1. tinctina

    Malaga winter

    Hi going to spend 3 months next jan around malaga any one knows a good site for me wife 2 dogs t6 and drive away tent struggling please help first time with campervan abroad. Thanks Peter
  2. S

    Portugal - electronic tolls

    Back home after a two month+ tour of Spain and Portugal, and thought it might be useful to others if I post something about our experience of driving in Portugal. This is to do with the toll roads in Portugal only. We got stung for 84 euros on the day we entered Portugal, probably because I...
  3. S

    Cadiz, Spain.

    On our way to Cadiz in couple weeks. Any suggestions?
  4. 3crispies

    1000 mile blast

    Just drove to South Spain in one go 45mpg @ 80mph with AC full where could, couldnt believe this time how busy all routes were. What a farce at eurotunnel blagged pcr tests and by the time our results were through we were halfway to Paris, not bad will miss the van when home as new one has arrived.
  5. Dave Potts

    Driving in Europe

    Its our first time driving through France this year and we are looking for advice. From the eurotunnel to the south of France google maps has the fastest route going through Paris. I imagine this is a bad idea so maybe take a longer route down. We are heading to Luchon for le tour and heading...
  6. N

    Northern Spain/Galicia campsites

    Rather than driving down through France to our house in Spain as we have done for many years, we are getting the ferry to Santander in June and have decided to explore parts of Spain we haven’t visited before. We intend driving along the Northern coast into Galicia then making our way down...
  7. elTorerro

    Van ordered, what else do I need for a possible trip to Spain in 6 weeks? (cross fingers)

    So I've placed an order for my new van - total noob, although I know my way around the woods if you know what I mean. I don't want to get into what I'm getting but I am looking forward to my 6.1 from direct campers ;) What other kit should I now be looking at, I've got 6 weeks to get my act...
  8. Pete C

    Paying Spanish Speeding Fines

    Thought I would put this here, in case it was of use to anyone else. Today I received a speeding fine in the post from the Spanish DGT. It was incurred on our recent trip to Spain/Portugal. Apparently I was doing 113kmh in a 90kmh zone. I can't argue with them as I have no idea specifically...
  9. Pete C

    Warmish Locations In October

    It looks like we will have some time free for a longer campervan trip in early October. We want to go to Scotland, but I suspect it could be a bit fresh up there doing something like the NC500. We have friends in the South of France, so could drop down there, then move on to Spain and Portugal...
  10. Dannyb6467

    La Tomatina Festival, Bunol, Spain. Has Anyone Been In Their Van??

    As the subject suggests, we are hoping to get a few days away to the festival. We have never been before and are hoping to drive there this year. Has anyone been? Where did you park? Whats the general schedule? I can see the web site is pretty informative but would rather hear 1st hand. Ta.
  11. G12RYX

    Central France And Barcelona Help Please

    Good afternoon! Looking for some advice for a trip I have planned for May 19’. We have an apartment in Murcia and having driven it none stop 3-4 times (so the dog could come) I decided to build a camper as there are so many nice places I’d liked to have stopped. With the main objective to...
  12. C

    Calais To Nerja In Feb

    I've sorted the route, the standard one provided by Michelin is perfect for our journey, Calais - Le Mans - Bordeaux - Biarritz - Madrid - Granada - Nerja almost all on the motorways, it' not a sightseeing trip. I'll stop overnight three times along the way, likely half way through France, near...
  13. Glenn Board

    VCDS in Spain

    I am in the Costa del Sol, but travel to Costa Blanca and Brava, I have just fitted a reversing camera and need it activated, any T6 forum member who have a machine and could do this for me please?
  14. manuel

    Hello From Spain

    A new member is presenting a T6 Caravelle SummerBlue. For here i´ll be to help in all what can about vag and other topics.