1. P

    Led reversing bulbs bringing error message on rhs only

    Hi all, I've purchased a set of error free led reversing bulbs from travelin lite and the rhs one is throwing up an error message. Lhs is fine. They sent another pair out and that's the same. It's a 2021 t6.1 panel van. Any ideas or recommendations please as they look amazing and work fine...
  2. S

    [DSG] Low power. Unable to reverse up driveway

    Hello, this is my first post. My wife has a 2019 Caravelle with 35000kms and I have a question about power. She parked the car nose down on a steep driveway, and when she went to reverse it out, it didn’t have the engine power and kept moving down the driveway. So she went and got my brother who...
  3. tintim

    Rear optical parking no longer working following clutch/dual mass flywheel replacement

    Need some help, just collected my van from the garage after having the slave, clutch and flywheel replaced. Everything was great until I selected reverse. The optical parking doesn't seem to be activating, no noise or visual on the discover media unit. Checked for fault codes, none... Is there a...
  4. Z

    Converting fog light to reverse light

    Is that possible to convert the fog light (which i never use) in a reverse light? i would like to have two reverse lights, one each side. Thanks
  5. B

    reverse camera feed from reverse lamp

    I have fitted a Reversing camera mirror, it works well, coming on whenever reverse gear selected. Power was taken from the 12v feed to the offside reverse lamp . One problem though, the image shuts down if either indicators or hazard lights used when reversing. Any ideas to overcome would be...
  6. 2

    Head Unit Issues after battery disconnected

    Help please!! Disconnected my battery today to do some maintenance. Reconnected it and now the head unit is doing weird stuff. When I turn it on I get a message saying “The Optical Parking System (OPS) is not available. (Ok)”. The reversing beep still sounds but the picture of the van on the...
  7. Sunwhite

    Dim Reversing light

    I bought my T6 in December last year at the start of summer here in Australia. Now the nights are darker and I needed reversing lights for the first time. To my surprise I only seem to have one working reversing light on the LHS (the equivalent bulb on the RHS seems to be the rear fog light)...
  8. McFlude

    Reversing light bulbs dilemma [Resolved]

    I only have a reversing light showing on the nearside on my 2017 Kombi. I assumed that the bulb was blown on the offside so removed the unit to inspect and then trotted off to my local parts supplier. They checked the computer and offered me a standard bulb like those fitted to many cars in the...
  9. Jaz

    [Resolved] Reverse lights not working.

    Can someone please advise me, my reverse lights have suddenly stopped working. The bulbs are all fine. I can’t seem to locate the fuse location on any of the downloadable documents, could someone point me in the right direction please? Also, if it isn’t the fuse. Does anyone have an idea what...
  10. B

    Squeaking in reverse.

    Hi, very strange but I have a very loud squeaking noise when braking but only Ever in reverse, does anybody have any ideas? Thanks
  11. BoroBoy

    LED Rear Lights: get both Fog and Reversing bulbs illuminating

    Hi Y'all, I am thinking of changing out my current rear lights for a set of LED's. Is there any way I can have both flights on together, and also the same for the reversing lights, when selected.
  12. Gavla

    Reversing Light Switch!

    Hello all, I have just bought a 2107 transporter 2.0 which I am made up with but I have an issue already... the reversing lights keep coming on and staying on all the time while driving. This also sets the reversing sensors off which is quite annoying. I have done some googling and it sounds...
  13. simonnwt6

    Judder Reversing Up Hill?

    Reversing up the drive that’s on a slope and using clutch as trying not to hit neighbours car :) van judders when slipping clutch. Fine on a flat and nothing when’re 1st + expected/normal with a DMF? Ta
  14. Sharpe

    Removing Tailgate Glass

    I’ve got a PV with non tinted heated glass. I want it in limo tint privacy glass, but don’t like the effect of tinting with the little gaps around the heater elements and dots around the edge. How easy is it to remove the factory glass and install aftermarket limo tint glass? Any special tools...
  15. J

    LED Reversing lamp under rear bumper

    Hi just wondered if anyone has fitted the small 6 inch led stick on strips under the rear bumper connected to reversing lights to assist with the poor light that comes from the one light.Any info greatly appreciated.
  16. W

    T6 Reverse Issue

    Anyone encountered an issue out the van into reverse? Seems to be more of an issue when cold. Thanks
  17. L

    Reversing Mirror Dip

    Hi guys Got a new t6 and would love the electric mirrors to dip when I put the vehicle in reverse to see the wheels etc. Has anybody done this? I know it's doable in a golf and other VW's Cheers Luke
  18. S

    Reverse Light...

    ....I know, plenty of threads covering this. However, just a simple question: I cant spend hundreds on converting to LED or on anything for that matter, so has anybody just removed the stock bulb and replaced with a brighter one? If so, how bright and is there significant improvement? I live in...
  19. Irvine101

    LED reverse-light bulbs

    Being very disappointed with the poor lighting given out by the standard reversing lights I am looking to replace the reversing bulbs with high power LED versions. Can anyone recommend reliable high Lumens Canbus error free bulbs
  20. B

    Improving Reverse Lights

    Hi everyone. Is there any way to improve the output of the single reversing light on the van, can a 2nd one be added with higher output? Regards