1. A

    Shuttle floor mat suggestions

    Hi I just bought a t6 shuttle. I’m looking for a decent set of floor mats front and rear. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. Winstans

    T6.1 Rubber Floor Mats For T6

    Can anyone confirm if the genuine VW T6.1 rubber three piece floor mats fit in a T6 panel van. See fleabay link. I prefer the look more than the chunky T6 version and the middle piece. Thanks in advance !
  3. D

    Suggestions for T6.1 floor mats

    Does anyone have any first-hand suggestions for some good quality, premium carpet floor mats for the T6.1? And does anyone know if there's a difference in the floor's footprint between the T6 and T6.1?
  4. S

    Sold Front Carpets And Rubber Mats

    T6 Front cab carpet mat for 1+1 seats - Black with orange trim (Harrisons). Two available, one unused and another unused but with some slight imperfections. VW original front rubber mats - unused with some storage marks. Offers?
  5. goldeneye243

    Rugs For Bugs - Pictures Please!

    I quite like the idea of some new mats, but can't find any decent pictures of the rugs for bugs offerings - If you have got some, could you post a pic with details of the fabric used please? Thanks!
  6. A

    For Sale T6 Kombi Rear Tailored Boot Mat, Brand New.

    As per title. I bought two by mistake so one is for sale. The one you see in the picture is for example. The item for sale is rolled up and sealed in plastic. Perfect fit, thick 5mm, heavy, durable and tailored edges. £45 which is what I paid. Portsmouth based. 07917401982 Andy
  7. H

    T6 Floor Mats

    Hi, I am looking for floor mats for my T6 SWB shuttle and was wondering if the T5 mats will fit my T6? Thank you.
  8. Jey

    Looking For Rubber Carpet For Caravelle T6 Long 9 Places

    Hi! I'm looking in Europe (for easy delivery and costs), rubber carpets for my Caravelle, longue, 3x3 places (3 places in front, so little space between the driver's seat and passenger's seat). I can't find it on internet (on ebay or websites). I didn't find the good shape or material. I need...
  9. BognorMotors

    Caravelle Floor Mats

    Hello all Looking for a recommend, as our usual suppliers don't supply this! Anyone recommend a front and back Caravelle luxury floor mat set for a SWB? Many thanks
  10. W

    Rubber Mats Floor Mounted Fixing Clips

    Hello Everyone, I've always bought and fitted the genuine rubber mats on VW cars I've owned in the past and each vehicle has included fixing points onto which the floor mats have been clipped. I have recently purchased some of the genuine heavy duty rubber mats (from VanStyle) for our lwb T6...
  11. D

    T6 Mats

    were can i buy T6 mats
  12. Killo

    Customveedubs Mats

    Hi has anybody bought mats from customveedubs at Nottingham. I ordered complete set 2nd May and not heard anything since, I’ve sent 3 emails and pm’d him but still nothing, anybody else had problems.
  13. Mote365

    Rubber Mats On Rubber Flooring

    I’ve got the factory rubber flooring throughout my T6 Kombi. I’ve noticed a small patch of wear under my heel is already appearing after 2000 miles. Has anyone put rubber mats over the rubber flooring OK. I don’t particularly want to drill/screw locators into the floor, so any feedback on them...
  14. W

    Help With Mats

    Hi. We've got a Caravelle with lovely carpets and a toddler and a puppy and so something has to change before the carpets get trashed. Has anyone any experience of rubber mats for the back? It gets complicated with the sliding seats, but I don't know if what I'm seeing in google searches would...
  15. pete_r86

    Fitted Mats..

    Looking for some advice/recommendations with regards to fitted mats on the T6 I’ve had a look at a few sites, I was looking for ones that fit around the passenger seat. I will attach a photo for reference. Thanks in advance guys.
  16. D


    Any recommendations for car mats for the cab?
  17. David Robinson

    Cleaning The Kombi Floor

    Hi all, I'm looking for some hints and tips. My Kombi rear rubber floor gets quite dirty (mud generally) and I just can't seem to get it clean. I've tried scrubbing it, mopping it, and steam cleaning - (which was a really bad idea, the van was condensated for weeks!) but I can't seem to get...
  18. Gillon Johnstone

    Lwb T6 Shuttle Mats

    I tried to buy rubber/carpet mats for our LWB shuttle from our local VW dealer and was shocked to be told VW do not make such a product for the LWB shuttle, Surely that cannot be true?

    Few Qs About The Cab.

    Hi guys, Two questions today really, The first is, are the extra door seals worth it?! and if so, whats the best link to go to online to order?! (please post below!!) and secondly, how much better has sound proofing the front of the cab made to the noise levels?? the rear is all done... and...
  20. Lukavell

    Vw Carpet Mats

    Happy Monday Folks! I'm in the market for some tailored mats for the 'Velle but struggling to find a set that does what I want it to in the back. I'd really like to cover the rails up to stop all the muck getting inside them, I can't seem to find a set that will do this for me and wondering if...