Camping In A Double Cabine Fixed Bulkhead


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Hi there,

I'm receiving my t6 end of march.

It's a chestnut brown, 204 DSG TSI LWB with some options, but it also has a double cabine with fixed bulkhead.

Because of regulation in Belgium, I will not be lowering it nor am i permitted to install a pop roof.

As we Will be using it for camping aswell, we Will install a roof tent.

Has anybody here have any experience in camping with a fixed bulkhead double cabin config?

Lenght of the cargo area is 1,9m at ground level.. am looking for any ideas for a good layout..
To be noted we Will be Traveling with 2 baby's! :)




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I now just have realised that this thread is in a wrong section..

But anyhow, any ideas would be greatly appreciated..
For the moment, all i have managed to find, is a french Guy on Instagram, who is effectively camping in a double cabin .. so allready pleased to see i'm not the only one.

I'll try to upload the pictures in the Next post!

Greetings, Alex