1. J

    For Sale Kombi bed system incl mattress

    For sale is this bed and mattress system from Reimo, that we bought in December 2022 for our Kombi van. The bed fits either side of the van, the frame comes with plates /straps to secure it to the existing tie down points. In a LWB like ours the bed butts right to back of rear Kombi seats ...
  2. MickW

    Sold Reimo 900151 & 900153 sun canopy for sale

    Reimo Sun Canopy c/w one side panel part numbers 900151 & 900153 never used the canopy was installed onto our van once but never used, it’s for a SWB but I guess that it would also fit a LWB It looked good but we had an awning and this sun canopy so it never got used Launceston Cornwall £125...
  3. Strettyp

    Wanted Reimo Palm Beach awning

    Hi - decided to buy one of these and would like the lwb one but swb would be ok If you have one knocking about that you would like to clear out of the way hit me up - looking to acquire in the next couple of weeks ahead of a trip north on the 15th September ideally! Thanks
  4. J

    Sold Reimo Bike and Surf Bed

    I’m selling this bed and mattress that we bought last December for our Kombi camper van. We had it in the van until about March but it’s been used about 7 or 8 times, we use the pop top more and it’s taking up quite a bit of space stored in the house! The bed fits either side of the van, the...
  5. ashmul

    Reimo Mushroom Top

    Hi Folks, Planning the dream here and while working in the van today I realised that I need some extra height in there for cooking so Im thinking about a Reimo mushroom top as I would still like to keep some of the roof space for other things solar/spare tire/storage or ventilation or as much...
  6. W

    Sold 2016 T28 102PS SWB Camper w/poptop. £30k

    Our T6 journey is now completed (at least for now- we've moved away before). We are moving to a small narrow motorhome, primarily for the onboard shower and toilet. We wildcamp (a lot) and the Mrs is fed up of my showering at the back of the van in my undercrackers all year around As you will...
  7. S

    Shream Pop-Top roof?

    Looking at a t6 2018 highline, new conversion done in Germany, I was advised by a friend who has a t6 to check what make the pop up roof is , it's a shream (excuse the spelling maybe wrong but it's how it's pronounced) anybody know anything about these if any good etc? As the conversion was...
  8. Buildrightmatt

    Aftermarket swivels: Reimo? Aguti?

    Looking at getting some swivel seats for our combo van and wondered if anybody had the Aguti or reimo 210mm/250mm swivel bases and if they were worth it? Been searching all the swivel threads and can't see any review recommendation for either swivel bases.
  9. Andyham105

    Sold Reimo premium mauritius sun canopy/Awning

    I bought this earlier in the year for my t6 however we have only used it once as we tend to go away for longer periods now so use our large awning with rooms in etc. It's a Reimo premium mauritius sun canopy. It has the sides attached so easy to drop them down if weather takes a sudden turn...
  10. Chris Joyce

    For Sale Reimo multi rail end caps

    I have a spare set of end caps for the reimo multi rail passenger side if of any use to anyone. Brand new boxed £45 plus p&p
  11. R

    For Sale Reimo upgrade tailgate tent

    Hi I have a new and unused reimo upgrade vw t6 transporter tailgate tent. It’s never been used it’s been in my cupboard in the bedroom we’re I keep some stuff that I want to hide from the wife. It might do someone a turn. It cost about £200 when I purchased it. Looking for £90 cash on collection...
  12. N

    anyone used a reimo rain gutter to help stop rain coming in leaky sliding windows?

    anyone used a reimo rain gutter to help stop rain coming in leaky sliding windows?
  13. D

    Best place to get Reimo 59499 T6 seat swivels

    I'm looking to get a couple of Reimo T6 59499 seat swivels for the front of my Caravelle. Is there anywhere in particular that anyone recommends as a supplier? Depending on vfm I'll either be getting one for the drivers seat or kitting out both front seats. I've been working from the van on...
  14. F

    Skyline or Reimo pop-top?

    We have the van, LWB T6 and I'm in the process of choosing the conversion company. Which I'm finding very difficult, lots of companies all with different opinions. I've got quotes from 2 locals companies, one whom said Skyline Aurora is the best, one that said Reimo Easyfit with a Deluxe...
  15. M

    Fitting the Reimo multi-rail

    hi just a few things i found fitting the L W B Multi- rail... after watching U tube i went for pre drilling the holes not self drilling screws and glad i did ... they were saying 5mm space above the edge i hit a shallow double skin on every hole. Had i gone 8 - 10 mm...
  16. amv

    Difference between reimo easyfit and vtec

    Hello, as much as I look for information, I can't know the differences between one roof and another, I don't know if they are qualities, extras or the same roof ... Thank you
  17. Matrob93

    Reimo v vamoose awning rail

    Currently have a pop up roof and looking at fitting an awning rail to my t6 van and like the look of either reimo or vamoose, does any have an preferences on which is the better product and would more likely stand the test of time. TIA
  18. Eclipse Custom Vans

    Eclipse Custom Vans Updates!

    Hi All, Ian here form Eclipse Campers. I thought I’d start this post to provide updates to the work we do and what we see in our workshop. This is not a chronological list of works but a sample of what we do. We are based in Yeovil Somerset and have been trading over 10 years. We undertake all...
  19. czmate1999

    Rain and wet pop tops... advice needed

    Hi All, So just got back from our Cornwall trip. Two questions. 1. Was raining when I put the pop top down this morning and is still raining at home. What’s best to do in terms of drying it out? 2. Noticed the roof is a fraction out of alignment - presume due to windy night by coast on...
  20. DSCN6231.JPG


    Rear roof locker in Reimo high roof on T6.