1. T

    RUST! 1997 T4

    My sister (91 years old.) and her daughter, purchased the VW a few months ago, and discovered shortly afterwards, lots of rust, and quite a few holes. The left it with a welding shop, and after 6 weeks, discovered nothing had been done, so the question is, does anyone in the Skegness area, know...
  2. tubs

    Rust behind sliding-door panel!

    Thought I would clean the van today and very disappointed to find rust spots under the sliding door roller cover trim ! Anyone else had this problem ? Van is a 2016 ! Cheers
  3. TitanCamper

    2017 Kombi with rust on the tailgate caused by bumper protector

    Just wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience and can advise. Sorry about War and Peace but the background may be useful. I bought the van from Cordwalis Heathrow in May 2019 and paid for delivery up to Glasgow. It's a September 2017 Kombi. There is rust on the bottom left hand edge...
  4. Shaun Witts

    Front mud flaps (not OEM) rusting door

    I have some of the moulded mud flaps that seem to fit well and are attached by just the one screw (if I remember correctly). However I was quite disappointed to spot a small area of rust on the bottom of my door and can see how that has been caused by the tight clearance between the plastic mud...
  5. C

    Small rust patch from roof rails

    Hi, My van looks to have had roof rails in a past life and I have this small piece of corrosion, and have been quoted £410 to treat and spray is that expensive given the size is so small?.. Thanks
  6. A

    Rusty roof bolts

    Hello, have searched for similar posts but can't find anything. Being stuck in doors and looking out the window I have noticed the bolts on the roof have started to go rusty. See attached picture. I guess these are the roof rack bolts. My question is, shall I leave them alone, take them...
  7. simonnwt6

    Filling Holes Left By Ply Screws?

    So it looks like the ply in my van has just had screws put in all over especially to fix the floor down. Once I’ve removed it all what would people recommend to fix/fill all these extra holes? Was thinking some anti rush paint then silicone seal them? Thanks S
  8. T6 dork

    Found Buyer Beware Heavy Corrosion Underneath..reg DC16KUU

    Red and White Gen6 heavy corrosion underside to all visible metal components anything steel like suspension wishbones,arms,brackets,bolts,shockers,exhaust etc advert said electric sliding side doors and rear camera (non of these are on it) leave well alone its at Arnold Clark Edinburgh DC16 KUU...
  9. J88arv

    Rust Caused By Poor Weld On Sliding Door

    Hi all I’ve found a rust “line” where the sliding door closes and meets with the main body. looking into it and it appears to be a weld spot protruding on the door which rubs the main body and has been happening over time. took it to Vw as the issue is an issue with the manufacturing of the...
  10. simonnwt6

    Door/arch Rubber Rubbed Paint Off. Best Fix?

    So just checking over the van for odd jobs that need doing. checking all the rubber seals I see the front door seals have rubbed off the paint on the wing where the door closes onto the bodywork at the front. Only a thin but long 7 inches/high small amount of orange/brown rust already on...
  11. Farnorthsurfer

    Should I apply Body Corrosion Inhibitor?

    Thinking of getting the van corrosion treated at a place near us that does Dinitrol treatment. Underbody panels off, underseal treatment and cavity wax. Any corrosion found will be treated with rust converter and protected. Includes a check and touch up in 12 months. My van is a 2016 and has no...
  12. andy greenwood

    Rust On Passanger Door

    I have an area of rust on the passanger door, im not sure if a small area of paint was accidentally chipped off ? What would be the best way to sort this please ?
  13. WhiskyDisco

    Surface Rust On Roof Seam

    Hi, This may seem a minor issue but I want to establish if it's something to worry about, and get it sorted before it develops to something worse. I was washing the van on Sunday and noticed that the roof was starting to show rust on the seams. I've taken some pictures - as you can see, it's...
  14. IMG_20180409_134047


    Surface rust on roof. 1
  15. IMG_20180409_134059


    Picture for perspective.
  16. MVIMG_20180409_134051


    Surface rust on roof. 1
  17. 4ndy

    Specs of rust on MY16 T6 !!!

    Hi all, I've only had my T6 a little while (2nd owner). During my first real wash/wax I soon noticed what's best described as rust particles on my white paintwork. The vehicle is only just 1yr old FFS!! Anyone else ever heard or experienced this on their bodywork?? #confused I plan to take it...