1. P

    Scissor Jack Storage bag

    Hi folks. My van was supplied with the scissor jack just stored loosely under the driver's seat. I was watching a Camper King video and see that they supply a tidy little storage bag for the jack with their conversions (screen grab below). I have emailed their shop to see if it's something...
  2. Cuffy

    Sold Bradbury 3 tonne car lift

    Due to surplus requirements, my company are selling the car lift. Purchased in 1993, and probably used for no more than 100hrs. Regularly serviced as we need to be H&S compliant, ISO 45001. Link below. Car Lift Cheers, Cuffy.
  3. Tony Abbott

    Wanted Low profile trolley jack for a T30

    Hi all, Looking for a working second hand Low Profile Trolley jack for my T30. Can collect, but not too far from my house. Cheers
  4. Lee540

    Found T6 Jack

    Anyone have a T6 jack for sale? I already have the holder, spanner and towing eye.. just missing the jack itself. I'm Cornwall, happy to collect if local or pay for postage. Thanks, Lee
  5. Texxaco

    Sold OEM VW T6 Jack

    GENUINE VW TRANSPORTER T5 T6 JACK 2010-2022 May work on a T6.1. Never used, even has the user manual still stuck to it. Looking for £30 Any questions please ask.
  6. Pauly

    Alternative jack storage locations

    Just wondering is anyone has come up with any good ideas for jack relocation I have removed the rear wheel arch mounting point before carpet lining so looking for a new location, under front seats is rather jammed up with sub/amp/electrics etc so wondering if i can lose it under the rear 2+1...
  7. M

    Low-profile jack

    Hi everyone, I am trying to get hold of a suitable strong jack for lifting one corner of my T6 LWB. I tested the VW jack that came with the van but it failed just before the wheels cleared the ground. I need at least a 400mm total lift and don't want to carry in the T6 my heavy trolley jack. I...
  8. osman

    Removing jack bracket from internal rear wheel arch

    Hi I want to remove this unsightly and uncomfortable bit of metal as the jack has found a home in my passenger double base storage . ( where it does not rattle !) has anyone done this and regretted it ? also any tips on removing it . I presume I will just grind the thing off and make good with...
  9. Jimbob76

    Jacking points, trolley jacks and axle stands

    I’ve lifted cars on trolley jacks at home before, and I’ve been very happy doing so as it’s been obvious where the jacking points are, and cars aren’t that heavy. But before I set about getting my van up in the air, I’d like to ask the knowledgeable folk on here how they go about this. I’ve...
  10. Farnorthsurfer

    Found T6 Jack

    Due to a bad day with a stuck front wheel puncture and the van falling off the jack on a grassy campsite on Barra resulting in a damaged sill and bent jack :( I need a replacement jack for my van. Anyone got one they would be willing to post up to me? And if so how much :)
  11. Bazaboy66

    Bought a 5 Ton bottle-jack

    After finding out the wench or the factory jack were unusable with the new wheels and the side bars. I’m now able to change a wheel if needed.
  12. CJW

    Is there another part to the jack holder?

    Hi. I’ve watched YouTube vids, scoured hundreds of photos and searched the forum but can’t find anything conclusive on this: my T6 had a work fit out before I bought it 2nd hand. They included the jack assembly and the jack stowage thread is in the wheel arch. Should there be another component...
  13. T

    OEM Jack kit retaining bolt

    Does anyone know the part number or have 2 of these knocking about they don’t use Both my t6.1s haven’t got it to secure it the rear wheel arch ?? Thanks
  14. shaiboyuk

    Wanted T6 Jack and Holder

    Looking for Jack and holder for my T6. Have the wheel brace and other bits to transfer over, so just Jack and holder. Thanks
  15. D

    Recomended tools - jacks, ramps, hand tools spanners etc.

    Hi everybody, Just a bit of background on me - I've returned to hands on car spannering after a 25 year break during which my available hobby time petered out and was replaced with brewing (which you can do inside when its dark :sneaky: ). Originally I was well into air cooled vws and had a...
  16. DaveyB

    Locking wheel nut key failed

    Anyone else had issues with the OEM wheel locking bolts? Had to take front wheel off a couple of days ago as a stone ended up between the inner side of the brake disk and the disk protector (wife was driving!!!!!!!), noise was horrific. Anyway, ended up not being able to get the wheel off as the...
  17. Apretext

    OEM Jack - where can I get one from?

    Our edition came with the weird fake jack bit of plastic, and squirty bottle and pump. But, we are putting an actual spare wheel under it, and would like a real jack to go with it. We’ve left the jack mount point in our conversion, so... any idea where we can get an oem jack from that fixes there?
  18. R

    Removing wheel arch jack holder

    Hi guys I want to remove the jack holder before carpeting. I don't have a grinder can I just drill out the 3 spot welds?
  19. Z

    What's The Best Portable Jack?

    My kombi edition didn't come with a spare ( just a can of tyre foam!,) so in the process of sourcing a spare and the bar and bolts to hold it in place. What do people recommend as a suitable jack? I'll be carrying it at all times so it needs to be small, i.e. not a trolley jack. Is the standard...
  20. T

    Side Bars and jacking-up

    Hi .can someone please help,I have a 18 plate t6 ,I put long side bars on and they cover all the jacking up points ,can anyone tell me if I am better with a bottle jack or a trolley jack .thanks hope someone can help as we are going on holiday soon. Thanks again .john