seat upgrade

  1. M

    A6 electric seats wiring diagram …..

    How do!!!!!! I’ve searched but couldn’t seem to find anything. I've just fitted a pair of A6 front seats with a swivel passenger. Manual adjustment but heated with lumbar (electric) …. Has anyone sourced a wiring diagram or a fix to get the most out of these seats please ? Cheers in advance.
  2. Garv

    Caravelle seat foams/ Recaro bolster foam

    Hi all, I am looking to purchase Caravelle front captain seat base foams, also Recaro back seat bolsters for retrimming, Can any one recommend a supplier?
  3. J19WMK

    Audi A6 Seat upgrade

    A really fun job. Swapped the standard 2+1 set up for some A6 Audi S-Line seats. Total cost was about £400, and considering the VW drivers seat will probably sell for £600+ it’s a great modification to make! The THQ seat adapters made it a really simple job.
  4. D

    Triple Rear Bench - T-Roc Rear Seat Transplant

    Hi All, I picked up some T-Roc R-Line front seats for my van over the weekend and the seller gave me the rears for free. I am wondering if anyone has or knows someone that has the skills to transfer this pictured onto my pretty beat up triple rear bench? Thanks in advance, D.
  5. K

    Tiguan Seats Fitted “update”

    Managed to finish getting the seats fitted today. Did the passenger seat last weekend with no errors or airbag light. Today… as soon as I unplugged the drivers seatbelt buckle I got 9 errors which included air bag light, ACC, parking sensors etc. so I took the belt buckle off captains seat as...
  6. T

    Which ‘sporty’ seats are a direct swap?

    Hi guys, I cant swap out the bench until my daughter finishes uni, so passengers will have to hold on lol. But I’m looking for something with more support on the driver side. I was thinking of a GTD seat, but the plastics are offset and I think looks silly. Are there any seats that are more of...
  7. 3crispies

    T6.1 Caravelle seat upgrade issues

    Upgraded to caravelle seats and struggling with seat belt connection warning system on our T6.1, I believe this may affect deployment of passenger dash mounted airbag. Originally had 2 connections on passenger and one on driver (occupancy and belts). New seats have airbag, heat pads on them but...
  8. A

    Swapping T6.1 front heated seats to Audi

    Hi all. I have a T6.1 with heated, leatherette covered, captains seats on swivel mounts. I’m finding the seat a little uncomfortable on longer runs. Also the heated element is some what irrelevant due to the leatherette extra layer. Having looked at loads of threads about swapping seats to...
  9. R

    Seat upgrade - what are the easy options?

    Hi all, just acquired a T6 and already thinking about putting in two single seats. im wondering which seats will go in most easily? im planning on using a swivel base for the passenger seat. I have seen amother thread stating the mini seats were quite straightforward - just 2 new holes required...
  10. K

    2020 RR Velar seats: power feed?

    Hi, I have a beautiful pair of Velar seats I want to get into the T6..... and really would just like to connect up the motors so I can adjust (not worried so much about the heated side just yet!!) them when in......... However, I am struggling to find which are the power feeds or at least I...
  11. BiTurbo

    Single passenger seat adapter kit. To fit car seats in a van.

    Found these on Facebook, worth a look if you want to swap the twin seat and fit two singles.
  12. Paul Binding

    T6 recaro seat cover.

    Anybody know where I can get a seat cover/protector to fit over a T6 recaro. Needs too be easy removable as I only want to protect my drivers seat when I go fishing.
  13. BiTurbo

    Golf seats fitted

    Fitted these yesterday, with a CMC passenger swivel base. mate was very happy Adapter brackets supplied by Steve at CRS No drilling just bolt in job done! only took about an hour !
  14. Gus_T6_Bus

    Seat Height Adjustment - aftermarket seats?

    Hi All, First post - go easy! I’ve bought T6 conversion (formerly a shuttle) and have a question about front seat height adjustment. We have 2 captains chair type seats (saying that as they have a single outside arm not both sides - does this seat type have a different name or is it still...
  15. T

    Front seats other than T5 T6

    Got a T6 and want to change the double passenger for a single Captains seat. Not too keen on the current prices (nearly £1000 for a seat) but wondering if there is an alternate solution like a pair of Caddy seats. I don't think anything is a straight swap but has anybody tried to swap in...
  16. J

    Golf / Scirocco Seat Back Foams in a T6? Anyone tried it?

    So it looks like Van Haven & a few others have started grafting Golf seat foams onto transporter captains chairs, but has anyone done this DIY? I always assumed they were too wide! Not sure if they use the entire back (including frames) or just the foam, but I really like the idea of an...
  17. Merryman

    Mini Cooper seats - similar size to T6

    Hi, There is a chap called James in Chelmsford selling a pair of White / Cream ( Great Colour) Mini Cooper seats on eBay. The rail width is 40cm and length is 34cm so pretty close to a T5 Rail. The reference is 265103204279 Mini Cooper R59 Roadster. They are still at the start price as of...
  18. 308mate

    Range Rover seat in to T6

    Compared to a lot else, they seem good value second hand and they’re comfortable. Only one armrest though. I’m assumining there’s a reason it’s not more common, I can’t be the first person to think of it? o_O
  19. Phil Blackburn

    Identify the T6 model these seats are from

    Hi People Can anyone shed any light on which Caravelle model variant these seats are from. Maybe possibly from the German "Edition" but not sure. Had a look but can't find any info anywhere.
  20. Baz..SVT

    For Sale Seat skins - black and red leather

    For Sale.. Ipswich Suffolk Collected or posted Veedub Transporters high quality seat covers 1+1 Red & black Like new £100