paint issue

  1. andy greenwood

    Any sprayers on here for advice please?

    The sliding door lower bracket bearing collapsed and have scraped off all the paint along the whole length that it runs on. I have fit a new bracket so that is now sorted, would it be an easy job for a professional spray painter to get in there, prep it & respray all that area.
  2. Andyr12

    Imperfection in paintwork

    Finally got to wash the salt off today and found a little bit of rust just in front of the rear wheel. I know it’s not the end of the world but what is the best way of tackling it? Would a smart repair sort this or is it more involved? Thanks as always.
  3. R

    T6.1 straight from the Factory Paint issues

    Hi all, thanks for taking the time to read this. I brought a brand new t6.1 have waited over 4months for it to arrive and I drove it off the forecourt today. Get home under new light I can see the entire paint work has circular scratches on the clear coat of the paint work. It's black and really...
  4. LambethBoy

    Vw paint issues

    I’m currently having a big argument with Volkswagens warranty Department as I took this in to be repaired (Vw Guildford) as they said it would be covered under warranty but then they checked the depth of the paint and said it was too thick and that I must of had work done to it so it wasn’t...
  5. B

    Repairing of rusty patches forming on sliding door paintwork

    Hi, Looking for some advice. I was cleaning the van and noticed that the sliding door paintwork had about 5x areas where there appears to be rust forming under the paint. These are small areas, only 5-10mm in diameter but are only going to get worse over time. As a first step, I have emailed VW...
  6. C

    Small rust patch from roof rails

    Hi, My van looks to have had roof rails in a past life and I have this small piece of corrosion, and have been quoted £410 to treat and spray is that expensive given the size is so small?.. Thanks
  7. P

    Heavy sliding door rubbing on paintwork

    Hi All, looking for advise. My Converted 2016 T6 Highline has an issue with the bottom sliding door mechanism just starting to touch the paintwork underneath the runner. With the van only 4 year old, owned and cared for since day one by myself. I’m guessing with the added weight in the door (a...
  8. J

    Barn-doors rusting at the bottom

    Hi guys, how can I stop the bottom of my barn doors from rusting? I have had both doors lifted slightly at the hinges, but rain water still collects below and causing them to rust??? thanks in advance Jim
  9. D

    T6 Paint scratches really easily

    I’ve got a new VW T6 Caravelle in black and after two washes, one through the drive through and one with a brush and jet wash, it’s covered in small scratches and a couple of big ones. At first I thought it was bad luck and there must have been grit or brake particles on the brush, but now I...
  10. CarpyT6

    Sliding Door Rubbing Against Side Panel And Wheel Arch

    I've just noticed my carpet lining on the inside of my sliding door rubs against the side panel and wheel arch when opening. I tried adjusting the bottom 2x m8 spline bolts which helped a bit but still not quite enough. Is there anything else i can do? Thanks in advance
  11. T6 dork

    Found Buyer Beware Heavy Corrosion Underneath..reg DC16KUU

    Red and White Gen6 heavy corrosion underside to all visible metal components anything steel like suspension wishbones,arms,brackets,bolts,shockers,exhaust etc advert said electric sliding side doors and rear camera (non of these are on it) leave well alone its at Arnold Clark Edinburgh DC16 KUU...
  12. simonnwt6

    Door/arch Rubber Rubbed Paint Off. Best Fix?

    So just checking over the van for odd jobs that need doing. checking all the rubber seals I see the front door seals have rubbed off the paint on the wing where the door closes onto the bodywork at the front. Only a thin but long 7 inches/high small amount of orange/brown rust already on...
  13. P


    Hi all, I’ve recently noticed this on the rear wheel arch. There’s no sign of perforation and it looks like it’s bubbling up from behind. Is this likely to be covered under warranty. It’s a 16 plate. It’s just over three years, but I believe there’s a 12 year warranty?
  14. M40CCA

    All Clean Ready For A Week In Cornwall

    Nice little detail Need some bigger wheels when I get back for definite
  15. foll19

    Paint Issue

    Hi Had our 2016 T6 shuttle 4 months now and just noticed the lacquer and paint flaking on the bottom of the rear quarter panel. Can anyone confirm if this is a warranty job? Assuming they come with something like a 10yr paint warranty? I’ll be contacting VW today but just wanted to ask the...
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  17. Mr blue

    Paint Code Problems

    hi all here’s my problem my van is deep ocean blue paint code LA5H now my sprayer has mixed this up as per his database but it is slightly to light has anyone got any other mixing recipes ie the quantity’s of the different colours we could use ? Ps we’re going to colour code the bumpers...
  18. N

    Paint Coming Off 2016 T6

    Advice needed please just jet washed van and under passengers door paint has come away. The van was a builders van before myself can only think it was from maybe someone knocking off boots before getting in van? There was always a mark there when i had purchased it just want to know whats best...
  19. V

    Heritage Coloured Caravelle

    Hi there, In the T6 volksie bus range, some of the buese were painted in a heritage two tone colour i.e. red/white, blue/grey, blue/white, etc. Has anyone experienced any issues where the two colours come together i.e. where the strip may have overlapped, paint peeling, etc.
  20. MDS

    Paint Blisters

    Hi all, Just wanted to get a broad range of opinions please.... So I noticed a few small paint blisters on the rear wheel the van was going in for it’s first service thought I’d give her a good clean... In the end I’d noticed enough blisters to cause real concern. Some of the blisters...