so good!
  5. Skyliner33

    Panel van to........ to be decided.

    After having sold my Starlight Blue T6, I have started on the journey again. Maybe in a different direction this time. This was delivered to me: So as I cant drive it yet, which is killing me, I decided to start on some jobs. First was sound deadening using the Dodo Mat, which I found...
  6. Casual1874

    Pure Grey paint code required

    About to get a roof spoiler ordered TIA.....
  7. B

    Clayton wheels in black on standard Highline Kombi pure grey

    Greetings Folks, Picked up my brand new van 'Greyham' last week and have completed some upgrades, insulation, sound deadening, carpet, additional seat brackets, storage box. I really love the drive on the standard 16 inch Claytons however I am not sure it goes with my pure grey solid paint and...
  8. BognorMotors

    Pure Grey T6.1 We Are Building...

    We are nearly at the end of the build with this t6.1, and thought we haven’t put any pics up. This is a fully factory specified 199 4motion, with lots of BMVS options to finish it off. More pics to follow :-)
  9. P

    Pure Grey T6.1 Dsg Highline

    Hi all, Not put much on the forum but always on here having a nose. :) So I have just sold my T6 Kombi after 3 years and loved the van so decided to trade it in for a T6.1 and will post some pics up tomorrow. First impressions are it seems to be more refined and steering has a nicer feel. My...
  10. MattPoss

    Aftermarket Sportline spoilers/splitters.....

    Im looking to get a Sportline Front Splitter and Rear Spoiler on my T6 Twin Rear Door Looking for a bit of advice on which kit is the best fitting (Travelin Lite, Van Style, Transporter HQ e.t.c) from others who have got them on. I've had a bit of a search and Travelin Lite seemed well rated...
  11. pete_r86

    New To The T6 Owner

    Hi! I’m from the south west of Scotland, just picked up my T6 on Saturday, after getting a custom camper conversion completed on it.
  12. whale

    Pure Grey Tdi400

    Pure Grey TDI400 DSG 4Motion Mechanical Diff Lock Dual Batteries 2x Captains Seats Rubber Floor LED's Composition Media Just added tinting & installed some sound deadener & insul-layer yesterday. :thumbsup:
  13. marmite monster

    Pure Grey Startline>> Transformation

    Picked this up last week, tailgate, aircon, captains seats. Not entirely sure what direction I'm going with this one yet. Mods so far b14s and Calibre cc-u wheels 20x9 et45 tinted the rear glass and made a start on the rear carpet lining. Planning on colour coding the bumpers, handles and...
  14. Scott

    Team Pure Grey

    Show me yours
  15. L

    Pure Grey Problems

    Hi I have a pure grey t6 and its in for a bit of bodywork (keyed) and colour coded bumpers been through 4 different colours and they all seem off colour code: Wrong Spectro?: wrong spectro: wrong custom mix closest to match: Wrong has anyone else suffered from this? iv seen allot of colour...