service history

  1. Mule

    Main dealer service or Independent garage (in warranty period)

    Hi all, I have a 71 plate converted T6.1 which has only done 3k miles but will soon be coming up for its first anniversary and therfore its first service. The van is still in warranty so I'm wondering if I 'need' to go down the main dealer route for the service history & warranty or would a...
  2. S

    How are you storing your Service Records?

    Hi Folks Looking for some advice on servicing I bought a pre reg 19 plate T6 camper in September 2020. The mileage was 300 and now has around 1500 miles So in June this year it is due its 2 year service. There is a 3 year warranty on the van as you will know I want to use my own...
  3. vandox

    Online service history

    Can anyone shed any light on where to find the service history online for my bus ? I've been on the VW website etc and found nothing regarding the commercial side. I have the vw app for my car and works a treat but struggling to find anything regarding commercial. Anyhelp would be appreciated
  4. R

    VW dealer for the service/ maintenance stamps?

    Hi guys, do any of you continue to go to VW for your servicing and maintenance to preserve the service history with VW stamps, etc or do you just find independent garages who use genuine parts. Or do you do it all yourself and have no stamps but receipts for parts etc I normally do most work...
  5. B

    Need Help From Experianced People.

    Hi. I have purchased a T6 just over 2 years old & with 33k. Sold to me with 11 months warranty & FSH. I have since found out that its had NO service at all since new. I do believe the bloke who sold it had no idea but should have checked. He has said he will take the van back & refund full...
  6. R

    Mad To Buy A 260k Mileage T6?

    Having recently sold a much beloved T4 2.4d campervan I am now in the market for a more modern version to be an everyday vehicle and slowly convert (Slidepod for example). Am I mad to buy a 2015 EU6 148bhp DSG? It's well equipped and looks tidy but that makes it about 26 years old right! I do...
  7. W

    Buying a T6 with high mileage

    Hi Guys, I'm looking to buy a June 2017 204 DSG Shuttle but it has 83,000 on the clock? Initially I dismissed this van due to the mileage but I'm now thinking it may not be so bad? Any thoughts on this and other things I should be looking out for? Should it of had a cambelt change and how often...
  8. David Stubbs

    Service Book

    Having recently bought an ex- demonstrator T6, I noticed that the service book wasn't present. After a discussion with the salesman, he said that they had started doing them online now so no need for the service book. Has anybody had the same issue? Thanks.
  9. C

    Who's done the most miles in their T6?

    Got my T6 150 Kombi back in September 16. Have now just passed 36,000 miles in it. What mileage are you all on now? Anyone passed 50k yet?