tailgate tent

  1. H

    Vango Tailgate ground sheet - how to?

    I've got a Vango Tailgate Airhub and can't for the life of me figure out how the ground sheet attaches to the main awning. It's probably not an unusual system but I'm not very up with this stuff. Seems like the awning has flaps that form a skirt that tucks under the groundsheet, presumably to...
  2. R

    For Sale Reimo upgrade tailgate tent

    Hi I have a new and unused reimo upgrade vw t6 transporter tailgate tent. It’s never been used it’s been in my cupboard in the bedroom we’re I keep some stuff that I want to hide from the wife. It might do someone a turn. It cost about £200 when I purchased it. Looking for £90 cash on collection...
  3. S

    Sold Kiravans rear barn door awning £130

    Only used a few times but great bit of kit for allowing rear doors to be open in the rain / changing under / extra shade. Bought from here. Selling the NON SPOILER version. Collection Bideford, N Devon. Can get a price for posting if required.
  4. Mike Dean

    Wanted VW tailgate awning.

    Looking for an OEM tailgate awning.
  5. H

    Securing a tailgate awning with pop top?

    Looking at the Vango Tailgate Awning, it looks like the securing straps need to cross over the van roof before being pegged in front. Does anyone have experience of this with a pop top please? I'm concerned the straps will interfere with the canvas, or is there some other means of fastening at...
  6. S

    Wanted Clip-Under Tailgate-Tent/Awning

    Does anyone have a clip under tailgate tent/awning that they might sell (Reimo Fritz, or similar)? We have a bike rack on the tailgate which seems to rule out throw over awnings. Cheers
  7. New2t6

    Tailgate awnings - any recommendations?

    REIMO FRITZ TAILGATE TENT VW T4/T5/T6, Mazda BONGO, Awning, Shower, Storage | eBay Anybody got one of these? Any good? Fit on well? Alternative? Thanks
  8. S

    Reimo Rear Tent Univan - Anyone Used One?

    Exploring the options for tailgate tents/awnings and found this - has anyone seen, tried or got one? Any good?
  9. snowdrop

    Other Half Excelled...rear Awning

    Attached photos of a homemade rear awning, waterproof material off amazon, my old fishing tent footprint, strap over the bike rack and voila! Well pleased 25 quid well spent ( the awning I mean)
  10. S

    Reimo Tailgate Tent...

    Has anyone got one of these? Seems a cheap and easy solution so wanted some pics and reviews if possible?
  11. Vinci

    Wot a shower

    My darling wife has agreed (and booked) a festival in the summer, but wants a shower facility. We have a changing tent, so, please any ideas/experiences please? The van has power in the rear and is a tailgate version. Thanks.
  12. ZipcodeUK

    "Day trip" awning / canopy

    So I'm on the hunt for a canopy / awning for short trips. Something that can be put up in 5-10min, packs down easy and doesn't take up a lot of room. I want it for short trips with the kids where we may not be camping for more than a day where using our large awning is not really feasible. Or...