seat upgrade

  1. A aftermarket captain seats

    Has anyone used
  2. J

    Jennings passenger captains’ seat

    New to forum so hello to all. Changing my VW T6.1 double passenger seat with swivel for a single captain seat in the next month or two. Looked at getting passenger captain seat from Jennings seats. Has anyone used them? Are the seats of good quality? Also whats the average sales price for the...
  3. Sprengarfjord

    Air-suspension chair?

    I have T6.1 2021 and wonder if there is any air suspension chair for the left hand driver? I have found a swedish company but doesn't say if it fit my Transporter combi. Thanks//
  4. Steve@EDGEAutomotive

    Any support would be appreciated!

    Hey all, First of all happy new year to you all! Some of you may know me already but for those of you who don't, my names Steve and I own EDGE Automotive which is my upholstery business that's been going 14 years this year! For a while (since early 2019) I've wanted to start a YouTube channel...
  5. M

    Golf GTI Mk 7.5 seats into Velle - Airbags

    Searched the forums, where this is asked, but yet to find the answer. Fitted a pair of Mk7.5 leathers from a GTi to match the GTi steering wheel, i fitted recently. (in case someone is searching answer for that - i used a non-dsg wheel, with Polo Gti buttons as that matched my buttons and...
  6. roooms

    My Tiguan heated seat upgrade

    I bought a Tiguan Mk2 R-line interior a few weeks back and have been enjoying the comfort of the front seats using adapter plates (bought at Busfest from BiTurbo). Today I wired up the seat belt switch successfully. Nice and easy following the electrical track diagrams for the T6 and the...
  7. Mikeje

    For Sale 2019 T32 SWB Trendline Kombi | 6-seater | Leather | Lined | 20” Alloys | Koni & HR | £28,000

    Looking for £28,000 no vat 69 plateT6 32 SWB trend line with 40500 miles (registered dec 2019) - I've had this from new and it comes with a full service history. I've had a number of pro upgrades done to the van. Only selling as want a larger van for converting. All leather seats...
  8. T

    GTD seat upgrade?

    Greetings, really wanting to upgrade the driver seat for some more support. Does anyone know if a GTD seat fits or what is required? Will the THQ adapter plates work, or is it just as easy to get two flat bars and drill? The electrics and box underneath and horizontal rails, can they be...
  9. tommy_t6.1

    Audi wingback heated seat help

    I've had my wingbacks fitted for about 8 months now and have kept putting off getting the heated seats wired in. I've scoured the Web for wiring diagrams but can't seem to come across a definitive wiring diagram. From what I can make out, on the passenger seat plug: white +ve / brown gnd /...
  10. M

    Audi A6 electric seats wiring

    How do!!!!!! I’ve searched but couldn’t seem to find anything. I've just fitted a pair of A6 front seats with a swivel passenger. Manual adjustment but heated with lumbar (electric) …. Has anyone sourced a wiring diagram or a fix to get the most out of these seats please ? Cheers in advance.
  11. Majinvash

    Golf Mk6 GTD Seats fitted using THQ Plates and they wobble forwards and backwards. 3 Possible fixes. Advice please from anyone who has done this

    Hello, Simple issue. I have a GTD seat fitted and the teeth that go through to lock it in position are too long and hit the base. Meaning that the wider part doesnt seat correctly. What is the best route? 3 Fixes with my limited engineering brain 1) Shave down the teeth. Worried they might...
  12. 3RGK

    Do you know where these seats where reupholstered?

    Lovely seats (i think) anyone seen this design / foam shape from a company? Trying to source the reupholsterer
  13. J

    Sold Golf GTD Seats and THQ Adapter plates

    Hi selling my MK7 Golf GTD tartan seats and Transporter HQ conversion brackets Only had them in my van a couple of weeks but i need to go back to 2+1 as the 2 captains aren’t working for me plus I miss my arm rests Seats are in mint condition no rips or tears There also heated although I did get...
  14. Garv

    Caravelle seat foams/ Recaro bolster foam

    Hi all, I am looking to purchase Caravelle front captain seat base foams, also Recaro back seat bolsters for retrimming, Can any one recommend a supplier?
  15. J19WMK

    Audi A6 Seat upgrade

    A really fun job. Swapped the standard 2+1 set up for some A6 Audi S-Line seats. Total cost was about £400, and considering the VW drivers seat will probably sell for £600+ it’s a great modification to make! The THQ seat adapters made it a really simple job.
  16. D

    Triple Rear Bench - T-Roc Rear Seat Transplant

    Hi All, I picked up some T-Roc R-Line front seats for my van over the weekend and the seller gave me the rears for free. I am wondering if anyone has or knows someone that has the skills to transfer this pictured onto my pretty beat up triple rear bench? Thanks in advance, D.
  17. D

    Replacing heated seats with heated Recaro’s

    Hi all, I’m new to the forum. I have a T6 Kombi Highline 2018 which came with factory fitted heated seats with the controller on the dash. I’ve just bought Recaro Ergomed E seats which have the climate pack so are heated. Can I simply wire the Recaro seats to the VW heated seat wiring or is it...
  18. K

    Tiguan Seats Fitted

    Managed to finish getting the seats fitted today. Did the passenger seat last weekend with no errors or airbag light. Today… as soon as I unplugged the drivers seatbelt buckle I got 9 errors which included air bag light, ACC, parking sensors etc. so I took the belt buckle off captains seat as...
  19. T

    Which ‘sporty’ seats are a direct swap?

    Hi guys, I cant swap out the bench until my daughter finishes uni, so passengers will have to hold on lol. But I’m looking for something with more support on the driver side. I was thinking of a GTD seat, but the plastics are offset and I think looks silly. Are there any seats that are more of...
  20. 3crispies

    T6.1 Caravelle seat upgrade issues

    Upgraded to caravelle seats and struggling with seat belt connection warning system on our T6.1, I believe this may affect deployment of passenger dash mounted airbag. Originally had 2 connections on passenger and one on driver (occupancy and belts). New seats have airbag, heat pads on them but...