1. S

    Loose radiator hose

    The temperature light came on just as I got home, checked and the reservoir was empty, but couldn’t see a leak. When the engine had cooled I tried filling reservoir but then could hear liquid coming from somewhere. Finally found that the top hose on the radiator was loose, and I was easily able...
  2. Z

    T6 2.0 TDI DSG 110kw radiator fan runs all time

    Hello I have problem with my 2019 t6 2.0 tdi dsg 110kw I bought car damaged from rear , when i get it everything was ok , in the middle of the repair when i turn key position 1 fan start work , disconect battery , when i was over with rebuild few days everything ok and from then if you star...
  3. Loz

    Which Radiator/Cooler (Guide)

    This should help identify coolers fitted to different models. Bi-TDI models CXEB etc. Single turbo engines Engine Oil Cooler DSG Gear Oil Cooler Heater Heat Exchanger Rear Evaporator
  4. Wayne.wirral

    Fitted my Boab insect screen

    Finally got round to fitting my Boab insect screen.. I’m really pleased with it
  5. Mkgolfnutters

    Replacing Radiator.

    Hi All, I broke down yesterday with the water temp light coming on. When I called VW Assist, the guy they sent out immediately diagnosed it as a stone chip on the radiator.....has anyone else come across this? The van has only done 10k miles.....
  6. Bear

    Two Radiators

    Hi all. I have just fitted new radiators to the front of the van. Two of the rads where water rads. Does anyone know if there is a set procedure to bleed them ? Many thanks. Simon
  7. U

    Air Condensor Radiator

    Heya, just purchased a new 6 month old T6 highline van which needs a new condensor radiator unit... Does anyone know were i could maybe get a used one or a cheaper one... Currently pricing one around £500.. Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks!
  8. P

    Vw Caravelle 2007 Exec Radiator Fan Constantly On.

    Can anyone help. How do i get at the server plug for the radiator fan on the caravelle. Apparently an easy fix but god knows how to get at it. Tec lad says its almost certainly corrosion in the plugs that supply power to the fan. Cheers
  9. Diesel9a1

    Front Grill Mesh????

    Just had front radiator punctured by a stone chip...... according to VW, so not warranty job. £514 out of pocket! So, I'm thinking about beefing up the defences. Has anybody fitted a mesh grill behind the front horizontal grill bars? If so, - how did you do it? - what did you use? - where...
  10. WhiskyDisco

    Stone Damage to Radiator Fins

    I've just returned from a 2500 mile road trip to Croatia and back. My first job was to clean off the bugs from the bonnet and give the alloys a spruce up. Whilst I was cleaning the bumper I noticed that the radiators had picked up a few insects along the way too - but more worrying were the...