1. Vdubster

    Is the Reverse Light Cable the same as the door sensor cable?

    Hello everybody, Not so long ago ( transporter t6 2019 barn door ) the little van on my dash kept telling me the back door was open ( it wasn't ) sent to vw, they said cable from front to back has got damaged, installed the new one at the front, and told me where to connect at the rear ( yet to...
  2. H

    Crunching sound when the reverse sensor "senses" something.

    Hey to All, Brand new LWB T6 4Motion. Brand new member !!! G'day to all !!! Looks like a reasonably friendly/active forum you have going here :) Not sure if this is a feature or an issue. When my reverse sensor "senses" something and I keep reversing there's a horrible crunching sound. It...
  3. B

    Only one reverse light?!

    Hi should I only have one reverse light on my t6 tailgate model
  4. K

    2019 T6 R32 dsg reverse with trailer

    Hi everyone. I bought a T6 New and recently i have noticed that it does not like reversing with a trailer... At all.. When reversing up a small hill with trailer it will cut power after a little while and you have to wait. First i noticed this when pushing a 1800kg trailer up-hill...
  5. VesselPal

    Reversing beeper

    Looking for a genuine reversing beeper part number and location where they mount it in the factory. I mean the one that beeps continuously when in reverse on the outside of the van. Anybody?
  6. G

    Reversing light. Canbus system

    Looking at replacing my single poor p21 reversing light bulb for led replacement. Is the reversing light part of the canbus system. Or can I use any bulb.
  7. Dogs Dung

    T6.1 Noise while reversing and applying brakes

    Any 6.1 owners have a loud noise when reversing and applying brake pedal? Fairly loud screech , seems to be whilst steering is on part/full lock
  8. D

    No reversing lights

    Hi can anyone help 2016 transporter Kombi T32 2.0 ltr problem is no reversing lights checked the bulbs all ok changed reversing light switch no luck ,I cannot identify which fuse to change any help greatly appreciated
  9. Pedro20001

    Led reversing bulbs bringing error message on rhs only

    Hi all, I've purchased a set of error free led reversing bulbs from travelin lite and the rhs one is throwing up an error message. Lhs is fine. They sent another pair out and that's the same. It's a 2021 t6.1 panel van. Any ideas or recommendations please as they look amazing and work fine...
  10. S

    [DSG] Low power. Unable to reverse up driveway

    Hello, this is my first post. My wife has a 2019 Caravelle with 35000kms and I have a question about power. She parked the car nose down on a steep driveway, and when she went to reverse it out, it didn’t have the engine power and kept moving down the driveway. So she went and got my brother who...
  11. tintim

    Rear optical parking no longer working following clutch/dual mass flywheel replacement

    Need some help, just collected my van from the garage after having the slave, clutch and flywheel replaced. Everything was great until I selected reverse. The optical parking doesn't seem to be activating, no noise or visual on the discover media unit. Checked for fault codes, none... Is there a...
  12. 22jeffers

    Head Unit Issues after battery disconnected

    Help please!! Disconnected my battery today to do some maintenance. Reconnected it and now the head unit is doing weird stuff. When I turn it on I get a message saying “The Optical Parking System (OPS) is not available. (Ok)”. The reversing beep still sounds but the picture of the van on the...
  13. 1up

    Upgrade Reversing light

    Good morning good people of the Internet. Do any of you feel that the reverse light on the T6 doesn't cut the mustard? I think it's nowhere near bright enough and can barely see what I'm reversing into! Have any of you done any modifications to rectify this? I'd be interested to know as I'd...
  14. Jaz

    [Resolved] Reverse lights not working.

    Can someone please advise me, my reverse lights have suddenly stopped working. The bulbs are all fine. I can’t seem to locate the fuse location on any of the downloadable documents, could someone point me in the right direction please? Also, if it isn’t the fuse. Does anyone have an idea what...
  15. F

    Squeaking in reverse.

    Done 8000 miles and I have brake squeel!!! Pissed off !!! 67 plate 150 I think its the rears,as when i reverse onto drive the noise sounds like a grunting noise? Anyone had issues this early with brakes??
  16. KBF

    Tail Lights: get both Fog and Reversing bulbs illuminating

    I got the standard non-LED rear light with a joke of a reverse light. And I have invested in some small LED lights thats going to be mounted under the bumper somewhere. So, does anyone know what color the wire is for the reverse light in the plug? Dont want to splitt the rear light unless I...
  17. Gavla

    Reversing Light Switch!

    Hello all, I have just bought a 2107 transporter 2.0 which I am made up with but I have an issue already... the reversing lights keep coming on and staying on all the time while driving. This also sets the reversing sensors off which is quite annoying. I have done some googling and it sounds...
  18. simonnwt6

    Judder Reversing Up Hill?

    Reversing up the drive that’s on a slope and using clutch as trying not to hit neighbours car :) van judders when slipping clutch. Fine on a flat and nothing when’re 1st + expected/normal with a DMF? Ta
  19. Sharpe

    Removing Tailgate Glass

    I’ve got a PV with non tinted heated glass. I want it in limo tint privacy glass, but don’t like the effect of tinting with the little gaps around the heater elements and dots around the edge. How easy is it to remove the factory glass and install aftermarket limo tint glass? Any special tools...
  20. R

    LED Reversing lamp under rear bumper

    I am looking at adding an additional reversing light (for winter campsite manoeuvring). My van has the non LED light clusters with one nearside reversing light. The banksman led light I am considering fitting draws 1 amp @ 12v. Can I safely directly spur off the existing reversing light feed...