roof tent

  1. JonriceT6

    Pop-Top or Roof Tent?

    So do I get a pop top fitted or do I buy a roof tent for extra sleeping capacity! has anyone ever fitted a pop top and regretted it? I hear some horror stories about them leaking and popping up when driving and I’m not sure if I want to cut a hole in my van. many advice would be great
  2. B

    Roof Tent - new design.....

    Found this new roof tent product from Decathlon. Looks like it overcomes a lot of the niggles I have with our Autohome tent, (mainly the bloody weight of the thing and the time it takes to fit on the roof rack). I am very tempted by this...
  3. Loz

  4. Lukavell

    Roof-Top Tents

    Hi folks, Is anybody in to roof top tenting? I'm thinking about it for my Caravelle as a substitute for an awning. If I bought an awning I'd be spending a bit less but the quality of roof top tents seems to be far better than an awning, plus it frees up interior space when travelling. If...
  5. KitCat

    Roof Tent - Roof Bars

    Hi all, We bought our T6 LWB Highline back in December (Starlight Blue) with nothing done to it. We’re now, having spent the last 3 months discussing what layout/needs we want from the van, have decided that a roof tent is the way to go for us. We spent a couple of weeks last summer trialling...
  6. A

    Camping In A Double Cabine Fixed Bulkhead

    Hi there, I'm receiving my t6 end of march. It's a chestnut brown, 204 DSG TSI LWB with some options, but it also has a double cabine with fixed bulkhead. Because of regulation in Belgium, I will not be lowering it nor am i permitted to install a pop roof. As we Will be using it for camping...