1. D

    Conversion companies in the SE?

    Hi Looking at converting my lwb T6. Any recommendations on good companies? Visiting SK conversions in etchingham later but would welcome any advice. Thanks!
  2. D

    ICE Installer London / Surrey?

    Any recommendations for someone to instal rear speakers and code the radio to activate the fader function in or around TW15 please?
  3. Mike Dean

    Ovano - Surrey?

    Ovano XL SWB - Wanted Sussex/Surrey. I looked on the @ovano website but they do not post and I don't want to have to drive to Bristol. Wanted for a new van i'm buying so have a few weeks :thumbsup: Let me know! Thanks, Mike
  4. Dwuk2000

    Coilover Fitting - Hampshire/Surrey Area

    Have a 2017 ex AA T6 T32 that is in dire need of lowering. Can anyone suggest a garage to fit some Bluebird coilovers in the Hampshire/Surrey area? Preferably one that is open on Saturdays. Thanks in advance.
  5. Zave

    Eberspacher Repairer recommendation in South East please

    Eberspacher throws an "error" message after running for 5 minutes and getting hot. Understand the over heating sensor may need replacing. Can anyone recommend a repairer please? I am based in Surrey.
  6. D

    Powder-Coat recommendation Surrey

    I want to powder coat my factory Devonports gloss black. I live in Surrey. Can anyone give me a recommendation? Stay safe
  7. A

    Looking for a good Leisure battery fitter SW London

    Hi, Looking to get a leisure battery installed in my T6 Kombi (2018). Anyone know a good installer in SW london / Surrey area? Or is this a relatively easy self install?

    tow bar installers in the southeast?

    Has Anyone in the Essex area has a towbar fitted for a good price and a good fitter ..
  9. B

    Window fitting - Surrey / Berks ?

    Hi all, looking to get some windows fitted, any recommendations for Surrey / Berks area cheers Jim
  10. apc67

    Interior Fitters in the Basingstoke Area?

    My Kombi is on order and due Nov/Dec, I plan to soundproof and insulate the inside and then get a professional to carpet line it and install extra LEDs - does anyone know of any companies that do this type of work in the Basingstoke area (Hants/Surrey)? Thanks in advance
  11. Tony Smith

    VCDS in Surrey

    I am near Woking in Surrey and have VCDS
  12. Ron Campbell

    Electric advice needed

    Had my T6 for 9 Months and want to go to Spain and Portugal over winter. I would like to do some wild camping so need to ensure my fridge is powered up for 3 months. Do I go for solar or split charger, or both.. Also would like a contact to do the work in Surrey area as I would bodge it...
  13. KezandPhil

    New Member from Surrey

    Hi All We are excitedly waiting for delivery of our T6.1 campervan that should be with us in about a week (fingers and everything crossed !). Can't wait to get out there and start using it, have already planned our first trip using Brit Stops and the CCC sites. Just beginning to think about...
  14. Ethan Andrews

    RIB installer in Hampshire,Surrey,Sussex or Kent?

    Hi can anyone recommend an installer in the South for RIB seats?
  15. jimc91

    Window fitting in the south / southeast?

    Has anybody used Sublime mobile window fitting services, they are based in Tonbridge or can you recommend a company in South London / Kent / Surrey area? Looking to have barn doors and 2 fixed windows installed, thanks is advance - Jim
  16. Jules

    Roof Rails For Caravelle.

    Dear all, I need to take some windsurfing gear down to France for my kids but do not have rails on my caravelle to put a roof rack(bars). What is the best and cheapest way to get rails fitted please and where in SURREY am I best going to? thanks
  17. R

    Camper conversion companies, south coast

    Hi all Am new to the forum here, but lurking a while over on some of the "other" forums :-) I've looking to fit solar charging to my Caravelle which has an existing split charge leisure system, running fridge and lights. Have read the What Solar Panel & Controller? thread which is a great...
  18. markob

    Garage recommendation: London

    Hope this is the right place for this post.. Can anyone recommend a main dealer for servicing in Surrey / SW London area ? Not sure I believe google reviews anymore ! Been looking at SMC Croydon or Lookers Guildford but they get really mixed reviews, happy to travel a bit further if necessary
  19. 308mate

    Good Body Shop In Surrey?

    Looking for a good body shop in Surrey (I'm in Weybridge) to do a few small jobs on my van. Would be great if anyone has a recommendation from personal experience, ideally a place that knows their Transporters.