1. elTorerro

    Van ordered, what else do I need for a possible trip to Spain in 6 weeks? (cross fingers)

    So I've placed an order for my new van - total noob, although I know my way around the woods if you know what I mean. I don't want to get into what I'm getting but I am looking forward to my 6.1 from direct campers ;) What other kit should I now be looking at, I've got 6 weeks to get my act...
  2. Body snatcher

    Any advice for travel to Spain ?

    I’m considering travel to Spain would love any tips or advice cheers
  3. Pete C

    Paying Spanish Speeding Fines

    Thought I would put this here, in case it was of use to anyone else. Today I received a speeding fine in the post from the Spanish DGT. It was incurred on our recent trip to Spain/Portugal. Apparently I was doing 113kmh in a 90kmh zone. I can't argue with them as I have no idea specifically...
  4. Pete C

    Warmish Locations In October

    It looks like we will have some time free for a longer campervan trip in early October. We want to go to Scotland, but I suspect it could be a bit fresh up there doing something like the NC500. We have friends in the South of France, so could drop down there, then move on to Spain and Portugal...
  5. J

    New Spanish Caravelle

    Hi all! So happy to discover this forums! I bought my Caravelle last Spring and still planning what todo with it. I´m planning to install many gadtges and I´m sure I´ll able to do it with all the info I can find in these forums. See you!
  6. Dannyb6467

    La Tomatina Festival, Bunol, Spain. Has Anyone Been In Their Van??

    As the subject suggests, we are hoping to get a few days away to the festival. We have never been before and are hoping to drive there this year. Has anyone been? Where did you park? Whats the general schedule? I can see the web site is pretty informative but would rather hear 1st hand. Ta.
  7. Glenn Board

    VCDS in Spain

    I am in the Costa del Sol, but travel to Costa Blanca and Brava, I have just fitted a reversing camera and need it activated, any T6 forum member who have a machine and could do this for me please?