team grey

  1. Kernow Freeze

    Cades Hera 20"

    Looking at buying some Cades Hera 20" has anyone got any pictures of there van with them on please. I have a induim grey T30 T6 which colour should I go for?
  2. R

    Team Ascot Grey

    I'll kick of the Team Ascot Grey thread? :) Allready did some 'tweaking', dechromed, debadged, window tint, b pillar wrap, edition stickers, transparant wrap on rear bumper and at the front doors (entrance) Inside has been transformed with custom made seat covers in gti red fabric, and tables...
  3. MyfirstVW

    Bonjour, g’day, from Cornwall.

    Another new kid on the block... finally got my hands on this T32 DSG kombi. Lots of plans but ran out of money buying it, so it’ll be like this for a few weeks...
  4. T

    Indium grey ideas...

    Hello, We have just bought a T6 conversion in Indium grey, and want to start personalising it with stickers etc. I’d love to see what colour grilles you’ve changed yours too and stickers you’ve used. After going to the beach the other day, we need to make ours a little different otherwise we...
  5. V

    Wheel choice.....Team Indium Grey!

    Hi everyone, Picking up my indium grey T6 next week and it currently has davenport wheels, so a few questions... how much do you sell the davenport wheels for on average? Also i would like to get some 18's and was thinking about going for the older matt black sport line alloys as the new ones...
  6. G

    Harry’s Garage in Doncaster

    I have just had my van lowered and callipers painted £270 including parts by Harry’s Garage in Doncaster, what a fantastic service, great guys and had it back the same day, can’t recommend them highly enough they do other work like spoilers and windows fitted Definitely looks the dogs b@@@s haha
  7. Charlue50!


    Hi got round to joining the group,at last.
  8. G

    Few hours polishing

    Gave the van a bit of tlc.
  9. cy294

    Blacked-out grille trim and badges

    Afternoon all, hope you are all keeping safe. I'm seeking your assistance in pictures of Indium grey T6's with blacked out badges and grill trims. I'm looking to do this mod by wrapping the trim and badge in gloss black. I would use black insulation as a trial, but haven't got any. Pics...
  10. Rob_EMTB

    T6 204 Dsg 4motion

    Hi all. Been lurking for a little bit trying to get all the info on my first ever VW. Initially was going to go for the 6.1, placed an order fully specced out, but due to current situation, delays and finances I got this 2017 version. So not brand new, but saved a huge chunk of cash. And it had...
  11. N

    Hi All

    Hello All, just replaced my 2016 T6 LWB Kombi 180 DSG Highline with a new 2020 T6.1 LWB Kombi 199 DSG Highline. Thought much quieter to drive and the electric doors are much smoother closing, still not sure why they removed the foot rest or sun glass holder !! Still to try the park assist and...
  12. bigun

    First Timer

    Morning, I didn't think I could like a car as much as my Audi A8, and was a tad gutted when I traded it in for our first VW T6. We've had the T6 for a week and although we've not had the chance to get out for a good run in it yet, absolutely love it!!!!!! Must have washed it 4 times in the...
  13. Bobbych

    Finally. Here She Is.

    My long awaited T6.1 PV is finally in my possession. Let the conversion begin. T30 Highline 150 DSG.
  14. Inthezone

    Clean At Last

    Managed to get some time to clean it
  15. P

    New Guy, New T6, Looking For Inspiration

    Hi guys, just signed up here as just bought a T6 and was browsing to get inspiration for some visual upgrades. Here she is - I pick it up Sunday so its exciting times! Got all the extras I wanted (apart from electric folding mirrors but hey ho). Crying out for wheels, coils and sport line kit...
  16. IMG_4361


  17. S

    I’ve Just Bought A T6 Caravelle

    I’ve been a member for a while, whilst contemplating if I should buy a Caravelle or not. It wasn’t a difficult decision, but making my mind up on what I should spend was. And today I paid a deposit on a 2016 Executive 204 indium grey with LED’s and VW dynamic suspension. It has an ABT body kit...
  18. Berger

    The Berger Van So Far

    Starting to come together a bit now, it’s a high line lwb 150dsg so far has it lowered on raceline eibach springs 50mm and added the Porsche wheels with h&r adapters I went for 265/40/20 tyres, also added a mk7 style dsg steering wheel last night will add pics later
  19. BognorMotors

    Another Day....another Big Build

    This van came straight off our long term rental fleet, and was already running 20” Zito wheels, Stainless sidebars, -40MM springs Sportline front spoiler and lip. When we sold it to the new owner we worked closely on the modifications, which include; Bilsteins B14’s Black Badges Black sidebars...
  20. G

    New Van Excitement Overload

    been searching for a kombi for a while now, seen loads that tick most boxes and others that tick all boxes but outwith my budget. Going to see one 2morro it’s more than I was looking to spend but..... you only live once... Will update with pics and spec if I get it