1. Mugwump

    Safelock again!

    Safelock issues ! I've checked thru forum etc and tried few suggestions etc. I'm getting check safelock on dash. Button shows turn on. Pressing safelock button does nothing turn on or off etc. Can't lock my doors or sliders with fob. Hatch stays stubbornly locked ! I've checked fob battery and...
  2. P


    Hi all I have a VW T6 16 plate with a auto door locking Fault , every time I turn the ignition off the dash reads check safe owners manual . The garage looked into this but just came back with faulty module box , does anyone have any more info ?
  3. B


    Good afternoon. I have a 2016 t6 trend line t28 panel van, can any body confirm if this deadlocks on the first lock? As I’ve read in another similar post that to disable this you click twice, you can definitely hear a 2nd lock after pressing twice but unsure if this disabling or enabling the...
  4. Teesix

    Do Trendline's Have An Alarm?

    Simple question. Not sure mine has one. Do the trendlines come with an alarm?
  5. Davenjo

    AfterMarket Security

    I have a Land Rover Defender which, with the massive rise in thefts of both whole vehicles or parts since these went out of production earlier this year, I have become a bit paranoid about keeping it and in one piece. These vehicles are notoriously easy to defeat the factory fitted security...
  6. A

    Fixing my van's lack of security

    I've decided to stick everything I do with this into one thread, and it won't be of much interest to the majority of forum members as what I'm trying to achieve is the baseline you probably already have i.e. 1) My van has no deadlocks 2) Despite paying Westfalia £300 for the alarm...
  7. A

    You may not have deadlocking...

    This is rehash of something that came up in the Autolocking thread but I though it was important enough to bring up again for anyone who didn't see that. (Sorry if this in the wrong forum Mods, couldn't decide which it should be) An Australian member, @Ketan , had noticed that he didn't have...
  8. Rob

    Auto locking

    has anyone managed to activate auto locking when driving yet please?