power-steering pump

  1. S

    The controversial subject of the whining noise at idle

    Hi all having just purchased a t6 from VW Listers, I have a few issues with the van one of which is a whining noise at idle and gets louder after a long (ish) journey. Listers are saying this is normal but to me it sounds like the steering pump is on its way out. The van has done 70k and is 5...
  2. James1000

    Power Steering Pump Leaking

    In for a cambelt today and have been told power steering pump leaking causing Aux to squeal- not read that on here that I can find - I thought it was just the pulley?
  3. K

    Power steering pump with air con

    Has any one changed there power steering pump on there van with on air con just trying to figure out if it can be done with out completely removing air con compressor just may be in bolt it and move out the way enough to get pump out thanks
  4. J

    Power steering rack noisy and leaking

    Afternoon All. My power steering rack is leaking oil and I've a noise when steering at low speed. Anyone encountered this before and can offer a solution. Cheers
  5. S

    Power steering pump - replacement cost.

    Hi all. Has anyone had any experience with replacing power steering pumps? My dealer has informed me that’s it’s weeping oil and recommends it to be replaced. The van is due a cam belt and water pump which they have quoted £890 to conduct the work, PLUS a further £968 to replace the power...
  6. S

    Vibration through steering wheel when stationary and turning

    Hi just after any advice regarding a potential issue with van steering. Just collected van from service and first mot at a trusted I have used for years. Mechanic mentioned on collection that I should book it in to dealer to be looked at under warranty due to him observing a light steering...
  7. C

    Uhhh ohhh, whirring/whining noise when steering at low speeds

    I bought my T6 Kombi last week (privately) and noticed it made a low whirring sound that varied with engine speed when low speed manoeuvring. It was pretty quiet though and I was probably too excited so didn't somehow think to mention it at the time. I notice it again today and realised it only...
  8. L

    Steering rack leaking fluid

    Hi all, just got back from my local garage having popped in to see if they could look at a strange whining noise coming from the engine bay, I am not at all technical with vehicles. I am told now that the steering rack is leaking fluid after only 28,000 miles! This seems very low mileage for a...
  9. Coly

    Groaning noise from steering when at low speed or stationary

    Has anyone any ideas what is causing the noise?
  10. E

    Whinning Noise From Aux Belt Area

    I'm new to this forum and I have a T6 204 DSG LWB kombie MY17. It's just returned from its 40k service and the technician has advised there is a whinning noise from the aux belt area. It's not something I've noticed myself, should I be concerned? Although I was advised to get it booked in at a...
  11. R

    Have I Killed My Clutch?

    My clutch is slipping with only 9k on the clock and I can’t help wondering if it’s my fault :( I use clutch control quite often which I’m sure doesn’t help and until now I have been guilty of lightly resting my foot on clutch pedal. Is the pedal to sensitive for that? That said I have already...
  12. Acapulco VWV

    Auxiliary Belt Shredded! 8,000 miles???!!!

    Driving home today suddenly lost power steering and battery light came on. Opened bonnet and the auxiliary belt has totally shredded!!! 8,000 miles 17 months old. VW assist said its the second case today, it happened to a California. AA rescue reported another transporter with the same issue...