roof tent

  1. RyanT6

    For Sale Latitude roof tent

    Selling my latitude roof tent, used once comes with ground floor attachment. Can also come with roof bars to mount straight to be t5/6 Looking for £950 for the tent and ground floor attachment or £1050 with the roof bars Contact Ryan via private message.
  2. JonriceT6

    Pop-Top or Roof Tent?

    So do I get a pop top fitted or do I buy a roof tent for extra sleeping capacity! has anyone ever fitted a pop top and regretted it? I hear some horror stories about them leaking and popping up when driving and I’m not sure if I want to cut a hole in my van. many advice would be great
  3. B

    Roof Tent - new design.....

    Found this new roof tent product from Decathlon. Looks like it overcomes a lot of the niggles I have with our Autohome tent, (mainly the bloody weight of the thing and the time it takes to fit on the roof rack). I am very tempted by this...
  4. Loz

  5. Lukavell

    Roof-Top Tents

    Hi folks, Is anybody in to roof top tenting? I'm thinking about it for my Caravelle as a substitute for an awning. If I bought an awning I'd be spending a bit less but the quality of roof top tents seems to be far better than an awning, plus it frees up interior space when travelling. If...
  6. KitCat

    Roof Tent - Roof Bars

    Hi all, We bought our T6 LWB Highline back in December (Starlight Blue) with nothing done to it. We’re now, having spent the last 3 months discussing what layout/needs we want from the van, have decided that a roof tent is the way to go for us. We spent a couple of weeks last summer trialling...
  7. A

    Camping In A Double Cabine Fixed Bulkhead

    Hi there, I'm receiving my t6 end of march. It's a chestnut brown, 204 DSG TSI LWB with some options, but it also has a double cabine with fixed bulkhead. Because of regulation in Belgium, I will not be lowering it nor am i permitted to install a pop roof. As we Will be using it for camping...