shock absorbers

  1. Shaun P Bass

    Found T32 Rear Springs + Shocks...N/East

    Hi all. Looking for a set of T32 standard rear springs to boost up my back end on my 2017 T6. Maybe shocks also. Ideally located within 25 miles of TS13 (N.Yorks/East Cleveland) area...or poss post to me?.. Many Thanks Shaun..
  2. nelo

    Wanted T6 t32 2016 Front damper

    Well I just thought I would give this a go. I have just been to VW and as well as taking more of my money than i thought they should - they gave me a lovely video showing the front damper is leaking and I was wondering if any of you good people has a low mileage OEM front damper / drivers side...
  3. TW2904

    Sold Koni Shocks with H&R Lowering Springs

    T32 Koni Active Shocks with H&R 40mm lowering springs. Supplied and subsequently removed by Steve at CRS Performance. Covered less than 8k miles. These are a great upgrade and in full working order. They were reluctantly removed after 12 months as I wanted to go lower. Looking for £550...
  4. ma77y

    Wanted Caravelle executive dampers

    Hi all, looking for a set of dampers from a T30 caravelle executive for my 2018pv conversion. Newer the better must be reasonably priced. Intend to pair them up with a set of H&R 50mm springs. Happy to collect North West area
  5. CRS Performance

    Top shock mount modifications to get extra low .

    As most already know. We don’t like excessively dropped Vans because of the residual problems it causes , but I do get asked by some customers about the modified top mount , and the merits of this mod. Promoted by a few accessory companies . I thought it would be a good idea to expose this...
  6. CRS Performance

    For Sale Koni shocks for type 2 transporter.

    We are now holding stock of type 2 transporter shocks , Koni don’t generally carry them anymore. But will make if sufficient quantities are purchased. They are like the proverbial Rocking horse dung To get and some customers are bringing from The states , and Europe at high cost . we have...
  7. S

    Bilstein rear shocks renewal

    Hi all, recently got a 16 plate t6 4motion,its got 20 inch alloys and a bilstein kit fitted.VW serviced it and notd the bushes on the rear knackered so they need renewing. the thing i replace these like for like,the ride is abit crashy prob to do with not much rubber...or do i just renew...
  8. B

    Rumble/knock from drivers footwell after coil over fitting [Resolved]

    I’ve fitted stance+ suspension and ever since there has been an intermittent knocking / rumble sound. Mostly at low speeds and not really over bigger bumps. I don’t think it’s related to turning. Originally through the driveshaft support bearing was knackered so swapped out the complete shaft...
  9. Bondyt6

    H&R coilovers knocking [Resolved]

    Hi All I have a 2016 t6 which I bought with h&r coilovers fitted, their is a knocking noise when driving at slow speed, especially when I reverse out of the drive. I have checked it and all looks good, has anybody had any experience with h&r coilovers and maybe had the same issue? I am...
  10. P

    T6.1 - rear suspension speed bump noise

    I am a new member who has just bought a new Caravelle 6.1 4Motion with optional 18" wheels from the factory. Particularly when going up a hill with speed bumps, there is a sound a bit like a small wave hitting the shoreline while the rear suspension is unweighting after crossing each speed bump...
  11. bencoleman1988

    Vogtland Shocks and Spring matched.

    So I'm looking at the Vogtland shock and spring matched set up -30mm, but can find very little information on them, so was hoping someone might have had some experience with both shock and spring from them! My tired standard set up is in dire need of an upgrade and the Vogtland stuff appears to...
  12. lexc

    KONI Active vs Heavy Track

    Hi all, I am looking to replace the shocks all round on my T6 Transporter but not looking to adjust ride height. In my area, my options are KONI Heavy Track or Super Active. I have read the write-ups on both and after sifting through the marketing jargon I can't really see how you could...
  13. cy294

    FREE Original shocks and springs

    Original shocks and springs taken off a T30 Highline, having done approx 70k miles. They have been in the garage for a while since swapping them out for Stance+. Free to good home or they will be going to the the local recycling centre. Socially distanced collection (Carmarthenshire, Wales)
  14. P

    For Sale T6 T32 Eibach 50mm Lowering Springs and OEM Dampers £100

    Hi - have a set of Uberbus Eibach 50mm lowering springs and OEM dampers for sale. They are off my T32 and have done 9k. The springs are red - have a few marks on the top of the springs where they have rubbed. Nothing that you would ever see. I can send photo's if anyone is interested. They are...
  15. R

    For Sale Standard springs and shocks t30

    I have these standard springs and shocks from my van have done 2.5k miles on a 2019 t30 swb looking for £100 all in collection only thanks
  16. Andnik

    Spot the difference and Autodoc Shocking service

    So Lets say I am having a horrible time dealing with Autodoc customer (lack of) care. Can any of you spot the difference between the two shocks in the picture.....the new one is the correct part number as autodoc has reminded me of many times this week. Lets see where this thread goes as I...
  17. LakesT6

    Sold Koni Special Active shock absorbers T26/28/30

    I have for sale a set of four Koni Special Active shocks, these are for the T28/T30 fitment and they will not fit a T32. They are suitable for vans lowered up to 40mm. Bought from CRS Performance in June of this year and used on my van for around 4k miles. These shocks give a superb ride, I only...
  18. DWS

    Oil leak from shock?

    Hello all! It seems my T6 has today decided it would like to make its Mark on my block paved drive. Looks like the shock has shat itself and it’s crying for a replacement SoLow coil over set up instead! Anyone know how drastic this can get as in how urgent it needs dealing with, I do usually...
  19. A

    oil staining on NSF shock

    I got my T6 back from its cambelt service (ouch) and they pointed out that there is oil staining on my NSF shock. They said that it does not necessarily need replacing, but that I should keep an eye on it. 1. Has anyone else had issues with a leaky shock like this? 2. If the shock does need...
  20. D

    T32 rear damper warranty?

    I’ve just had the rear wheels off and noticed that one of the standard T32 rear dampers with standard springs is very slightly wet with oil. I wouldn’t say it would be enough for an MOT failure and isn’t noticeably affecting the ‘ride’. I’m just into the final year of my 5 year warranty plan...