1. Chessbo

    Coolant temperature readout obd2.

    Hello everyone. Does anyone know what temperature sensor the OBD2scan is reading from correctly? I am driving a 2017 T6 110kw. I noticed a few months ago that my gauge of my coolant was very slow to warm up and in some cases did not even reach 90. My mechanic told me my thermostat was probably...
  2. Bluephantom


    So I'm looking at buying a VCDS. In your opinion, Is the HEX-NET totally worth getting? I've added the current price from my local online dealer in here in Australia as a reference. But anyone can Vote.
  3. Steve1978

    Which ODB2 meter do you have and why?

    Looking at buying my own odb2 meter. Currently borrowed a friends. I think a good one would be something that you plug in an leave in and then you can access it through an app. Input your vehicle and it decides all the errors etc. I would also like to be able to do things like force a regen or...
  4. slocumjoseph

    Vag-Com OBD11 confusion

    I have a Volkswagen, Audi etc specific OBD2 scanner which at just under £100 is not of course up to Ross-Techs Vag-Com professional standards. However for a non Windows person it performs all the diagnostic functions I need. I understand VCDS is specific software for Volkswagen but have never...
  5. Y

    OBD port protection

    Can anyone recommend an OBD port lock for the T6 please? Thanks.
  6. RedUn

    Are all T6s OBDII?

    Come to scan my mates T6 for him and his port isn't OBDII standard, looks like an older VW standard... I. E. Mk4 golf standard Originally thought if it was one of the fake OBD ports but once we got it out its got VW part markings? Any ideas... Its a Euro5 van if that helps... Cheers!
  7. Donk

    OBD Errors & Head Unit Help!

    The battery on the van had gone flat. I ended up jump starting the van yesterday. Done it numerous times before, correctly and no reversed polarities etc. However the van clearly didn’t like it. The head unit - Alpine Halo 9 will not turn on now. It gets power fine - yellow and black checked...
  8. t6 steve

    Can My Van Be Stolen With A Key Entry

    hi again everyone .I ad a vw rd side assit out today reguards a bit of a flat battery on my vw t6 .nice enough chap.he seems to be pointing to fact that my van is not going on long runs to many short journeys.not helped by the virus so iv got to charge it up myself plus buy a leisure battery...
  9. Johnod17

    Carista On Other Vehicles ?

    Do you know if Carista works on a ford transit connect? One of my subcontractors has a fault on his van and I was goint to put my unit on his van to see what the fault is ,but according to the information he has looked at it will not work on his van? Any one used it on a Ford? Thanks John
  10. IMG_20190705_195232707


  11. Jongall

    VCDS vs Carista vs OBDeleven vs ??

    Carissa or odbeleven? Looking at doing some basic programming ie auto locking etc. Would like auto mirrors but assume not available on my 16 plate shuttle se
  12. Dugdog74

    Can Anyone Recommend A Good VCDS/Vagcom And Any Info For Newbie

    Hi. I’m looking to get a Ecu reader thingy once I’ve got my van but there seems so much to learn. Can anyone recommend something for a newbie to start and learn with as I would like to know more.
  13. T

    OBD Tool

    Hey all new to VW and to T6 world and have spent many years with landrovers and I have always had a specific OBD tool that allowed me to access all the onboard ECU's. Is there a good tool /option for T6? Thanks in advance.
  14. N58amx

    Dummy OBD Port

    as above , Paranoia setting in so looking at buying one of these off ebay. Only ones i can see are from lithuiania? Anyone think these are worth it for about fifteen quid Cheers nick
  15. g4jsg

    Carista in Manchester for anyone that wants settings changed.

    I've just bought the full App and the dongle so if you are local to me and want settings changed on your T6 then give me a shout. John