1. B

    Squeaking in reverse.

    Hi, very strange but I have a very loud squeaking noise when braking but only Ever in reverse, does anybody have any ideas? Thanks
  2. BoroBoy

    LED Rear Lights.

    Hi Y'all, I am thinking of changing out my current rear lights for a set of LED's. Is there any way I can have both flights on together, and also the same for the reversing lights, when selected.
  3. G

    Reversing Light Switch!

    Hello all, I have just bought a 2107 transporter 2.0 which I am made up with but I have an issue already... the reversing lights keep coming on and staying on all the time while driving. This also sets the reversing sensors off which is quite annoying. I have done some googling and it sounds...
  4. Sharpe

    Removing Tailgate Glass

    I’ve got a PV with non tinted heated glass. I want it in limo tint privacy glass, but don’t like the effect of tinting with the little gaps around the heater elements and dots around the edge. How easy is it to remove the factory glass and install aftermarket limo tint glass? Any special tools...
  5. J

    Led’s Under Rear Bumper

    Hi just wondered if anyone has fitted the small 6 inch led stick on strips under the rear bumper connected to reversing lights to assist with the poor light that comes from the one light.Any info greatly appreciated.
  6. W

    T6 Reverse Issue

    Anyone encountered an issue out the van into reverse? Seems to be more of an issue when cold. Thanks
  7. L

    Reversing Mirror Dip

    Hi guys Got a new t6 and would love the electric mirrors to dip when I put the vehicle in reverse to see the wheels etc. Has anybody done this? I know it's doable in a golf and other VW's Cheers Luke
  8. S

    Reverse Light...

    ....I know, plenty of threads covering this. However, just a simple question: I cant spend hundreds on converting to LED or on anything for that matter, so has anybody just removed the stock bulb and replaced with a brighter one? If so, how bright and is there significant improvement? I live in...
  9. Irvine101

    LED reverse-light bulbs

    Being very disappointed with the poor lighting given out by the standard reversing lights I am looking to replace the reversing bulbs with high power LED versions. Can anyone recommend reliable high Lumens Canbus error free bulbs
  10. B

    Improving Reverse Lights

    Hi everyone. Is there any way to improve the output of the single reversing light on the van, can a 2nd one be added with higher output? Regards
  11. LambethBoy

    Better Rear Lights?

    Hi Guys, I have the standard rear tailgate lights which I've decided are shit, especially reversing at night with just the one piddley light! what are my options? Are there better units out there? would prefer to have reversing lights on both sides. Pics if you have them ;)
  12. R

    Reverse Light Amp Question

    I am looking at adding an additional reversing light (for winter campsite manoeuvring). My van has the non LED light clusters with one nearside reversing light. The banksman led light I am considering fitting draws 1 amp @ 12v. Can I safely directly spur off the existing reversing light feed...
  13. Dilbert

    P21w Reversing Light - Led Alternatives

    Has anyone got any recommendations for replacing a P21W reversing light bulb with an LED equivalent? Some of the good P21W's available for DRLs have a projector lens and I am not sure they are the best choice for seeing a wide angle with the reversing camera? I would appreciate any successful...
  14. R

    Offside Reverse Light Feed

    I have the standard (non Led) rear light clusters with the single left side reversing light. I am looking at adding a supplementary reversing light (winter campsite manoeuvres etc...). I understand that the green/black is the feed. But the green/black on the right hand cluster (i.e. The side...
  15. Oldrat

    Reversing Light Feed??

    Having just bought myself a new Garmin Sat Nav with inbuilt dash camera, LINKY (£224) I’m contemplating the Garmin reversing camera to go with it. LINKY (@£85) The rear camera wirelessly connects with the Sat Nav screen but needs a live connection. Can I simply tap into the reversing light...
  16. H

    Reversing Light

    Hi, After reading different posts in trying to improve the brightness of the reversing lights in my Highline spec T28 barn doors van I went for the Cree 25w led capless bulbs. 2pcs 501 W5W T10 CREE 25W LED DRL Number Plate Tail Stop Brake Side Light Bulbs | eBay When both led's are fitted one...
  17. .50

    Reversing light improvement.

    So I have to agree that the light from the factory rear lamps when reversing is dismal. I had a couple of cheap led bulbs that were causing marking in my H4 front lights sitting in the draw. Fortunately they are the same fitting as the reverse bulb. Five minutes later and its in !!!. I'm not...
  18. T

    T6 Tailgate Reversing Lights

    Hello All, Had my T6 for almost 2 months now and am noticing that the reversing lights are absolutely shocking!! It was so bad tonight that I got my good lady to check the rear lights while I had reverse selected and incredibly there is only a nearside reversing light (not LED Tail Lights...
  19. Berger

    Rear led's

    Hi I've brought some led rear lights from eBay I've read on here that I'll need to do some extra wiring for both sides to work, is there a link to how to do it and are they just plug n play otherwise?
  20. X

    Reverse light live cable

    can anyone tell me what cable is the reverse light live in the rear cluster? I want to wire up my reverse camera to only power on when I'm in reverse. At the back of the light there are 5 cables - green/black, black/white, brown, white/black, black/red There isn't any exposed cable so I can't test