1. R

    VAT on van sale now it’s converted

    Hi all. Wonder if anyone out there could answe this. I bought a new panel van approx 1 1/2 ago on which being vat registered I claimed the vat back. I then had it converted to a high spec camper on which I didn’t claim.All in it has cost about £60 k. I’m now considering selling the van. What vat...
  2. D

    Claiming vat through repurpose of van

    Hi all - bit of a left field question I was hoping someone could give their input on. I bought a T6 to convert into a camper and use for work and play (I travel the country as a videographer). However we’ve had the pleasant surprise of finding out we have a little one on the way and because of...
  3. Texxaco

    Fuel Tax reduction petition

    We need to get this signed all Fuel tax petition
  4. Merryman

    VAT on Labour

    Hi, My local garage that I use in Norwich charges VAT on his £50 an hour labour charge, making it £60. However other fitters and installers don't charge VAT. Anyone know the correct criteria?
  5. W

    Day-Van: T32 Or T30 ?

    Hi All, What's the best option out of T32 & T30 for a general day van ? Understand that the T32 has a higher load capacity but is it overkill for what I need as it will never be fully loaded. Would the ride be too harsh ? Regards
  6. M

    Shuttle: Van Or Car

    Hi is anyone who’s self employed driving a shuttle. I see they are classed as m1 (car) and would not be allowed to be used In your annual investment allowance to offset against earnings?
  7. Kramsdog

    Coca Cola Kombi’s and HMRC

    Just spoken to my brother who works for Coke, he’s just told me that his company has lost its case with HMRC. This bad news for company Kombi drivers/ builders Check out this link Coca-Cola fails to overturn company car tax ruling
  8. A

    Tax Efficiency

    Hello to all, a friend around the corner from me has bought a 60 plate panel van, removed the bulkhead, fitted a 2nd row of seats and Kombi Windows cut in. He says that he has to now re-register it with DVLA as a "panel van with windows" but this for tax purposes is still a std panel van. So...
  9. Spitfire

    Kombi: Van or Car for Tax Purposes

    looking to buy Kimbo but now told it’s classed as a car, then someone else says no it’s not if over 1000 kg payload , grateful for any advice, going for test drive tmrw and getting so many conflicting answers. Thanks for any help
  10. BigBarn

    When is a van not a van ... ask HMRC!

    Saw this posted elsewhere... Legal ruling could increase Double-Cab van tax | Business Vans