1. M

    Skyline Roofs now accommodates mattress storage

    I've just turned up to the party and invested in a T6 Kombi. It’s kind of a add as we go kind of project depending on what we want/need But a must is a pop top roof. I have done lots of research through this forum and speaking to people I know and I think I’m there. correction I know I’m there...
  2. S

    Skyline North conversions?

    Just starting down the road of converting a T6. Pretty set after some research on a skyline poptop from. Skyline North. There's quite a few threads on there poptops, all encouraging. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with there other services--line out, electrical, heater, windows? I...
  3. A2dczealous

    How to fit a solar panel video tutorial

    Hi fellow Dubbers. This weeks video is a solar install using the Skyline Roofs 150W solar panel kit and CTEK SE connection. A little geeky chat about PWM and MPPT too Also going to give away the PWM controller to one viewer, so check out the video and see what you think
  4. Ashjoli

    Skyline pop top roofs

    I'm in Derby and there are two companies that offer pop top conversions. Both are using Skyline roof's for the pop tops, does anyone have any views on whether these are any good or not? There price to fit with bed,lights and carpet are both around the £3700 mark. Would be interested to hear what...
  5. D

    New Skyline Aurora Roof

    Fitted two weeks ago and we finally got chance to put the roof up today.....Skyline fitted at the main workshop in Weston super mare and our roof was the third one fitted since it was introduced a month ago. We have completed about 500 miles now and have not noticed any rattles or noises that...
  6. goldeneye243

    Skyline Aurora Roofs - Any Feedback?

    Looks like Skyline have a new roof available - The Aurora. Anyone had one fitted yet that can provide any feedback?
  7. J

    Pop Top Bed Help

    Hi I'm after some advice regarding making a pop top bed, I have a skyline pop top fitted but instead of buying the bed they provide I have decided to make a bed using a piece of 15mm ply. I have a couple of queries if anyone else has chosen this; 1. How far forward do the beds normally finish...
  8. M

    Low Life Stealth Roof

    Has anyone had the low life roof fitted to a LWB? Its a toss up between this and a reimo (both same price) Cheers
  9. CJ_T6-red

    Pop Top Securing Method

    hi folks, sorry if this has been discussed before, but have seen some posts about what the best pop top is for clearence and for profile on the top. I do know that it’s a pers9nal choice what u go for British or euro import ( long waiting time but better build ). And have seen things around...