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    Rear roof locker in Reimo high roof on T6.
  2. Sjbso2000

    Reimo Multirail

    Good evening all. I purchased the Reimo Multirail from Kiravans and installed today. I followed their install video and I believe I may have made a mistake in following the advice. The problem; I drilled the holes 3.2mm as stated in the video. However, some screws aren’t tightening. I...
  3. Mr blue

    Ok I give in.. reimo palm beach sun canopy and sidewall

    Hi I have brought a reimo palm beach sun canopy and side wall now the canopy is great but the side wall has me scratching my head as I have this long pole Adjustable in lean get to about 2.6 metres and what looks like a clamp with no obvious place to go the side wall has a Velcro strip at the...
  4. Gwyn

    Reimo roof

    After some advice, while cleaning the van yesterday I noticed some very faint cracks in the roof Is this something to worry about ? Only got the van back from the converters end of January and hasn’t been used yet due to the lockdown Thought I’d ask your advice first before contacting him...
  5. N

    Reimo Lwb Sky Canvas?

    Anyone know why they don’t seem to have one? Or know if they are planing to launch one? Seems like a bit of a gap also, is the canvas just a swap (on the swb) that can be done later? Like the easy fit for my lwb but also want the sky canvas
  6. H

    Vw T6 Conversion - Usa

    Hello I'm new to this forum. I recently purchased a VW T6 transporter LWB from Mexico. Although they're not available in the US or Canada they are available in Mexico. I live in the US and Mexico but the vehicle remains registered in Mexico. It's impossible to import these into the US as they...
  7. J

    Pop Top Thermal Cover For Lwb Reimo Easyfit

    Just wondering what thermal cover people would recommend for a LWB reimo? I had a pucerscreens on my previous T4 which did the job. I've obviously seen the rainbow screens ones, are they worth the money over a pucerscreen? Any off the shelf (ie. Reimo) options (can't seem to see any for LWB)...
  8. T

    Sold Reimo Table With Swivel Bracket

    Hi, Having a garage clear-out. Is anyone interested in a Reimo table with the swivel bracket and arm to attach it to the van? Actually got two tabletops (one grey and one wood-finish) but only one arm/bracket set. It would need to be collected from Sevenoaks, Kent. Thanks, Tom
  9. C

    Quick Release Fastners In Reimo Variotech 333 Seat

    Hi, I've just got myself a T6 with a 333 seat in it. I've noticed an issue with the quick release bolts that fine tune the fit and prevent rattle, etc. They just aren't consistent; i.e., I can tighten the bolt, flip the quick release so it's nice and firm, I'll then release the QR and when I...
  10. Anthony Ball

    Thermal Cover for Reimo Pop Top

    As the time of year approaches and keen to carry on using the van in the cold weather , can anyone recommend me a good thermal cover for a Reimo pop top roof , thanks muchly in advance
  11. M

    Low Life Stealth Roof

    Has anyone had the low life roof fitted to a LWB? Its a toss up between this and a reimo (both same price) Cheers
  12. Phil_G

    Reimo Roof Add-on Gutter Channels To Prevent Wet Seats!

    I anticipation I'd bought a set of these for my camper, but found that Hillside had already fitted a set as standard! Reimo/SCA Elevating Roof Gutter Channels, Rain Channels, Window Gutter Channel | eBay So I have a new, unused set up for grabs, PM me your postal address if you want them. Free...
  13. D

    Weight limit on roof rack with pop top up?

    Hi there, I'm having my LWB T6 converted soon and trying to decide between an SCA or Reimo Easy fit pop top. I'm planning on taking a loaded roof box away with me and want to choose the roof that allows the most weight with the roof up. I have read that the SCA roofs are rated to 70kg...
  14. Eskie

    Reimo Classic vs. SCA 194 pop top roof

    Hi everyone, this is my first time posting, so I hope I've got this in the right place! I'm looking to get a pop top roof fitted and have been quote by two companies for a Reimo classic and a SCA 194. There is little difference in the price and I'd trust both companies to do a great job. But...