1. JasonW

    First blow out

    First blow out on the T6 today... luckily I was parked up when the tyre exploded.... woke a few people up when it went..! If it hadn't been heard and witnessed by 2 other people I would of assumed someone had put a knife through the sidewall... :eek: Luckily I had my spare recently swapped out...
  2. Apretext

    Jack - where can I get one from?

    Our edition came with the weird fake jack bit of plastic, and squirty bottle and pump. But, we are putting an actual spare wheel under it, and would like a real jack to go with it. We’ve left the jack mount point in our conversion, so... any idea where we can get an oem jack from that fixes there?
  3. R

    Fix small hole in wheel arch

    Made a cock-up when removing the rear wheel arch jack holder. How can I fix it before carpet lining?
  4. R

    Removing wheel arch jack holder

    Hi guys I want to remove the jack holder before carpeting. I don't have a grinder can I just drill out the 3 spot welds?
  5. Z

    What's The Best Portable Jack?

    My kombi edition didn't come with a spare ( just a can of tyre foam!,) so in the process of sourcing a spare and the bar and bolts to hold it in place. What do people recommend as a suitable jack? I'll be carrying it at all times so it needs to be small, i.e. not a trolley jack.
  6. T


    Hi .can someone please help,I have a 18 plate t6 ,I put long side bars on and they cover all the jacking up points ,can anyone tell me if I am better with a bottle jack or a trolley jack .thanks hope someone can help as we are going on holiday soon. Thanks again .john
  7. M

    Jacking Points And Axle Stands

    Hi, I wanted to remove my wheels to sort the rust (6 months old and looks awful) so plan to paint. Looking under the van it has a plastic under tray. Anyone know exactly where the jacking points are? and where I put the axle stands. The wheel fitting chaps used a jack I think they went on the...
  8. Olly T6


    OMFG:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad: someone please tell me how to get it bk in fecking place
  9. Sjacko20

    Cill Protection.

    Whilst trying to change a wheel the van shifted on the useless VW jack and scraped the underseal off the cill down to the metal. Looking for advice on what to do about it to ensure rust protection please (and recommendations for a jack) Damage is visible in picture Needless to say, I dropped...
  10. E

    Jack Question

    Hi folks, I'm one of the lucky ones that got sludge and a pump instead of a spare wheel and jack. I have the spare and am looking for a jack and wheel bracket on that dreaded auction site. I've found a few, but some say that they are for T5/T6 from 2010 - 2017 others say to 2018. My bus is...
  11. T6180

    Best Place To Position The Trolley Jack?

    Morning All, Maybe a silly question, but were is the best place to position a trolley jack? I've looked underneath and the original jacking points don't look safe to use to me and I'm paranoid I'll bend the metal.
  12. T6180

    Trolley Jacks

    What weight and brand trolley jacks are people using for there T32s? I've started to do a lot of motorway miles and didn't want to be stuck on the side of the road for to long messing with the factory jack.
  13. gmaster

    Bottle Jack - Is this OK?

    Hi All, Would a 2 ton bottle jack and 4 ton axel stands be enough to work on the front end of my T32, T6, Kombi? 2 Ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack with 4 Ton Axle Stands
  14. MrTesco

    VW tool kit and heavy duty jack option

    Evening all, Random question. When I bought my shuttle it was a demo unit and was told it had " tool kit and heavy duty jack option " However when i was playing today I took a look at the jack and too me it just looks like a standard jack part number 7E8 011 031 CBN3/ CZ. So has anyone...