key fob

  1. D

    Key coding

    Is key coding able to be done with vcds
  2. Martin955

    Replacement key programming

    I only got one key when I brought my van, I've now purchased a replacement key. Is there anyone on here who is able to program it, in the Cambridge area?
  3. cgtmiles

    Van keys in the washing machine!

    I’ve just realised I have put my keys in the washing machine!:mad: Who reckons they will still work when they come out?
  4. W

    Key fob replacement - Manchester

    Hi I need a new key for my transporter. It is a 2016 plate and I'm in the Manchester area. Can anybody recommend somebody and a rough idea of a price Thanks
  5. J

    Key Fob Battery Change

    just had dash show that battery in key fob needs changing? does anyoine know what bettery is required, and whether, if i change it, i will need to do anything to the key itself ie get it recoded, or whether it retains all infor on there? Kris
  6. Valentinat30

    2014 Transporter Keys Stolen

    Happy Christmas you lovely people. I hope your Xmas was better than mine. Yesterday I dropped my car keys while hauling presents into my mother's. A girl found them and came back later to Nick the van. Thankfully we knew what had happened and put a wheel clamp on before doing the 5 hour round...
  7. V

    Power Opening Tailgate Not Working From Keyfob

    As the title says really.. With the vehicle locked:- Pressing the boot release (side of key fob) flashes the indicators twice no movement BUT you then can open the boot using the button on the boot lid So its unlocking the boot just not opening it. With the vehicle unlocked Absolutely...
  8. B

    Ignition Fault

    Hi guys, Purchased my t6 last week from auctions and since then i’ve been having trouble with the ignition. It doesn’t happen every time but occasionally it will not let me turn the key to the final start position, I’ve tried with the spare key and get the same result. I have since purchased...
  9. Skyliner33

    3rd Key

    when I bought my van I was given 3 keys. 2 of them are the remote key fobs that work as expected. I also received a ‘normal’ key. Non folding no big fob. What is the point of this key? If I open the door with this key the alarm goes off.
  10. RichDavies82

    New Key - How To Code???

    Evening all. I received my 2nd key from Camper King today, and it seams that they’ve had to order me a new one from VW. Now, it unlocks the doors manually and starts the van (after the third try) but the buttons won’t lock/unlock the van. The MFD shows the above message. Unfortunately, I’m...
  11. S

    Spare Key

    When I got my Van it came with 1 key. I live in SW London, where can I get second key ? Also can my spare key just be manual, no electric. I have to place key in lock not click button to open doors. Would the non electric key operate the van ? Basically trying save as much money as poss as its a...
  12. Mike Gash

    Locking System

    Hi all Question for you. I have a T6 LWB van, there is a lot of vans being broken into in my area. So what I was thinking (or perhaps not) was. Is there a way or facility I can lock the cab and keep the back unlocked as I don’t keep anything of value in it overnight as I empty it. I’m...
  13. Mairy

    Spare Keys

    morning Bought my shuttle second hand and it only came with one key(!) 1. Can anyone recommend a place/van (NW) to come to me to programme a spare remote key plus one without electronics? 2. Should I worry about where the others keys are? Thanks
  14. BiTurbo

    For Sale T6 keyrings stainless steel

    I still have a few of these left, £10 plus a £1 postage. Made from 2mm thick stainless laser cut 40mm diameter.
  15. Ro63rt

    Electric Mirrors off Keyfob

    Hi all, Just seen a video on another T Forum on Facebook. For love nor money can’t remember which one it was or find the video again. But they’d just picked up a new T6 from the dealership & the electric Mirrors worked off the key. Anyone else seen it or heard of new vans coming like that....?