1. roooms

    For Sale VW T6 Intercooler and hoses for 2.0 TSI & 2.0 TDI 7E0145804C

    Posted on eBay with pictures and details. If anyone on the forum wants it for £40 + £8 P&P please let me know and I’ll just end the...
  2. B

    Oil on pipe from intercooler to turbo

    T6 2016 180 bi turbo I have a some oil around the hose connection from what i think is the intercooler to the turbo. Anyone else had this? Thanks
  3. O

    Bit of a noise. Fault code 0299

    Hi all I’ve got a t6 140bhp started with a bussing/Zissing noise at about 1250/1650 under load but not just revving her up had a Quick Look under the bonnet all good no problem all bolts seem tight no split hoses. After a M/way run coil light comes on, code P0299 comes up is that just replace...
  4. J

    Intercooler pipe

    Changing glow plugs and removed the intercooler pipe its a bit oily and there is a build up on the butterfly valve beneath is this normal thanks
  5. Coly

    Stuck in Belguim

    Help!!! We are on a road trip from Devon to Nuremberg in Germany in our t6 2016 van and the coil light flashes on the dash. The van is then under power like the turbo not working. If you switch ignition off the light goes off and the turbo works but slightly noisier or perhaps it is just us. We...
  6. R

    For Sale T6 front mount intercooler with pipes

    T6 front mount OEM intercooler off my TSI. I believe all the T6 intercoolers are the same though so will also fit TDI's. Done around 20k and off a T6 so not filled with gunk etc and in good condition. Collection form Bicester/ oxford area or can post at cost. £150. Mat
  7. D

    Do I need to bleed my intercooler after I’ve changed my heater plugs?

    I’ve just changed all the heater plugs in my VW Caravelle T6. I’ve put it all back together and it’s running fine BUT… was I supposed to bleed the intercooler when I put it all back together?
  8. A

    Intercooler replacement options: go big or leave it alone?

    There's loads of info around on upgrading intercoolers and turbos to get 200bhp plus, but I'm after some opinions on the 'modest' options :-) I have a 2006 T5, 2.5 (AXD engine) with 173k miles. I've owned it from new and looked after it well. I fully recognise it's a van, and I don't want to...
  9. Weeked

    P0299, coil light flashing and a whooshing noise from under the car

    Driving back from fishing today and VAN start whooshing very loud when accelerating hard, then lost power and start smoking black, then the coil sign start flashing and went to limp mode. I scanned the code when got home and got P0299. I checked all the EGR pipes and the intercooler hoses and...
  10. Jason Kew

    Airtec intercoolers

    Hi T6’ers.. Anyone upgraded their own intercooler to an Airtec? These look to have a larger core than the performance Wagner and half the price as the Wagner competition… just sounding out any feedback for Airtec I’m upgrading for efficiency and turbo longevity more than performance…...
  11. M

    Intercooler upgrade

    Hi guys, I have T6 2016 tdi 140 remapped by rev to 170ish. Engine type CAAC. My standard inter cooler just popped and so id like to upgrade to give it some more grunt if possible, I have been looking at the Wagners, but wondered what everyone thought as its a bit pricey, please let me know...
  12. C

    Power issue, 205bhp bi turbo

    Right guys, badly stuck, mechanics head is boggled. Van had recently got a head gasket replacement, and reconditioned injectors, bad diesel i think.. but now, van went great for few days after work, then apparently lost all power, black smoke, hasnt went right since. Hes checked turbo, egr, all...
  13. ginkster

    New Buyer Advice - Turbo Noise 150psi

    Hello All I’m new to the forum as looking to buy a T6. This looks to be an awesome place for info and advice. I’m new to the T6 and have only driven one and am really keen on it. However, the turbo seemed pretty noisy with a noticeable whoosh under load - is this normal? Is there anything...
  14. A

    Intercooler pipe issue

    Hi all, after being all proud of myself and replacing the intercooler on my 2016 T6 today, the same issue as before exists (coil light flashing orange, reset on switch off). The intercooler was defo dead but after changing it and going for a spin, the passenger side pipe - which was seated...
  15. T

    My TSI stage 3 build

    So I thought I’d make a thread reference my T6 TSI I bought the van back in August 2020, prior to that, I had a lwb manual highline 2016 that I specked, Oryx white, bars, springs, sport line wheels etc it was my pride and joy! However, in lockdown I was using the van a lot and fancied more...
  16. Loz

    Which Radiator/Cooler (Guide)

    This should help identify coolers fitted to different models. Bi-TDI models CXEB etc. Single turbo engines Engine Oil Cooler DSG Gear Oil Cooler Heater Heat Exchanger Rear Evaporator
  17. S

    Forge charge cooler?

    Not sure if this has been discussed here? Anyone have info about these? The don’t say about gains on the there product page interested to find out more Sals
  18. P

    T6 EURO6 102bhp shaky charge cooler

    I looked all related topics but couldn't find the answer that I'm looking for. Patient is 2017 T6 102bhp EURO6, 75k miles on the clock. Right hand side of charge intercooler is quite shaky on idle, cold or worm engine. It stops shaking above 1k rpm. How many bolts is actually fixing it? I can...
  19. gerry

    Wagner Tuning performance intercooler

    hello I would be interested to fit a Wagner Tuning performance Intercooler on my 140 hp t6. if someone made this modification can he give me his opinion thank you gerry
  20. B

    Flashing Coil Light and Limp Mode [Resolved]

    Hi Thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer. For a few weeks we've had an intermittent flashing yellow/orange coil light coming on which puts the van into limp mode. It was intermittent, until the last ten days when it would come on after driving on even the shortest journeys. Plugged...