1. TheGrapeEscape

    FREE Genuine rubber vw mats

    Hi All I have a set of Genuine Rubber VW Mats up for grabs I removed them out my T6, but they're FREE to collector B77 Tamworth I just don't have time to post with my new job.
  2. A

    For Sale T5 fabric floormats anthracite

    T5 fabric floormats new, never used. Will fit T6 but need to change eyelets. £35 posted
  3. T

    For Sale Genuine VW rubber mat set 3

    Set of three front rubber mats cost £115 sell for £80 delivered
  4. Droneshadow

    Looking for a decent quality front mat to fit with double swivel

    As above, can’t find any reference on here, I’m looking for a decent front one piece mat (carpet) that will fit with a Rusty Lee double swivel. Surely there must be others who’ve had the same issue? Or do you just cut a standard one to fit?
  5. AdL

    Found Front rubber mats

    Looking for a decent set of front rubber mats for my T6. Double passenger seat if that makes any difference? Need something pretty robust as we go to a lot of muddy places. Any offers or recommendations considered. Thanks.
  6. M90NCS

    T6.1 Floor Mats

    Afternoon, I'm due to collect my T6.1 next weekend and I'm a newbie to thd transporter world so looking for some advice/recommendations for a full complement of floor mats. Two captain chairs upfront and bench to rear. I've attached some pictures of the internal arrangement. Thanks in advance
  7. vincethomas

    Sold Genuine VW T6.1 Rubber Floor mats

    Brand new Genuine VW Rubber Floor Mats. Fitted to check and I decided to go for a carpet so not used in the car. Paid £84.95 delivered Looking for £50.00 + delivery or collection from Chessington
  8. H

    T6.1 Front Floor Mats and Seat Covers

    Ladies and Gents I have just taken possession of my new van ( 6.1 ) and am looking for some advice on decent quality front floor mats and a full set of seat covers ( single front seats with 2/1 split rear seats ) The front of the van has the fitted VW carpet flooring to which I want to add...
  9. SamD

    Sold Step mats

    I've got this set of step mats in black carpet, the carpet is quite thick and its got double sided tape on the back. The sliding door mat has been folded in half when posted out to me originally. Looking for £8.00 including the postage.
  10. M

    Custom-shape Carpet Mats

    Good Evening all, I am looking for some carpet mats for my 2017 factory Kombi. The mat for the front cab section seems easy enough, the problem seems to be for the rear seating section. I have the factory bulkhead behind the second row of seats and a single sliding door. I want a mat that...
  11. D

    T6.1 Slippery Floor Mats (front)

    I’ve got a new T6.1 and I’ve been finding that the floor mats pop off and slide around so easily. I’ve got the rubber floor in the front cabin and the mats themselves keep sliding around and popping off the little pins/clips. I’ve tried cleaning it with water and alcohol but it seems to just...
  12. Ricardo T

    Rear load area rubber mats.

    Eve Ning Van-ites... read a message on here over the last few days about someone looking for rear load area rubber mats...not the full mats but smaller versions. These suppliers may be of interest although they do not specifically as far as I can see supply them for Transporters there may be a...
  13. andy greenwood

    VanStyle heavy duty rubber mats

    Has anyone got these in their van ? Instructions say to screw the 4 clips into the floor to secure the mats and prevent them slipping about. Is there likely to be any wires under the floor matting that i need to avoid when screwing in the clips ?
  14. U

    Foot rest plate

    Bit of an odd question. Has anyone added a foot rest plate. In my golf we stuck a seat rest plate over the integrated rest spot. My mats don’t cover the rest plate, the official rubber mats do but I don’t want rubber mats. Ps I appreciate there are Vw pedal caps but over £150! And lhd. VW Bus...
  15. Winstans

    T6.1 Rubber Floor Mats For T6

    Can anyone confirm if the genuine VW T6.1 rubber three piece floor mats fit in a T6 panel van. See fleabay link. I prefer the look more than the chunky T6 version and the middle piece. Thanks in advance !
  16. D

    T6.1 floor mats suggestions

    Does anyone have any first-hand suggestions for some good quality, premium carpet floor mats for the T6.1? And does anyone know if there's a difference in the floor's footprint between the T6 and T6.1?
  17. S

    Sold Front Carpets And Rubber Mats

    T6 Front cab carpet mat for 1+1 seats - Black with orange trim (Harrisons). Two available, one unused and another unused but with some slight imperfections. VW original front rubber mats - unused with some storage marks. Offers?
  18. goldeneye243

    Rugs For Bugs - Pictures Please!

    I quite like the idea of some new mats, but can't find any decent pictures of the rugs for bugs offerings - If you have got some, could you post a pic with details of the fabric used please? Thanks!
  19. A

    Sold T6 Kombi Rear Tailored Boot Mat, Brand New.

    As per title. I bought two by mistake so one is for sale. The one you see in the picture is for example. The item for sale is rolled up and sealed in plastic. Perfect fit, thick 5mm, heavy, durable and tailored edges. £45 which is what I paid. Portsmouth based. 07917401982 Andy
  20. H

    T5 Floor Mats in to a T6?

    Hi, I am looking for floor mats for my T6 SWB shuttle and was wondering if the T5 mats will fit my T6? Thank you.