paint issue

  1. S

    Cali Roof Corrosion - VW's current warranty stance?

    My 2017 Cali Beach has a dreaded bubble on the roof. Anyone know if VW are still entertaining warranty claims for this? Interestingly it shows the tape they put around the edge works - the corrosion has started in the 3mm gap where the tape joins! Let's hope there aren't any more joins further...
  2. Strettyp

    Rust under rear registration plate

    I bought some pressed metal licence plates to replace the ones that came with the van, purchased new from inchcape VW commercial in Manchester When I took the rear plate off I found that there was a line of rust and a few other spots and bumps - the van is 4 years old and while the 3 year...
  3. Indigrey

    Front edge of sliding door battered by chips!

    Noticed this whilst washing the van the other day. It's a 21 plate and I've had it since new so I know it's not been in contact with anything. I can only think it's sticking out into the wind enough to get battered by stones from the front wheels. Has anyone else had this problem? I presume VW...
  4. S

    Reflex silver - advice on paintwork repair

    Hi all, I am new to the forum so I apologise if this has been covered in the past. I have only had my T6 since November and unfortunately it got damaged between the purchase and collection on the passenger door by the wheel arch. The garage agreed to repair the damage but unfortunately...
  5. 5n0wb0mb3r

    Powdercoat Peeling on Side Bars

    Afternoon All, I had some black trapezoid side bars supplied and fitted by a garage 9 months ago, the coating has started peeling off at the fronts. The manufacturer has said they wont do anything, its because I don't have mud flaps, I don't want them. Can anyone recommend a spray paint /...
  6. Salty Spuds

    Rust around side door handle

    I found some rust spots & a bit of paint bubbling under the side door handle yesterday. Nothing major. Our van is Oryx White & there isn’t a touch up available for it due to it being pearlescent. The rust is under the door handle so pretty inconspicuous. My plan is to remove the handle, clean up...
  7. B

    Swirl marks on black van

    I‘ve recently purchased Transporter T6 on a 19 plate from a main dealer. On both of the days when I took it for a test ride, and when I collected the van, it was wet and overcast. I have since noticed when the sun is out, that the van, which is a black metallic colour, has shadowy swirls in the...
  8. teamfly

    Dent removal ? Paint damaged

    Looking for advice on dent removal please . Cutting grass yesterday & mower picked up a rock & hurled it into side of van . About a 1cm diameter dent , paint is through to metal ( like a rock scrape rather than crack ) . Local dent guys I tried said no can do as paint broken . I could live with...
  9. J88arv

    White haze following paint job

    Hi guys, Ivy van was damaged by a garage when they reversed it onto a ramp smashing off my wing mirror and damaging my whole side….. Had the work done but I can see what looks like a white haze?? Anyone able to give me an idea of what it is You will see it below, only at certain angles...
  10. J

    New Paint has bubbled

    I recently had new front and rear bumpers colour coded on my van, I bought them from Vw and they're factory-primed, they were painted about three weeks ago, but I’ve noticed a few tiny bubbles appearing only on the flat part of the bumper where the bottom of the door line is, it was done by a...
  11. M

    Paint shop East London / Essex

    I have rust bubbling on my n/s sliding door which VW are refusing to do under warranty, (it's 2 years old with 15000 miles). Can anyone recommend a paint shop in the East London / Essex area?
  12. K

    T6 zinc inclusion paintwork defect... VW taking no responsibility!

    Having noticed a few blisters appearing on my 2016 T6, I took the van to a VW paint and body workshop in Inverness (140-mile round trip). They sent some photos to VW, who, after 3 weeks, said that the issue wouldn't be covered under warranty. I then spoke to customer services at VW Commercial...
  13. K

    2016 T6: Zinc inclusion in paintwork, warranty won't cover it

    Hi, I'm wondering whether I've got any chance of getting zinc inclusion on the paintwork of my T6 covered under warranty. I noticed a handful of little, uniform lumps had appeared on various parts of my Silver T6 about a couple of months ago. I took the van to my nearest VW approved paint and...
  14. andy greenwood

    Any sprayers on here for advice please?

    The sliding door lower bracket bearing collapsed and have scraped off all the paint along the whole length that it runs on. I have fit a new bracket so that is now sorted, would it be an easy job for a professional spray painter to get in there, prep it & respray all that area.
  15. Yogi

    Paint fade advice

    Hi all, Interested to find out a little more about paint colour longevity. We’d like a new 6.1 in cherry red but need to know if the colour is likely to fade over what would be many years of loving ownership. Alternately, we may go for the metallic Indiam grey So, I guess I’m wanting to know...
  16. tubs

    Rust behind sliding-door panel!

    Thought I would clean the van today and very disappointed to find rust spots under the sliding door roller cover trim ! Anyone else had this problem ? Van is a 2016 ! Cheers
  17. Andyr12

    Imperfection in paintwork

    Finally got to wash the salt off today and found a little bit of rust just in front of the rear wheel. I know it’s not the end of the world but what is the best way of tackling it? Would a smart repair sort this or is it more involved? Thanks as always.
  18. R

    T6.1 straight from the Factory Paint issues

    Hi all, thanks for taking the time to read this. I brought a brand new t6.1 have waited over 4months for it to arrive and I drove it off the forecourt today. Get home under new light I can see the entire paint work has circular scratches on the clear coat of the paint work. It's black and really...
  19. LambethBoy

    Vw paint issues

    I’m currently having a big argument with Volkswagens warranty Department as I took this in to be repaired (Vw Guildford) as they said it would be covered under warranty but then they checked the depth of the paint and said it was too thick and that I must of had work done to it so it wasn’t...
  20. B

    Repairing of rusty patches forming on sliding door paintwork

    Hi, Looking for some advice. I was cleaning the van and noticed that the sliding door paintwork had about 5x areas where there appears to be rust forming under the paint. These are small areas, only 5-10mm in diameter but are only going to get worse over time. As a first step, I have emailed VW...