1. kingkambo

    Leaking roof rail on HiLo - advice on repair?

    Morning all! Whilst during last night my kids noticed a big drip of water coming from the sliding hatch to access the pop top. Suspected the roof rail after reading some posts on here (thanks ). Have inspected this morning and as I slid the hatch open a lot of water came down. Sure enough the...
  2. M

    LEARN TO FIX YOUR OWN VAN.....a cautionary tale for the unwilling and reluctant.

    Something came up recently that I was stumped on - and id forgotten what a massive rip off paying someone else to fix your van can be. Wrote a bit on self knowledge that you might find amusing. CLICK THIS LINK TO HAVE A READ!
  3. A

    Replacing External Tailgate Release (internal Works Fine)

    Hi all, I have a 2015 T6, disabled-taxi conversion. It has electronic latch release on the tailgate, both internal and external switches. External release has been a bit temperamental of late - sometimes needed 10+ tries to get it to release - but internal switch still works fine. With a powered...
  4. Robert

    [Guide] Heating Seat Failure And Repair

    My drivers seat heating has stopped working. After quick check with resistance meter I have discovered very high resistance (few kΩ) in the drivers cushion element, backrest element was still okay (few Ω) Next thing was to carry out some research and establish faulty component part number. It...
  5. Gogi

    Body Repair Advice

    Hi All Had a bit of an accident today and made a mess of the side panel on the drivers side. The scrape has gone right through the paint and damaged the body (pic attached) I'm thinking it needs to be fixed quickly to prevent it rusting. Has anyone got a recommendation for of a body shop in the...
  6. Dellmassive

    A Sad Day - #gutted -

    ITS A SAD DAY & therefore - #GUTTED - Its more than just a scratch this time. . . . . This happened @ 730am yesterday morning on Victoria embankment - London. Just sitting there stationary at a set of red lights when this guy who was turning right in the filter lane . . . . . massive crane...
  7. A

    Ripped My Roof : (

    Went out to clean the van this morning after last week's hol and unstrapped the roof to push it up. As I did so I heard a tearing sound and still being half asleep it took me a fraction of a second to grasp what it was and grab the roof handle and yank it down quickly, but not quick enough...