1. I

    Key-Fob button presses

    What is the effect if you press the lock button on the key fob twice?
  2. S

    Sliding door deadlock issue (T5.1)

    I discovered an odd issue with the deadlock for the sliding doors on my 2011 T5.1 Caravelle. Manual doors but with silent close. Twin sliders. Lock or lock normally with key fob. All good. Deadlocks work as expected. Lock or unlock with the interior lock. All doors locked but no...
  3. I

    Electronic break-in?

    Hi everyone, I had a quick search and couldn't find a similar thread so apologies if it has been asked before. I have a VW T6 Caravelle and drive for a living in the Basque Country. I was in San Sebastian after a job and went for a surf. I locked the van with the buttons on my remote and put...
  4. P

    Double noise when locking/unlocking

    Hi everybody, I have a 204 TSI DSG 4 Motion T6 with one sliding door and rear barn doors. When I close/open the doors with the remote control, there is a double noise as if the doors were closed/opened twice. It happens also if I use the key in the driver lock, but it doesn't happen if I use the...
  5. E

    Locking mechanism on barn door

    Hi - I've searched through the threads and can't find the answer to this specific question - all help appreciated! Our T6 has got a deadlock on the barn door which we want to remove and rewire it back to the original lock / central locking. Investigating the problem, we can see that the rod that...
  6. GavMc P11GT

    Deadlocks / Safelock not working on our T6

    So as the title suggests we seem to have no deadlocks on the van! They used to work!! there’s various VCDS tweaks been done while we have had the van just the usual stuff needle sweep etc We have been through all the long coding helper and cannot see anything untoward! Any clues? If I lock...
  7. Yogi

    T6.1 ‘double clicking’ the key-fob (dog)

    Hi all, (Dog in in van temporarily) I have a 2021 T6.1 Highline with standard security system and need to know how to lock the van without activating any motion alarm If I click the key-fob once then I get a flashlight red LED on the driver’s door panel If I click it twice the LED changes...
  8. P


    Hi all, every time I turn the ignition off the dash reads ‘SAFELOCK - CHECK OWNER'S MANUAL’
  9. B


    Good afternoon. I have a 2016 t6 trend line t28 panel van, can any body confirm if this deadlocks on the first lock? As I’ve read in another similar post that to disable this you click twice, you can definitely hear a 2nd lock after pressing twice but unsure if this disabling or enabling the...
  10. yorkshirekev

    Crafter (2017-onwards) Alarm / Deadlocks

    Hi I'm getting a Crafter to convert and it comes with the Business Pack, which includes the alarm. I'd just like to know what people do when you're actually living in it / at night? Do you just use the internal central locking switch and leave it unalarmed / not deadlocked? Do you double press...
  11. Teesix

    Do Trendline's Have An Alarm?

    Simple question. Not sure mine has one. Do the trendlines come with an alarm?
  12. Davenjo

    Aftermarket Security

    I have a Land Rover Defender which, with the massive rise in thefts of both whole vehicles or parts since these went out of production earlier this year, I have become a bit paranoid about keeping it and in one piece. These vehicles are notoriously easy to defeat the factory fitted security...
  13. A

    Fixing my van's lack of security

    I've decided to stick everything I do with this into one thread, and it won't be of much interest to the majority of forum members as what I'm trying to achieve is the baseline you probably already have i.e. 1) My van has no deadlocks 2) Despite paying Westfalia £300 for the alarm...
  14. A

    You may not have deadlocking...

    This is rehash of something that came up in the Autolocking thread but I though it was important enough to bring up again for anyone who didn't see that. (Sorry if this in the wrong forum Mods, couldn't decide which it should be) An Australian member, @Ketan , had noticed that he didn't have...
  15. Rob

    Auto locking

    has anyone managed to activate auto locking when driving yet please?