1. Ro88ygh

    Hello from Lincolnshire

    Good Evening, and a quick hello from Lincolnshire. just got myself a 16 plate T30 lwb in silver with the intention of converting it to a camper. No picture as it's still factory spec at the moment. got a shopping list as long as my arm, and will be starting on the outside first, wheels and...

    SCA roof fitters in the east midlands?! I’m based LINCS

    Any help appreciated - experiences you had too… want a decent fitter that’s given no problems.
  3. N

    North Lincolnshire aux heater flashing

    Is there anyone in North or North East Lincolnshire that could carry out the Webasto Aux heater flashing on a T6 shuttle please? I have VCDS, but not the flashing software. Many thanks
  4. scunny nige

    Issues resolved with fellow members help

    Big big thank you to Stevefrs for his help today , i had major issues around no igntion/dash lights , we worked through things in a methodical manner and cured my issues , i now have to put everything back in but I've got a big smile now Cheers steve
  5. Bemmy GY

    V.C.D.S. in Lincolnshire

    Evening folks, you've probably heard it before. New to the scene & recently got the camper that we've always wanted, start line, fully converted & we love it to bits, a downside though is not being able to see the mph in big numbers on the display! & I believe you need some electronic/computer...
  6. J

    is there any domestic sparks in mid lincs on here

    as above looking for a full strip, first fix, second fix and full electric heating / hot water install ideally the new style leccy rads, with inbuilt individual room stats throughout, and a slimline , mains pressure / pumped hot water cylinder no gas in the village, and trying to avoid an oil...
  7. S

    VCDS Nottinghamshire

    Evening. anyone in this area fancy flicking my reverse camera on before I cut a hole in my van? Want to make sure it works before cutting it! Will buy you a pint or bring some cake :) Cheers Si
  8. Bobbych

    Diy Conversion South Lincs

    Hi I will be converting a PV next year. I was wondering if there is any one in south Lincolnshire that is about to or is doing a PV conversion that would like some help or can assist me with queries? Just a thought.
  9. Whiz

    C&H Campers / C&H Pop Tops of Huddersfield

    Anyone used these guys to fit-out their VW or install a Pop Top? Wanted to find out if anyone has used them for any work and their feedback/comments etc. Any help/feedback PLEASE would me appreciated. FYI mine is a LWB Shuttle & they are quoting £2150 for a straight forward Pop Top installed...
  10. goldeneye243

    Any Converter Recommendations Near Cambridge Please

    Starting to look at either buying a converted van, or buying a panel van and getting it converted. Any recommendations please - Good or bad experiences greatly appreciated!

    Viva Skegvegas - Lincolnshire

    This is our first booked VW event EVER. me and the misses only live 15mins down the road from revesby estate, so WHOS COMING?! Get a group of us all together in one area camping?!? couldn't find a thread on this event when searching it, so sorry if im in the wrong place.
  12. Dave F

    VCDS - North East area

    is there anyone around Newcastle area that has VCDS and is willing to change folding mirrors to fold on remote and also to program fade for the back speakers. I am willing to pay for any help. Thanks
  13. T6 Forum

    Viva Skeg Vegas 17-19 Aug 2018 Revesby, Lincolnshire

    T6 Forum created a new event: Viva Skeg Vegas 18-20 Aug 2017 Revesby, Lincolnshire Read more about this event...