1. T

    My TSI stage 3 build

    So I thought I’d make a thread reference my T6 TSI I bought the van back in August 2020, prior to that, I had a lwb manual highline 2016 that I specked, Oryx white, bars, springs, sport line wheels etc it was my pride and joy! However, in lockdown I was using the van a lot and fancied more...
  2. S

    Forge charge cooler?

    Not sure if this has been discussed here? Anyone have info about these? The don’t say about gains on the there product page interested to find out more Sals
  3. P

    T6 EURO6 102bhp shaky charge cooler

    I looked all related topics but couldn't find the answer that I'm looking for. Patient is 2017 T6 102bhp EURO6, 75k miles on the clock. Right hand side of charge intercooler is quite shaky on idle, cold or worm engine. It stops shaking above 1k rpm. How many bolts is actually fixing it? I can...
  4. gerry

    Wagner Tuning performance intercooler

    hello I would be interested to fit a Wagner Tuning performance Intercooler on my 140 hp t6. if someone made this modification can he give me his opinion thank you gerry
  5. B

    Flashing Coil Light and Limp Mode [Resolved]

    Hi Thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer. For a few weeks we've had an intermittent flashing yellow/orange coil light coming on which puts the van into limp mode. It was intermittent, until the last ten days when it would come on after driving on even the shortest journeys. Plugged...
  6. Petehelmet

    Losing Coolant

    Ok so posted a couple of weeks back about my temp gauge beeping and flashing red and indeed as advised it required a small amount of water, about half a cup if that. Since then even though I have seen no signs of a leak I've had to do the same thing twice. So Van was booked in for a service last...
  7. Trilla

    TSi tuning

    Is this safe? Are all the 2,0 tsi motors the same? This is just ridiculous and a hard to beat hp gain. i think bsr are a well known and legit company with good warranty. Volkswagen Multivan 2.0TFSI 150Hp 2012-2017 Stage 1
  8. F

    Turbo Cooling

    Hi all, Wondering how the turbos are cooled on the 204 engine, engine oil or engine coolant? Is there a pump timer to cool the turbos after driving? My audi would have a coolant pump that ran for about 5 mins after shutdown to cool the turbos. Thanks in advance
  9. Jez

    Hole In Twin Turbo Intercooler Pipe

    Hi there. I recently developed a hole in my 4-motion top intercooler pipe. I heard a hissing sound under acceleration and knew it was a leak in the turbo piping straight away. The engine management light came on. I got my wife to rev the engine whilst parked and I investigated where the leak...