1. andy greenwood

    Europe roadtrip - july 2022

    Hi , we are planning a trip to Europe in July 2022. We only have 2 weeks to do it due to work holidays. We want to spend a few days in Switzerland at Jungfrau & then head to Austria for a few days and then into Bavaria. I have not drove in Europe since 2003 so I'm after advice please, what...
  2. taff1888

    South Wales to Switzerland

    Hi everyone. So in two weeks we (me, the wife and our 3 year old) are driving for a week in a lodge in Switzerland. The holiday has been booked for over a year and intially we were driving in the car. Since covid came around we greatly expected the holiday to be cancelled and are now proud t6...
  3. D

    Wild Camping In Switzerland, Italy And Austria?

    I’m roughly planning a 4 -5 week trip for September / October 2019 and would like to hear about personal experiences of wild camping in Switzerland, Austria and Northern Italy, preferably in the Alps and Dolomites. We would be looking to be as unobtrusive as possible; no furniture, awning or...
  4. E

    Tips For Visiting Geneva...

    Hi All, I am going camping for the first time on the east coast of France, I planned on visiting Geneva for a day trip, has anyone done this? I'm about an 90km north according to google, but is it easy to drive into the city or would I better driving to a place close by and catching the train /...
  5. korben

    Hi from Switzerland

    Hi there, I'm a swiss guy, I we have with my partner a T6 (California Ocean, TSI 150ps, named Bob ;)) since almost 2 years now, and I hope for many, many more years :). I'm already active on french forums and happy and curious to discover other Tx community from different country (it's also an...
  6. Pounty

    Europe and Scandinavia van site app

    hi, going to be doing a lot of driving through Europe and Scandinavia. Is there an app that shows sites, etc. So I can stop on the hop if needs be! Thx, Andy
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  8. VanBlanc


    A few folk have mentioned plans to do this trip. This year we did 4400 miles up the Norwegian atlantic coast to the Arctic Circle and back through Sweden. I know the area around Stavanger and Stockholm but not much more so it was an adventure. There are a lot of pics on our FaceBook page Van...