1. S

    Skyline Roof thermal cover

    Hi all, I've just seen that Skyline roofs are selling their own thermal wraps to fit their pop tops. Has anyone got one or could recommend one to fit an Aurora roof. Cheers
  2. Sackmycook

    Fiamma F45s compatibility with Skyline standard pop-top

    Just had a major wobble about whether I need to alter what's in the picture when my pop-top is fitted on Tuesday next week Anyone offer some reassurance or otherwise....
  3. C

    Skyline Aurora Pop-Top opening on motorway?

    Hello all, I am converting a 2020 plate T6.1 and have had my van booked in for some time now to have the pop up roof fitted(due to be done in a couple of weeks). I opted for the Skyline Aurora. However I have since been contacted by my installer(not naming names) who tells me that they are no...
  4. VinylArchie

    Skyline Pop-Top leaking; am i expecting too much?

    So having spent the best part of £4000 on my Skyline pop top earlier this year I'm less than impressed to be having water coming through the zips (presume that's how its getting in). On our first long distance trip to the Outer Hebrides I did have water come through to drip on the passenger seat...
  5. NorthernT6

    Which Skyline pop-top: original or Aurora?

    So I have narrowed it down to Skyline for my Poptop of choice, firstly for the good reviews and recommendations on here and secondly Skyline North are up the road from me. My dilemma is which roof to go for , the 100mm standard or the Aurora? They both have there pros and cons! so any help or...
  6. H

    Skyline standard white

    Can anyone confirm please whether the Skyline's standard white is a close match for VW's candy white?
  7. R

    Skyline SkyLo Roof

    Looking at roofs for our next project and wanted to know if anyone has had one of the new Skylow roofs fitted? Any feedback appreciated.
  8. I

    Which awning rail is compatible with a pop-top?

    Needs to be compatible with a pop top
  9. F

    Skyline or Reimo pop-top?

    We have the van, LWB T6 and I'm in the process of choosing the conversion company. Which I'm finding very difficult, lots of companies all with different opinions. I've got quotes from 2 locals companies, one whom said Skyline Aurora is the best, one that said Reimo Easyfit with a Deluxe...
  10. M

    Skyline Aurora & T6 Tailgate Bike Rack

    Hi all, Does anyone else have a Skyline Aurora and VW tailgate bike rack combo? If so, does your bike rack hit the Skyline roof when it's popped up, preventing the tailgate to fully open? We've had a bit of a mare with ours plus two broken rear lights.
  11. D

    skyline roof clips

    We have the slightly earlier Skyline roof which is held down - sort of! - by two straps at the front. This is not satisfactory as it is difficult to tighten properly and tends to lift at speed. It needs some sort of toggle catch arrangement rather like the roof of a 2CV. Does anyone know...
  12. D

    HiLo or SkyLine?

    Hi all I’m currently going with aurora as my conversion company use these but I’m more set on Hilo , love the fact it drops so not visible as a pop top from outside. The company I’m going with on conversion question reliability of Hilo and say it quite significantly reduces internal area when...
  13. S

    The Poptop Conundrum

    Hi All, so i am totally new to the forum. I have gleam huge amounts of info from many of the posts already but now my VWT6 has arrived i thought i would get involved. I have done quite a lot of research on pop tops but find out how they differ is quite tricky (they all look the same). I have a...
  14. W

    Cornish Camper

    Got our T6.1 Highline base van converted this week. Absolutely love it! Thanks to Taylored Campervan Conversions in Barnstaple. Great bunch of lads that take great pride in their work and it shows. Highly recommended.
  15. Joseph

    Cable access holes through roof......

    Hey all, forum newb. Recently got a T6 for a MTB/Camping/Daily beast. Just added roof bars last week and thinking about mounting a roof tent and Solar panel up there, wondering on what the suggestions are regarding getting cables through the roof skin into the vehicle.... this is the...
  16. N

    My new Toy

    Hi Folks, New to the forum and just thought Id post up a picture of my toy. A few mods since this pic but nothing major just the usual wind deflectors and so on.
  17. M

    Skyline Roofs now accommodates mattress storage

    I've just turned up to the party and invested in a T6 Kombi. It’s kind of a add as we go kind of project depending on what we want/need But a must is a pop top roof. I have done lots of research through this forum and speaking to people I know and I think I’m there. correction I know I’m there...
  18. S

    Skyline North conversions?

    Just starting down the road of converting a T6. Pretty set after some research on a skyline poptop from. Skyline North. There's quite a few threads on there poptops, all encouraging. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with there other services--line out, electrical, heater, windows? I...
  19. S

    Finally made up my mind - Skyline pop-top!

    Made my decision, new T32 Highline get's delivered next week. Now the fun begins, need to get booked in for a poptop first. Leaning towards a skyline roof as I like the way they lock down. Anyone got any views good or bad and maybe a fitter recommendation?
  20. A2dczealous

    How to fit a solar panel video tutorial

    Hi fellow Dubbers. This weeks video is a solar install using the Skyline Roofs 150W solar panel kit and CTEK SE connection. A little geeky chat about PWM and MPPT too Also going to give away the PWM controller to one viewer, so check out the video and see what you think