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Anthony S

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Hello to all, a friend around the corner from me has bought a 60 plate panel van, removed the bulkhead, fitted a 2nd row of seats and Kombi Windows cut in. He says that he has to now re-register it with DVLA as a "panel van with windows" but this for tax purposes is still a std panel van.
So for legal tax efficiency purposes in the eyes of hmrc and an accountant, would this be classed as a std panel van or a now problematic tax-Kombi?
I'm looking at buying a Kombi or perhaps doing the same as described above. This would be registered under my company which would be used for company uses, but not a lot. My wife is a director of the company too.
Thanks for any advice you can offer.

Shaun Witts

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Search for BIK or VAT in this forum as there are several related threads or try the following link:

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Get it wrong, and you could be setting yourself up for a huge tax bill in the future, but so many other people get away with it so what are the chances ...