seat upgrade

  1. Steve1978

    Range Rover seat in to T6 - complete!

    Just wanted to post this as I looked everywhere for some guidance and could not find much help. So basically, I’m not very good at the doing “stuff” in general. So if I can do it anyone can! I bought a 2008 RR sport seat for £56. Take you old drivers seat off leaving the box on. But some 500 or...
  2. Phil Blackburn

    Identify the T6 model these seats are from

    Hi People Can anyone shed any light on which Caravelle model variant these seats are from. Maybe possibly from the German "Edition" but not sure. Had a look but can't find any info anywhere.
  3. Baz..SVT

    For Sale Seat skins - black and red leather

    For Sale.. Ipswich Suffolk Collected or posted Veedub Transporters high quality seat covers 1+1 Red & black Like new £100
  4. Andysmee

    Amarok ergoComfort seats in a T6?

    I've searched and searched and it appears this hasn't been asked here before? I have a bad back and the standard T6 seats are highly likely to be a problem in time. Has anyone tried to fit Amarok seats, and particularly the ergoComfort 14-way adjustable version, in a T6?
  5. Skyliner33

    Seats: All leather or Alcantara?

    I am now at the point where I am going to get my front seats re trimmed. I have been repeatedly looking through the leather seats thread. Loads of awesome seats there and great inspiration. However I am struggling to choose the materials to use. My thoughts are leather/alcantara as this gives...
  6. Superowls

    Sold Front row & second row of kombi seats, black leather, Bentley stitched

    For sale.....2 + 1 front row seats & 2 + 1 second row seats Currently in my 2017 Kombi but these are coming out as part of a conversion All in black leather (not leatherette) with white diamond Bentley style stitching and VW logos All are in very good condition, the van has only done 20k so not...
  7. Doulsy

    seats - inter change base and back foam?

    can you inter change base and back foam from passenger to drivers seat? also can u put arm rests on?
  8. Donk

    Recaro Sportster CS seat upgrade

    I’ve been pondering about fitting some Recaro CS / CS Cross Sports seats in the front. Was wondering if anyones used the sub-frames or bought kit from GSM Sportseats ?
  9. B

    For Sale Porsche seats

    Hi all , just putting these up here if anyone fancies putting these into their van ... maybe a long shot but no harm in trying . 2014 Porsche Cayman s 981 sports plus heated seats . Mint condition. Came out of my car when I bought the Porsche carbon buckets 2k collection only from totton ...
  10. StudleyGlass

    For Sale Vw Captains Seats With Recaro Backs Leather/Alcantara/Red Stitch. OEM. Heated

    I have my original factory heated seats which i had re trimmed by vision upholstery complete with Recaro Back foams. They have been trimmed in Black Nappa leather with Alcantara backs and base seat. stitching and logo in red. The passenger seat has not been used really, its brand new. drivers...
  11. Elliott

    Heated Seat OEM retrofit?

    Just brought a new passengers captain seat and its heated, any one retro fitted? part numbers of heated seat switches or has someone got a number plate I can borrow?
  12. A

    Help With Ford Galaxy Seat Air Bag Cover

    Hi all, I recently got some Ford Galaxy front swivel seats. The plan is to remove the existing covers, wash and dye them and then put them back on. I have the seat base stripped and now I'm trying to get the plastic air bag cover/trim off the side of the seat back....but I'm struggling. I can...
  13. P

    Recaro Wingbacks

    hi could somebody help iv bought a pair of recaro wingbacks for my t6 but I'm trying to find someone who knows the best way to fit them without it looking pants and want a top job. I know it's been done but I'd love some more info about it.
  14. Skyliner33

    Anyone Used TransCal For Seats?

    I quite like these seats, anyone used this company? VW Transporter - Transcal
  15. J

    Fitting T6 Caravelle Seats

    im looking at fitting some T6 caravelle front captains seats in my T6 PV which I had converted. My current set up is Factory heated captains seats in Simora fabric. Under passenger is absolute 5 sub. Seat also has a factory swivel. Under driver is leisure battery and amp. Aftermarket swivel...
  16. R

    Caddy Seats Retrofit

    Hi All Question for you i have just had our t6 converted to a camper with a pop top and now want to swap out twin with single swivel easy enuff i hear you cry .. and i will agree but after the wallet seizure price of genuine 6/5 seats i plumped to buy 2015 1/2 leather caddy seats and an...
  17. Skyliner33

    Seat Fabric/cover Removal - How To.

    I want to replace the OEM fabric on my drivers seat because there is a hole in the back. I've searched hear and youtube but cant find any instructions. Do I need any special tools? thanks
  18. Minkey

    Aftermarket Seats With Airbags. Safe?

    Hi All, Just ordered a set of car seats from fleabay with side airbags. My current Startline panelvan seats don't have airbags. So... Safety question... Is it worth trying to hook these up to the existing dahsboard airbag circuit or is it best to just leave them inactive?? Any CANBUS issues...
  19. kiter

    Seat Surgeons - Diy Fitting Of Leather Seat Kit

    Hi folks Contemplating maybe tackling this job, anyone done it and if you have, any advice/pointers on how difficult it was? I've got factory heated seats so assuming the heated pads just remain on the existing seat foam pad. Dont have any side airbags etc. Thanks in advance.